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Ombre Hair Color Trends – Is The Silver #GrannyHair Style


ombre-hair-color-trends-grannyhair-stylesOmbre Hair Color Trends

If you are a bold young girl or a brave guy, then it is the right time for you to go trendy, colorful and soft with the latest beauty craze; the Ombre hair color. This hair style is amongst the top beauty trends of 2016 with numerous Hollywood celebrities sporting the so-called Ombre hair color, the Granny hairstyle. The silver granny hairstyle is the most requested color hairstyle in salons. Ombre hair color is the most sought after hair trends not because of the long list of celebrities who sport them, but mostly due the low maintenance and many different color options on offer. This new hair style trend has occupied its space in various fashion magazines as well as on fashion shows around the world.

Ombre hair color is a low maintenance look without having to sacrifice the style quotient. The silver granny Ombre hair style has taken the trend to an altogether different level. The style is so popular that it has got its own hashtag: #Granny hairstyle. This very popular Ombre hair color trend is the favorite of many divas and fashionistas. Always being a fashion trend, the Silver Ombre hair style gives your hair a sleek look and also provides an added depth to your tresses. Style it with a layer cut to give you that rocking bold look. The granny hairstyle has given an altogether new twist to the regular Ombre with many brave youngsters willing to acquire this trendy new hairstyle. So go trendy and don’t hesitate to try out the various Ombre hair color trends that are rocking the fashion scene globally.

Below are some of the most popular 20 Ombre Silver granny hairstyle trends that will blow your mind off.

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11. Mermaid Ombre hair color Style

The long tress with silver granny color has its inspiration derived from the Mermaid. This style trend looks good on straight hair, but the inspired waves add more depth and subtleness that is truly magical.