5 Useful Measures To Get Your AC Summer-Ready

Technician checking air conditioner

Summer is the toughest season, considering the soaring temperature and high humidity it brings. Your living space can become really uncomfortable if the air conditioning system fails to perform optimally. The best advice for homeowners, therefore, is to have a good look at the system in advance and prep it up before the heat sets in. There are some easy measures that you can take to get your AC summer-ready. Let us list them for you. 

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Filter cleaning and replacement

The most common problem with home air conditioners is dirty filters, which is bound to happen over a period of time. Clogged filters can cause major issues such as ineffective cooling and higher electricity bills. Moreover, the dirt stuck in the filters has a baneful impact on the indoor air quality and can make your family sick. Cleaning and replacement of air filters, if needed, is where your pre-summer maintenance checklist should start. It is best to get it done by an expert.

Check airflow leaks and obstructions

Since you will probably turn on the cooling after some time, you should check the unit for any leaks and obstructions. Start by checking the ducts and connectors for damage or loose spots. Have a good look at the blower components as well. Besides checking for leaks in the unit itself, assess the walls, doors, and windows for leaks and cracks and have them sealed for effective insulation.

Get repairs done early

The biggest mistake that homeowners make with pre-summer AC preparation is to delay repairs till the temperatures start soaring. It is best to call expert AC repair Air Pro Master professionals early and get any issues resolved because they often get packed with appointments once the season begins. Timely repair and maintenance ensure that you will have a cool and comfortable living space when it is sizzling hot outside.

Check the outdoor unit too

Don’t confine your AC check to the indoor unit only but pay attention to the outdoor unit as well. Clean it properly and remove the accumulated dirt and debris because they can compromise the system’s performance and air quality. Inspect the wiring carefully and get a replacement from a professional before you start running the unit.

Prepare your thermostat as well

While preparing the unit is important, you need to get your thermostat summer-ready as well. Check the controls thoroughly to ensure that there are no defects. Consider buying a smart thermostat before this summer because it can save you several dollars from your electricity bills. Smart technology lets you operate the thermostat remotely, so you can turn your AC on when you start from work and have a pleasantly cool place waiting for you. And you can also use it to turn the system off if you forget to do it before leaving for work.

Besides following these summer-prep tips for home air conditioners, evaluate its condition to assess whether it needs replacement. Like any other equipment, AC units to have an optimal life span and you need to replace them once it reaches the end of life. 

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