10 Beautiful Room Design Ideas to Look into

Earth Tone Livingroom

Everyone loves the idea of a room that has a cozy atmosphere and is glazed with some cutting-edge designs. Probably, you fancy the idea too. Yeah, it’s all good.

It is so easy to dive into the wonderland of such dreams, yet possess not even the faintest idea on how to transport them from the dreamland into reality. That’s also cool- everyone faces it too.

Fortunately, that’s why this article was penned. We understand that your desire is to have a room with enviable designs- one that would keep your friends glaring; yet, you lack the strategies, ideas, and expertise on how to actualize these thoughts.

Hopefully, this article will serve as the connection amid you and these ideas; bridging the gap between you and your ideal room.

Look Up; Start From the Ceiling

Cozy apartment with big window

How easy is it to overlook the ceiling; at least, no one really looks up when they enter a room -neither do these ceilings play any significant role in instilling a first impression in an individual’s mind- so, why focus on them?

Sadly, both motions are wrong. Consequently, if you want to give your room a new feel, you’ve got to invalidate this mentality.

The ceiling is simply the fifth wall of the house. A simple way of decorating the ceiling is through the use of soft colour patterns or paints lighter than those used on the walls. This creates an illusion whereby the room appears more intimate and comfortable.

Do you wish for an extra spice of luxury? A silver-leafed ceiling with a dressing that hangs is fantastic! You could also wallpaper the ceiling or add some architectural elements such as mouldings as well as chandeliers to the ceiling. This helps bring colour, texture, and warmth to the fifth wall above you.

Be Simple

Bedroom Decor idea

Your journey to that idyllic room doesn’t have to be so complex and intertwined. You can choose to be simple about it.

First off, make sure that you make enough space in your room to walk around comfortably. Buy beds that fit into your room size and leave a minimum of 3 feet between your bed and your room walls.

Furnish your room with only the necessary. A workspace, a shelf, a bed, and a few other things you might consider important.

…Or, Go Big!

What makes your bedroom really yours is your ability to decide how flashy it should be. If you aren’t a minimalist, there is no crime in going big.

Get together a thoughtful combination of flashy hues and paints. You could also make do with a canopy bed. 

Get a Storage  

A white storage

Cluttering your room with lots of irrelevant items could degrade the serene look of your room. So, get some real storage.

A roomy bedside table with drawers where you can easily have stuck away books, lotions, accessories, and other small items is a fantastic way of preserving the organized loom of your room- which is also a form of room decoration. Also, be sure to have a custom organization strategy.

How About a Fireplace?

A decorated fireplace in the living room

Have you considered integrating a fireplace into your room? Fireplaces are great ways of increasing the warmth of your room while giving your room a new look. What’s more, is that there are smokeless fireplaces that are perfectly safe for your health.

Slide-in Your Perfect Get-away Place

L shape sofa in the white living room

Your room doesn’t just have to be for sleeping or watching movies; you can integrate your perfect workplace. Give yourself a great gift by creating a quiet corner where you can sit, read and work.

Open the Windows; Let the Lights In!

Dining room with open window

Whatever color of shade you choose; a moody hue or a shining silver color, lots of light could be really beneficial in bringing out the true nature of these decorations. So, open the windows.

Not just windows; you can also add several layers of lighting at specific areas of your room- your reading table and bedside inclusive.

Decorate Your Windows

Decorate window

Come on! Your windows wouldn’t be open all the time. And really, you can’t let a poorly decorated window spoil the mood of your entire room. A beautifully designed window would help frame the look of your bedroom; allowing you to view other ways of adding color and texture to your room.

Here, opaque roller blinds could be very helpful. They perform their original function while adding their little bit of spice to your room.

Try Some Art

Pictures hanging on the wall

If you are an individual that has a passion for lasting decorations, try out some art. Paintings, sculptures, and many more accent wall would help create a long-lasting focal point in your room.

 Let Your Bedroom be a Real Getaway

cozy bedroom

Your room doesn’t have to be like everywhere else in the house. Set it apart. Let it be your escape route from a stressful world. Dedicate it to reading, sleeping, relaxing and yeah, watching Netflix!

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