No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques
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10 Ways to Create No Heat Curls that You Must Try

No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques

Women with curly and bouncy hairstyle often get the crowd’s attention. So, if you want to appear elegant and have a healthy hair, avoid using heating devices just follow these technic below for how to curl your hair with no heat.

There are many ways to curl your hair without using any heat curlers and blow dryers. Say goodbye to unhealthy hair and say hello to minimal effort for your hairstyle.

Throw away those curling iron devices if you want to sport a luscious, healthy looking curly hairstyle. Below is a list of bits and pieces on how to curl or wave your hair without the use of any heat iron devices, hair dryer or iron wand.

1. Heatless Curl with Foam Rollers

Heatless Curl with Foam Rollers

These affordable, easy and comfortable to use foam rollers are just perfect for a no heat curling hairstyle. You can both use large foam rollers to create voluminous curls or opt for smaller foam rollers and have smaller curls for your hair.

2. Getting curls with Flexi Rods

Getting curls with Flexi Rods

For a pretty tight and curl with spiral look, use some flex rods to achieve this. It may be complicated at first but once you learn it, you’ll just go along with the curling in as fast as a breeze.

3. Headband Rolls for Natural Curls

Headband Rolls for Natural Curls

Look for a headband roll that fits just perfectly into your head to avoid leaving a mark into your forehead. Head band rolls are just perfect for those who are always in a hurry and just needed to create soft curls and waves in your everyday hairdo.

4. Curling Long Hair with Cocoon Curls

Curling Long Hair with Cocoon Curls

To achieve this instantly, you must have enough length of hair to pull it off successfully. Using this curling tool creates consistent smooth and springy curls. 

5. Twist Heatless Curls

Twist Curls  heatless curl

Any woman would love this curly hair look with the help of Twist curls. This is among the favorites among the no heat curls technique due to its easy and fast process of curling hair. All you need are twists curls and your damp hair and you’re ready to pull off amazing curly hairstyles without damaging your hair and scalp.

6. Sock Bun Curls

Sock Bun hair Curls without heat

If you want to flaunt voluminous yet loose curls, you can use a sock bun to achieve this. It’s just so stress-free when you decide to use this method that you’ll surely love when you master it. This hair curls is just so great looking from top to bottom. Further, it also gives you a natural looking curly hair that’s so simple and beautiful to follow.

7. Overnight Curls

Overnight Curls

Curl your hair with the aid of a sock. Yes, you heard it correct. This Sock curls should not be confused with the famous sock bun curls since this just allows you to twist your hair round the sock and tie it overnight. Once you wake up in the morning, you’ll be amazed how the curls are made with soft curly hairs.

8. French Braids Technic for Heatless Curl

French Braids Technic for Heatless Curl

Never forget one of the easiest and fastest ways to create some curls and waves in your hair. Learn how to create French braids style to your hair and once completed, let it stay for hours and untangle it to show its curly appearance. If you want to have smaller waves in your hair, make at least two French braids and you’re ready to go. The longer you let it stay once you untangle it you’ll have pretty curls around your head.

9. No Heat Twist Curl Revamp

Twist Curl Revamp No Heat wavy hair

This is once quick way to create nice curls and waves with just the use of a scarf or bandana. Make this and let it stay overnight to keep it from falling out. Once you wake up the next day, you have your twisted curl revamp hairstyle.

10. No Heat Beach Waves

no heat Beach Waves

Beach wave is a popular hairstyle for women. For some summer beach bum look, why not don some dainty beach wave and curl to your hair and leave everything into history. You’ll definitely be a head turner when you’re at the beach with this type of wavy hair. Just leave it at least one night to achieve a perfect beach wavy hair.

Above are you’re easy-to-do and comfortable techniques to create a no heat, healthy and long lasting wavy hair. This far-reaching statement of a curly hair can be your everyday beach hairdo when you’re at the tropics.

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