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Revamp Your Look with These 30+ Short Hair Cuts for Women Over 50 (2024 Update)

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

As we age, our hair changes – it becomes finer, drier and less vibrant. Consequently, many women over the age of 50 find that their once-loved hairstyles no longer suit them. If you’re looking for a fresh new look, then you might want to consider one of the following short hair cuts for women over 50.

From classic bob haircuts to pixie cuts and everything in between, these stylish short haircuts are sure to inspire you. And, the best part is, they can be easily maintained at home with just a few simple styling products. So, if you’re ready for a change, check out our top 30 short hair cut suggestions for women over 50. You’re sure to find a style that you’ll love!

Styling Tips for Short Haircuts

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your short haircut:

  • Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to add volume and texture to your hair.
  • Use a round brush when blow-drying your hair to add volume and create a bouncy look.
  • Use a styling product, such as a mousse or a texturizing spray, to add texture to your hair and hold your style in place.
  • Experiment with different styling techniques, such as curling or straightening, to create different looks.

1. Sharon Stone: Wispy Pixie

Sharon Stone with pixie cut for older women

The soft cut adopted by Sharon Stone lends an element of wispiness to her looks. As it is she has alluring looks. On top of that, this beautiful hairstyles for short hair makes her that much more attractive. Her contours are such that the hair should be a little longer at the ears to look attractive. This is a pixie cuts for older women in the sense that she has an option to have a shaggy look or a tucked up look. It is entirely up to her.

2. Angela Bassett: Spiky and Short Female Haircuts

Angela Bassett , Short and Spiky hair

Her over 50 short haircut is exactly what a short haircut should not look like. In short it is an anti short hair cut. This is the most unpredictable hair cut. This haircut draws the attention of every item on her face right from her eyes to the jaw line.

This is a special haircut which can look good on only certain types of faces. In case you have a flat head, it would look awful. This haircut suits Angela to a “T”. Such short cuts can actually make your hair puffy once they dry. So it is better to put on a baseball cap to calm it down. At the end take a little pomade and spike-ify the hair to give this beautiful look.

3. Jodie Foster: The Bob Short Hair Cuts for Women Over 50

Short Hair Cuts For Women Over 50

The Bob cut made famous by Jodie Foster is another stylish hair cut. This is an ideal cut for fine as well as thinning hair. Limp hair could be given immediate shape whereas it works on other type of hair too. The blunt ends should be cut with a razor rather than scissors. It should be ensured that the cut goes right up to chin and not under it. For styling the cut, pre damp it with a volumizing mousse at the roots.

4. Michelle Obama: Center Parted Lob

Michelle Obama ladies hairstyles with Center Parted Lob short hair

Trust the First Lady to come up with the most exotic hairstyle. It is simple but at the same time exquisite. This is a longer bob which looks stunningly beautiful. This is a more modern take on traditional bob. This youthful hairstyles suits her. In case it doesn’t for you can easily cut the back side a tiny bit shorter keeping the front side as it is. The resultant long layers around your face will make you appear more radiant than ever.

5. Halle Berry’s Pretty Crop

Halle Berry’s pretty crop

This hairstyle entails short hair to the sides and fairly long at the top. Also including feather fringes to the side. Those looking for a good crop spiky hairstyle then this is the one.

Halle Berry’s short haircut

6. Meg Ryan’s Long Crop

Meg Ryan’s long crop
Meg Ryan’s long crop style

This celebrities short hairstyles is a bit long but still short enough. This includes long curly hair evenly divided with the waves balancing on either side of the head giving a relaxed look.

7. Charlize Theron’s crop women over 50 short hairstyles

Charlize Theron’s crop  short hairstyles
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron’s crop women over 50 short hairstyles

This is another natural celebrities short hairstyles. Not much work is put into this as she only needs to run wax through it and rough it up a bit. So if you feel a bit last and don’t to spend a lot of time on your hair then this is the hairstyle for you.

8. Madonna: Wavy Lob Short Hairstyles for Ladies Over 50

Madonna Wavy Lob-Hairstyles For Women Over 50

There was a time when the collar bone length hair was considered old fashioned. Now it has sprung back to fashion thanks to the gorgeous Madonna. Her long length textured bob with the waves look stunning. You should take it easy if you have fine hair. When you get to around 50, it is natural that your hair starts to get thinner. Thus you should consider switching to a side part to hide your hairline. To get the Madonna short haircuts for women look (Short curly hairstyles), you have to mist on a heat protectant spray and wrap the middle as well as the ends around a one inch curling iron. Finish by using a salt water spray.

