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32 of Meaningful Skull Tattoos For Men That Will Blow Your Mind

3d skull tattoo designs

Skull tattoos are one of those tattoo ideas that are iconic and versatile for men. There are numerous ways you can make skull tattoos. Kindle your creative ideas and be realistic when considering skull tattoos. Tattoo skull can be made as head tattoos or skull tattoos on hand, there is no shortage of ideas here. Even though the skull tattoos for men are quite a craze, this type of artwork is often misunderstood due to obvious reasons.

A skull is considered a symbol of death and destruction, hence skeleton tattoos are not preferred by many tattoo lovers, but there are many meanings to it too that needs to be understood. Once these misunderstandings are cleared and you understand the real meaning, then you will definitely love sporting the skull tattoo on hand. A cool looking skull tattoo can display different meanings depending on the types of images that are portrayed and styled.

Skull tattoos look great at any place on the body, be it hand, chest or even a shoulder. Skull tattoos are versatile when styling and designing is concerned. They look good even as standalone designs or as a small design that is a part of a larger design.

There are many different and cool skull tattoo designs to pick from and the following list of skeleton tattoos is a good example of how a skull tattoo can be placed to make it look interesting.

1. 3D Skull Tattoos

3D Skull Tattoo on Back

The 3D skull tattoos will make a tattoo look real, due to all the detailing in the design. The lighter shades are used to create depth and dimension. A realistic tattoo theme can teach anatomy lesson for those who love science. It can even give a glimpse of life after death.

A unique human skull looks ideal in color with complete shading, but a realistic skull with scary artistic patterns can make it look dangerous and naughty. There are thousands of different ways to create this skull tattoo on hand by experimenting with images like fangs, claws, and glowing eyes with just some impactful shading technique.

Skull tattoo on hand
3D skull tattoo on hand

If you are a rocker or love in a skull design. This is a great ideas for men who would like to have skull tattoo on your body. It is 3D style that will make you look more outstanding than others. If you are considering to put the skull tattoo. Let’s try this idea, 3D skull tattoos. This is just a guide that we hunted for you. All is cool. Some of them are so strange but it looks beautiful. If  tattoos are more dimension and realistic, then it more beautiful and mysterious.

2. Skull and Rose Tattoo

Skull and Rose Tattoo
3D Skull Tattoo with rose

Rose and skull tattoo design is a good combination of two traditional patterns; the skull and roses. This motif depicts a poetic, artistic and a gothic design, which is quite contradictory. The rose and skull tattoo represents both the beauty and pain of life, good and bad within a person or even represents lost love. The meaning varies and has a different meaning to different individuals. This tattoo pattern is adapted in many different art styles with the use of bold lines and colors that is traditional, minimalist or hyper realistic.

3. Skull Face Tattoo

Skull Face Tattoo
Instagram @rickgenestofficial

Skull tattoos for men includes the strong looking skull face tattoo that has the ability to bring you back to life. This is an intense piece of work that was made popular by Rick Genest, who was also famously known as “Living Skeleton” and was nicknamed “Zombie Boy” for his body full of face tattoos.

If you take into consideration the ink and your lifestyle, the skull face tattoo is a perfect match. Another interesting skeleton tattoo is the half skull and half face tattoo, which depicts a life where you are living in a world between life and death. Even though a skull face tattoo looks intense remember the full body and face tattoos are extremely painful and may take several sessions to complete.

4. Animal Skull Tattoo

animal skull tattoo
Instagram @jane._sdt

Skulls are intriguing, whether they are of humans or of animals. If you have any favorite animal, then you can dedicate a tattoo for this animal or create an animal design that you identify with.

5. Skull with Wing Tattoo

Skull with Wing Tattoo
Instagram @jodyknight_tattoo

Be careful when you are in Hell’s Angel territory. The skull wings tattoo are pretty impressive chest piece designs that combine these two design elements seamlessly making it very attractive.

6. Small Skull Tattoo

small skull tattoo
Instagram @negro_magenta

Since the skull tattoos have a unique appearance, they are particularly great for small sized tattoos. Usually, head tattoos look appealing when they are done with very minimal art style and black ink with less shading. A small sized skull tattoo can be created behind the ears, on your hand or on your wrist.

7. Skeleton Middle Finger Tattoo

Skeleton Middle Finger Tattoo
Instagram @rebekatattoo

If you want to show off a bit of ink one the middle finger, the skull tattoos are just ideal. It is a simple and easy to make skeleton tattoo design that can be made even in a small area. The small skull design is a good way to grab attention without going for big designs.

8. Skeleton Clock Hand Tattoo

Skeleton Clock Hand Tattoo
Instagram @tattoo8101

A skeleton clock hand tattoo is a good tattoo design if you want it to look cool and thoughtful. These two images are strong and compelling. The skeleton tattoo on hand is linked with death. It can represent your life or afterlife. Skeleton has many different meanings, but the most common idea being mortality. Clock also has the similar meaning and is also associated and is considered a symbol of life and death. Clock conveys the message that everything in this world is temporary or time is running out. How you interpret may be different, either it can be for positive or negative.

9. Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Skeleton Hand Tattoo
Instagram @perktatts

Skeleton hand tattoos are just outstanding, but they are not for those who want to blend into the crowd. Due to their high visibility, scary appearance and fascinating look, they exuberate a powerful statement. A human skeleton is scary and associated with death, but depending on the design it can also represent fearlessness, temporary state and renewal. Depending on your thoughts and individuality, you can interpret these images as positive or negative.

10. Skull Butterfly Tattoo

death moth tattoo
Instagram @jennsantorotattoo

The idea of a “death moth” meaning a moth with a skull on its back does not appeal you, then try to combine them. This beautiful inner arm tattoo design places the skull on the wings, making it a skull design, but without taking away from the moth features.

11. Skull with Crown Tattoo

3D Skull Tattoo on arm

Crown is associated with kings and queens, which makes it all the more popular. It represents luck, authority and power. When you combine the crown with the skull, the whole pattern takes an altogether new meaning. The symbol will remind you of using the power wisely and responsibly or be aware of becoming power hungry. It also reminds the wearer of better times in his next life or that his success is short-lived and will fade one day. Every image can be interpreted in many different ways by the wearer.

12. Punisher Skull Tattoo

Punisher Skull Tattoo

The punisher skull tattoo has been adopted by comic book lovers and law enforcement personnel as an inspiration. The symbol of the punisher has been appreciated as the bloody skull that represents the outlaw justice. The famous Marvel character, Frank Castle as a former soldier uses his combat skills as a vigilante named “The Punisher”. He destroys the skulls of bad guys to seek revenge and justice.

13. Pirate Tattoo Ideas

Pirates have traditionally seen the skulls as a symbol of rebellion, intimidation and strength. Pirate flags have been adorned with skulls and crossbones, known as the Jolly Roger. It is also a warning to the other ships.

If you want to include the wild spirit of the pirates into your skull tattoo add a torch, gun, eyepatch, bandana or a tricone hat. Other classic sailor tattoos like anchors, swallows and roses can be created to make a pirate themed skull tattoo on hand or any part of body. These cool skull pictures with the pirate theme are not for the faint hearted.

14. American Traditional Skulls

American Traditional Skulls
Instagram @uncle.kit

American skulls are the most common design choices for Neo-American tattoos. Add a few other American traditional elements like heavy blackwork and flowers to create a cohesive piece of ink art.

15. Sugar Skull Tattoo

sugar skull tattoo
Insatragram @eylul.tattoox

Sugar skull tattoos are a craze among tattoo lovers due to their unique look and meaningful symbolism. Traditionally the sugar skulls represent the departed soul. They are placed at the grave on the Day of the Dead in Mexico.

The sugar skulls tattoo for females are colored brightly, surrounded by flowers and often has a smile. This reminds their loved ones that the departed soul is at peace. This is one of the reasons, a sugar skull tattoo is a permanent tribute to the passed away soul.

16. Matching Skull Tattoos for Couple

Matching Skull Tattoos for Couple
Instagram @molehole.tattoos

Couple can bond with each other by matching skull tattoos. The whole process of choosing a design and getting inked together increases the bond between couples. Mostly the themes are love and togetherness forever. Matching tattoos with skull design are a symbol of togetherness for couples.

17. Skull and Snake Tattoo

The skull and snake tattoo are one of the most common combinations in the tattoo world. This is a classic piece of tattoo work for tough guys. They symbolize death, cunning, destruction and poison. Snake has some darkness associated with it and it is edgy and a possibility of death makes this tattoo ideal for guys who recognize the balance of nature.

18. Flaming Skull Tattoo

flaming Skull Tattoo
Instagram @marucciahc

The flaming skull tattoo is considered a badass skull tattoo who is cool and masculine. The depiction is about power, destruction and fear. The name of the tattoo itself is intimidating.

19. Forearm Skull Tattoo

 Forearm Skull Tattoo

Tattoos on back of head is common, but a forearm skull tattoo is usually suited to a linear or vertical tattoo. It is also an excellent area for making a round design like a skull. The shape of the arm and ink attracts a lot of attention. Ask your artist to place the skull at the best area of the forearm so that the design stays flat and follows the curves of your muscle. This way, it will prevent warping and the image stays good. For a more interesting look try the 3D skull tattoo.

20. Skull Neck Tattoo

Instagram @spleen_art

Tattoo on the neck has increasingly become popular over the last decade. With a huge number of celebrities wearing them, the popularity of skull neck tattoo along with sugar skulls tattoo for females and males have increased exponentially. If you want to show off your tattoo, then the skull neck tattoo is ideal.

21. Viking Skull Tattoo

Viking Skull Tattoo
Instagram @tattoorupa

The Vikings are associated with warrior spirit. The Viking skull tattoo is a good option for those with a bit of Norse blood and for those who want to show off their rich heritage.

