40 Stylish Long Hairstyles for Older Women


7.Simple side Braid

For women above 50, the standard long hairstyle needs some juice to make the overall hairstyle exciting. Side part your hair with a neat braid on the smaller section and sweep your hair to the other side. The hair should cover your temple and ear for stylish and pretty asymmetrical look.

8.Half up and Half Down Style

Half updos have the ability to look both casual as well as formal. This works great because it becomes easier if you have to go to an event after working at the office. For a style like this soft curls looks best suited as they don’t make your hair look flat.

9.Milkmaid Braid

The fancy milkmaid braid will be loved by bohemian beauties. This fancy hairstyle looks great on a breezy maxi dress and a flowing blouse. You will not need a lot of maintenance for this hairstyle and becomes easier to focus on other things around.

10.Sassy Braided Pony

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time on hair maintenance, then Ombre is an easy way to include color to your hair. If you are worried that dyeing will spoil your hair texture, then you could use a ponytail trick. You can consider using an attached pony or an extension of the lighter or darker shade that matches closely with your natural hair color.

11. Messy Bun

Older women with long hair would try to avoid anything that is structured as it will add years to their faces. The messy bun with romantic strands is a perfect example of how hair should be styled to attain that modern look. The strands with the bangs frame the facial features beautifully to give a relaxed appearance.

12.Classic French Twist

For women above 60, the classic updo with a French twist put together is a perfect hairstyle that is preferred by many. Even though this hairstyle looks attractive, it is not complicated to create. If you prefer a classic hairstyle, then these is an ideal one, but get a hairspray to secure the flyaways.

13.Tousled Side Ponytail with Bangs

Fringes look beautiful for older women because they have the ability to cover the forehead and also takes away the attention from your under eye wrinkles. The bangs are complemented by a simple looking half ponytail bun. This gives a more playful appearance to the face.

14.Elegant Cinnamon Roll Updo

The Cinnamon roll is the top choice for a hair updo. This hairstyle for women over 40 works well with long hair. It is fuss free, refined and graceful looking, making it best suited for older ladies.


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