7 Important Tips to Make a Smaller Kitchen Look Big

A Couple cooking in a kitchen

Dark and cramped rooms can potentially make us feel low. However, walking to a room that is brighter and lighter has the power to lift your spirits instantly. To tell you the truth, if you plan it right, even a smaller kitchen has the potential to look beautiful and feel spacious than it is. So, you can make a kitchen roomy, irrespective of its size, if you just follow some tips. 

It has been seen that a few kitchens in urban areas of New York, London, and Paris are pretty small. However, despite that, they look attractive and spacious. If you too have a small kitchen, we have come up with a few tips that can help you out. 

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First – Use Colour

Painting your kitchen is indeed the simplest and the most low-cost method of making your kitchen space look bigger. Samaira, who offers online assignment help services, says that in kitchens, white colour looks great, and is indeed an excellent colour to make space look bigger. However, if you need something brighter than that, you can opt for a colour like yellow. It will give you a vibrant sunny vibe for your kitchen. Green is also a great colour and will give a very tranquil and nature-oriented vibe to the kitchen. If you have a white kitchen, you can add to it the touches of teal and pale green with a few flower and plant arrangements. They make the kitchen look bigger, brighter, and calmer. 

Second – Use geometric patterns

In interior design and art, geometric patterns are incredibly fashionable. If you take an elaborate look at Instagram, you would see how it is brimming with geometric cushions, patterned table cloths, blankets, and rugs, that are perfect for small kitchen. These geometric patterns can make a smaller kitchen look bigger. Please understand that though the patterns can make a small kitchen look considerably big, you don’t have to use too many patterns as that can make the place look cramped and overcrowded. The vertical patterns make the kitchen look taller or longer. You can also use urban subway tiles to open up the little kitchen space. Subway tiles have bold black tiles in them that give an illusion of a bigger kitchen. If you are unable to change the kitchen tiles (because it can be a bit pricey), you can use a geometric floor runner, and it would give you a similar visual output.  

Third – Include see-through elements

Anushka, who offers online statistics homework help services, says that having an unhindered visual and physical path can make the kitchen space look bigger. If the sightlines in the kitchen are left open, it can make your eyes see through space without coming to a halt. To achieve this, you can use glass pendant lights, clear plastic chairs, backless bar stools, or floating bar surfaces.  

Fourth – Get mirrors

Mirrors, too, are a great medium to make a smaller kitchen look bigger. It is surprising that a lot of people only use mirrors in bathrooms and bedrooms, and not in the kitchen. If you include a life-size mirror in the kitchen that can cover one wall, it can look exquisite, particularly if it reflects a kitchen cabinets or table that lies against it. Mirror cupboards or splashbacks can also be used for the same effect. 

Fifth – Get reflective surfaces

Besides the mirror, you can also add other reflective surfaces in your kitchen to make it look bigger. These include:

1. High-gloss paint

2. Glossy Cabinets

3. Glass tiles

4. Stainless steel appliances

5. Shiny floors

Sixth – Go with open shelves

Ruby, who offers online pay for writing papers services, says that she opted for an open storage system in her kitchen, as it made her kitchen look more spacious. For this, you just have to get rid of a few cabinet doors. This tip would work beautifully if your cupboards aren’t bursting. People with cluttered shelves will make the space look even smaller. You can opt for copper shelving. It is trendy and chic.   

Seventh – Embrace Minimalism

Adopting a minimalist look for your kitchen will 100% make your kitchen look bigger. Thus, you should avoid all ornate and extremely decorative items in your kitchen. Keep your kitchen as fuss-free as possible for making the kitchen look spacious. Aalia, who offers the best machine learning course online, says that if your kitchen looks like there isn’t enough space to accommodate all the stuff existing in the kitchen, it is bound to make it look smaller and cramped. So, if there’s anything extra in the kitchen that you do not need, you should get rid of it immediately.   

So, these, are the seven most effective steps to help you make your kitchen look bigger than it is. 

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