22. Smoke Skull Tattoo

Smoke Skull Tattoo
Instagram @loserink.studio

Guys who need their skull tattoo to be unique and full of details, the smoke skull tattoo is perfect. Using fine lines, shading or blackwork an artist can create a skull tattoo with just the wisps of smoke. This particular tattoo design is a piece of art and to make this, you will definitely need a skilled artist. Make sure you go to an experienced and skilled artist to make this beautiful piece of art.

23. Tribal Skull Tattoo

Tribal Skull Tattoo

If you love to sport something unique and one that commands respect, then you should go for the tribal skull tattoo. These tattoos are bold because of the black and grey coloring, which also makes it look sharp. This tattoo theme gives the design a dark and scary meaning. You can wear them on different areas like leg, arm or part of the sleeve and still they appear amazing pieces of artwork.

24. Simple Skull Tattoo Design

Simple Skull Tattoo Design
Instagram @swinewizard

Not only complex tattoo designs, even the simple skull tattoo design can look just great. The simple looking skull tattoo designs depend on the unique shape of the skull to ensure the tattoo stands out and conveys a message. An artist can use clean lines, black ink and no shading to create this simple design. This simple skull tattoo is good for men who are laidback and prefer to show off less.

25. Half Face Half Skull Tattoo

You can customize your tattoos if you don’t like a whole skull tattoo. Create a tattoo that matches with your taste and preferences, like splitting the skull into half or even adding a face design.

26. White Ink Skull Tattoos

White Ink Skull Tattoos
Instagram @alexmarinstattoo 

Skulls are usually depicted in black, but add white ink to your tattoo for a unique twist. White ink is used for detailing, to add shine and dimension to the otherwise flat and dark ink.

27. Bull Skull Tattoo

Bull Skull Tattoos
Instagram @iam_katiecruz

The meaning of bull skull tattoo means rugged and determined and this is beautifully captured in the bull skull tattoo. The bull is an assertive animal and is popular for its virility among the native Americans as well as the colonial cowboys. The intimidating nature of the bull means it stands for its authoritative presence and complete confidence. People who love rodeo will love this deadly bull and the astrology buffs get the same kind of happiness from their animal friend in the form of the sign Taurus.

28. Skull and Cross Tattoo

skull and cross tattoo
Instagram @dusi.2

If you want to mix your creative side with your beliefs, then you should experiment with the skull and cross tattoo. These patterns convey a lot of meaning and is an intricate piece of artwork.

29. Back of Head Tattoo

Back of Head Tattoo
Instagram @markgreytattoo

The back of head tattoo is like a devil watching your back at all times. Skulls are a great option if you want to include some layers to your scary tattoos on back of head. Your skillful artist may be able to bring to life the skull’s design in different patterns.

30. Cat Skull Tattoo

Cat Skull Tattoo
Instagram @natxo.ruiz

Cats have been connected to different scary things like witches, to bad luck and to nine lives. They have been embraced by darkness lovers and a cat skull tattoo is a natural progression giving the furry loving creature a death like darkness.

31. Red Ink Skull Tattoo

Red Ink Skull Tattoo
Image Credit : rsr_tattoos

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Red ink skull tattoos can be customized to include other elements, such as mask or spider web, to create a unique design. Whether you’re looking for a simple red skull tattoo or something more elaborate, there are endless possibilities when it comes to this striking design.

32. Sun, Moon and Skull Tattoo

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Sun, Moon and Skull Tattoo
Credit : IG/sfumature_nere_hrz

Hope this idea will be the inspiration for many people who want to have a Skull Tattoo. Today there are many people in our society look down the Tattoo people. And There are many organizations that do not allow tattoos to join. But if you look at The tattoo. And open your mind. You will see the meaning of this art.


What does a skull tattoo mean?

Skull has various meanings, it does not have to always represent death, but is also considered a soul or wisdom of ancestors. It is also a sign of rebirth and eternal life.

What does a skull and rose tattoo mean?

Skulls and roses are just opposite to each other. They combine life and death with beauty and love making it very popular. It tells us to live life to the fullest as death is inevitable. Live the moment and let free of all the worries.

What does a bull skull tattoo mean?

According to the native Americans, the bull skull is a symbol of life long protection from natural elements. A bull represents courage, strength, durability and agility.

Which part of the body is best suited for skull tattoo?

There is no such particular body part that suits a skull tattoo, but it depends a lot on the design and size of the tattoo. There are endless possibilities. People have skull tattoo on hand, arm, leg, chest and on back too. Women prefer small ones on their wrist. Back of the hand can also be used for a skull tattoo. Be clear of the design and meaning, then that will decide the size and area where the skull tattoo can be made.

How much does a skull hand tattoo cost?

The cost of a tattoo will depend on the various factors like size, detailing and the experience of the artist. The minimum price is fixed, regardless of the size and this will be roughly $100. A big sized tattoo will require lot of ink, shading and time and can cost anywhere above $200.

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