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12 Stunning Photos of Rihanna Red Carpet Dresses

Rihanna Red Carpet Looks

Robyn Rihanna Fenty famously known as Rihanna is the Barbadian singer, songwriter, and actress who ventures into the music industry as an outstanding celebrity.

She first began singing back in the year 2005 and has been showing growth in the music industry. She is currently at the top of the list when looking at the successful artists presently. Her love for fashion became an ideal platform for her to venture into fashion designing in addition to singing career. If you look at Rihanna red carpet dresses, you will realize she has a strong sense of style.

Over the years, Rihanna has brought unnecessary discussions each time she steps on the red carpet. Her unique dresses with her red carpet hairstyles that glamour in public makes her the icon in fashion. She wears different designs that are stunning and worth the attention, she gets. Every time she gets invites to industry events, people cannot wait to see what she will fit herself in thus making her a permanent fixture on must watch list. In most cases, she has gone beyond the extremes and can wear designs most celebrities have never worn.

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1. Strapless hot pink gown in 2007

Rihanna red carpet looks in 2007

Rihanna’s look on this strapless hot pink gown was more than just fashion. The dress was well fitting and down to the floor on its round base. She was attending the Mtv awards where no one failed to notice the glamour in her look. The dress is still imaginable to many from its dazzling color.

2. White, lace-floral on Rihanna red carpet dresses

Rihanna red carpet white dress

She came in ravishing in white but you could not fail to see the uniqueness in the dress design. The dress was nearly up to the neck and short-sleeved. Its floral design caught people’s attention since it flowed on one side while the other was shining and slightly see-through.

3. Checked dress in 2007

Rihanna red carpet trendy looks
Source : capitalxtra

Rihanna red carpet looks came up with a trendy dress on the common checked designs. She had a new classical look of it and the dress was worthy the discussions on to watch list from the fans. The dress had split pieces and a sexy outlook on her entire body.

4. Stella McCartney Gown in 2011

Rihanna red carpet looks with Stella McCartney gown
Source : Vogue

This gown cleared the air due to its magnificent design. Black in color, the dress could be similar to the floral type only that this one was see-through from the side. It was long sleeve on the left side and had a n elongation on the downside towards the left. She was a stunning beauty not to mention her matching make up.

5. Slitted Armani gown in 2012

Rihanna red carpet looks with black gown

This is everything fans would love to see due to the figure-hugging shape it had and its basic black color. It was slitted and matched well with her hair making a glamorous appearance.

6. Givenchy dress in 2012

Rihanna in Givenchy dress on the red carpet looks

The Rihanna Givenchy dress adds extra touch to the style. It appeared prickly but it was typically in design of golden look. This material makes it stylish and unique worth the amount of money she paid for it.

7. See-through Ellie Saab in 2010

Rihanna carpet dress

Rihanna is rarely in fluffy designs neither is she into frilly and femme designs. However, if she decides to put them on, she rocks in it because she comes out in a different perspective far from the expected. This see-through design is past the limit. She came in this dress in the year 2010. It was well fitting and beautiful in design. The dress was fully covering her to the neck and had long sleeves. The elongation at the base gave it extra touch.

8. Drapey, flowy, white Adam Selman frock in 2012

Rihanna white outfits
Source : Popsugar

The appearance she had from this dress was suitable for warm weather. This dress can work for party lovers in the case you love her outfits. This is the easier one to try. No complex designs. It is simple and trendy not to forget, it creates sense of fashion.

9. Crimson Alaia gown in 2013

rihanna iconic looks

This is one of Rihanna red carpet looks, which set her standards back in 2013. It was lovely and sprawling with criss-crossed design on the neck. It had a tight waistline and long to the ground leaving an extension at the back. They are bare hands hence can fit for dinner parties.

10. Blue frock in 2008

rihanna 2008 fashion

The flashy blue dress with the minimalist nail brought a new look and style in Rihanna. The dress was having short sleeves with uncovered chest front. The added dangling material gave the dress sense of high quality design. The dress was above knee hence allowing the show of fine legs to the public.

11. Black croc Tom Ford dress in 2012

rihanna high fashion
Source : Vogue

This design came out unexpectedly surprising and amazing look. It brought her sexiest looks to open. Straight and long to the ground added its glamour.

12. Magenta Marchesa frock

Rihanna in pink dress

This is not the type of length or shape that favors Rihanna but the style and color got her in it. The dress is strip less and gave room for see-through on the upper side. The dress flows bulgingly below her knees. One of the finest Rihanna red carpet dresses.

Generally, Rihanna red carpet looks bring more reasons to adjust in the sense of trending styles. You can use her as an inspiration to make your own designs from her looks.

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