9. Michelle Pfeiffer: Collarbone Length hair

layered youthful hairstyles over 50 Pfeiffer

This layered youthful hairstyles over 50 will work in your favor if you have a naturally wavy hair. This is what is usually called a no layer cut. This means that there are invisible layers that cut into the hair which cannot be easily noticed. They lend softness to the hair and see to it that the hair does not look too perfectly done or dated. If you have wavy hair like Michelle, you can very well go for the collar length bob.

10. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Mid length

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Mid length

This short haircuts for women over 50 is the perfect style for low maintenance hair. This is the perfect length as it styles itself. This style has a lot of movement as the hair length is long and breaks at your shoulders. It is the perfect way to have a transition from a bob to long hair or vice versa.

11. Emma Thomson with Pixie Bob 

Emma Thompson short hair over 50

The choppy pixie bob is one of the eccentric short hair over 50 that is ideal for a fashionista. It has the right blend of choppiness that appeals a true fashion lover.

12. Razor Sleek Bob Classic Haircut

Razor Sleek Bob classic haircuts

Razor cut hair stand out from the rest especially the ends of the naturally straight hair. Instead of the typical cutting shears there is a good amount of texture added. The classic haircuts with rounded bob is suitable for most women and can be carried with lot of style. Tuck in a strands of hair behind the ear to highlight the layers on the front. This small trick helps frame your face.

13. Brown Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlight

The wash and wear shaggy cut can be done and ready to go almost quickly and easily. Easy to maintain and the blonde highlight colored balayage over the dark brown hair makes this short pixie hairstyle trendy.

14. Messy Blonde Bob with Thin Choppy Layers

messy bob short haircuts for older women
Instagram @myover50skin

Short bob hairstyles are very versatile if you do not prefer uni-length bobs or lobs. Make it messy, short or choppy they are great at adding body to fine hair. This is one of the best low maintenance haircuts for women over 50

15. Chic Combover Red Bob

hair style for woman with short hair

Short and chic hairstyle cut in all one length is feminine throughout. This sleek red haircut has an off-center part just suits thin hair with a slight curl. This short hairstyles suitable for all face shape.

16. Feathered Blonde Short Haircut

pinterest short haircuts
Instagram @lara_stelmashuk

If you enjoy blonde hair, love carrying geometric looks, then go for the versatile look. This hairstyle can be worn either flat, tousled or fluffy. The dark blonde base color has a nice light blonde tint that makes it look like sunkissed hue under the sun.

17. Tapered Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 50

Women over 50 with tapered pixie
Instagram @hairpin_me_down85

This tapered pixie hairstyle with feathered layers gives this cute looking haircut. keeping a fuller spiky look on top of the undercut, also gives you some youthful and boyish charm.

18. Neat and Sleek Ash Blonde Bob

If you are looking for short hairstyles for over 50 fine hair. This is one of your choice to consider. The blonde undercut pixie haircut have the ability to make you look younger. It is a great choice for working professionals. The crown with spiky style that can be dressed up and down considering the occasion.

19. Long Pixie Haircut with Feathered Bangs

This perfectly shaped blonde pixie haircut are ideal for woman with straight and healthy hair. The bangs and feathered layer makes the blonde pixie look perfect and frames the face beautifully.

20. Choppy Short Haircut

older women Choppy Short Haircut
Instagram @alyasalonva

The choppy layers haircut is best suited for you if you have thick hair and love haircut that not too short . A blonde solid color, slanted shape and rough ends makes this hairstyle full of attitude that you can own.

21. Curly Feminine Bob

woman 50 plus with Curly Feminine Bob
Instagram @elavein

Styling the bob with loose curl and bangs is the best way to look feminine. Get to this look by using a thick barrel wand or a curling iron. Tousle the curls and make them settle organically.

22. Layered Bob for Fine Hair

thin hair over 50 hairstyles
Instagram @alyasalonva

A layered bob is a type of short haircut that typically features layers of different lengths. This type of bob can be an excellent choice for women over 50 who have fine hair, as the layers can help to add volume and texture. Layered bobs can be cut in a variety of ways, so it’s important to discuss your desired look with your stylist before you get your haircut.

For women with fine hair, we recommend a layered bob that is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer in the front. This type of bob will help to give the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. And, because the back is shorter, it will be much easier to style in the morning. If you’re looking for a short haircut that is both stylish and easy to maintain, a layered bob is a great option.

