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The Top 17 Wedding Cake Trends For 2017


1Top Wedding Cake Trends For 2017

Have you thought about your wedding cake yet?

Do you love the idea of opting for something classic or more unusual?

Years ago, there wasn’t much choice in terms of style and flavour when it comes to wedding cakes.

Things couldn’t be more different now.

You can have almost anything you want and, if you have something specific in mind, I am sure your cake designer will be only too happy to create it for you.

For 2017, there are some incredible wedding cake trends to choose from.

If you consider yourself a girly bride-to-be, ruffles are going to be big news and lace will continue to be popular.

For those of you who like a bit of bling, beaded cakes are going to be in fashion.

And if you are a couple who are planning a modern wedding, then I am sure geode designs (cakes covered in edible crystals) will appeal.

Before you decide on the right wedding cake for you, I would recommend you go for a delicious cake tasting session.

Here are the top 17 wedding cake trends for 2017