23. Voluminous Bob with Stacked Layers

thin hair over 50 hairstyles
Instagram @alyasalonva

The cropped bob haircuts for short hair is the trendy style of the moment. Above hairstyle image is elegant and the unruffled tint makes it all the more appealing for woman. Textured layers are an ideal way to attain this particular short bob hair style.

24. Ginger Short Haircut

women over 50 Ginger Short Haircut

The ginger color toned short haircut along with the undercut style is one of the best-looking short hairstyles. This color suits many skin tones. The shaggy layers add depth and volume to the hair. Versatility of this hair style makes it best suited for any face shapes.

25. Short Bob with Green Highlight

50 plus woman with short bob and green front highlight
Instagram @tatavorobyova

Short hair cuts are not just for young women anymore. More and more women over the age of 50 are choosing to go shorter, and there are a number of flattering cuts that can be tailored to suit any face shape or personal style. The short bob with green bangs highlights, This look is edgy and playful, yet still sophisticated enough for work or special occasions.

To achieve this style, ask your stylist for a short bob that falls just below the jawline. Add green highlights for a pop of color, then style your hair with a bit of texture for a piece-y finish. Whether you wear it sleek and polished or tousled and undone, this Short Bob with Green Bangs Highlight is sure to turn heads.

26. Short Rounded Bob for Thick Hair

The rounded bob cut is another timeless haircut that is perfect for women over 50. It’s a versatile haircut that can be styled in many different ways. The bob cut can be worn straight, wavy or curly, and can be customized to suit your face shape and hair texture.

27. Short Silver Curly Hair

28. Natural Short Haircut

Natural Short Haircut for Woman over 50

Are you a woman over 50 looking for a natural and low-maintenance haircut? Look no further than the natural short haircut. This versatile hairstyle is perfect for mature women who want to embrace their natural beauty. With its easy maintenance and effortless style, the natural short haircut is a great choice for women who are always on the go.

29. Short Red Hair

Short Red Hair Woman 50 plus

If you’re a woman over 50 and looking to switch up your hairstyle, consider trying a short red haircut with curtain bangs. This vibrant shade of red can add a youthful touch to your overall look, while the short length keeps it modern and easy to maintain. The addition of curtain bangs adds a soft and flattering frame to your face, enhancing your features. Embrace the confidence that comes with rocking a stylish haircut that suits your age and personality.

30. Punky Short Hair with Undercut

Punky Short Hair with Undercut

Blonde Punky Short Hair with Undercut for Women Over 50 is a bold and edgy hairstyle choice that defies age stereotypes. This daring look showcases the perfect blend of confidence and individuality, allowing women to express their unique personality at any age. The blonde color adds a touch of vibrancy, while the punky short length and undercut add a modern twist. It’s a statement hairstyle that proves age is just a number when it comes to style and self-expression.

31. Skunk Stripe Short Bob

Skung Stripe Short Bob women over 50

The Skunk Stripe Short Bob is the perfect haircut for women over 50 who want to embrace their natural beauty while adding a touch of modernity to their look. This hairstyle features a short bob with a bold streak of contrasting color, resembling a skunk stripe. It adds an edgy and youthful vibe to the overall style, making it a popular choice among mature women looking for a fresh and unique change. With its blend of sophistication and playfulness, the Skunk Stripe Short Bob is sure to turn heads and make a statement.

32. Wolf Cut

wolf cut hair woman over 50

The wolf cut is gaining popularity among women of all ages. This haircut combines layers and shaggy texture to create a modern and edgy look. With its versatility, the wolf cut hair can be customized to suit your personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer a shorter or longer length, this haircut can add volume and movement to your locks, giving you a fresh and youthful appearance.

hairstyles for women over 50

These pictures of women haircuts above are celebrities and hence they have to be at their best always. You too can aspire to have their looks and hairstyles provided you take good care of your hair and look into these short haircuts for ladies over 50.


Q: Will a short hair cut make me look older?

A: A shorter hair cut can actually make you look younger and can be very flattering for women over 50.

Q: I am worried about my thinning hair. Will a short hair cut make my hair look thinner?

A: A short hair cut will not make your hair look thinner. In fact, it can actually make your hair look fuller because it gets rid of any damaged or split ends.

Q: How do I style my new short hair cut?

A: Recommend using a light volumizing mousse when styling your new short haircut. Apply the mousse to damp hair and then blow dry with a round brush. If you want more of a natural look, you can air dry your hair with just a little mousse worked through it.

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