7 Days Little Girls Hair Styles

7 Days Little Girls Hair Styles

Wanna make your little girl be shining star ? Take inspiration from our 7 Days little girls hair styles idea below to make your little girl looks great everyday.

Day 01#

Start day 1 with simple look. This is awesome hairstyle for your little girl. With a few simple Cute Braided Hairstyles and hold it together in the back. Best Idea for school day.

Day 02#

Day 2, Maybe your little girl want to have her style look a bit complicate than everyday.This photo show another cute Idea for French Braid style, create 4 braids, and grab a two for one in each side. That’s easy but unique.

Day 03#

I love this style, It make my little girl look fashionista. Create a few small braids and flip to hide side pony. No need high technic. If you can create a braid. This style is easy.

Or A Dutch Braid into a Side Pony.

Day 04#

After 3 days with Braid Style, Today let’s turn to be simple with big ballerina bun. It’s fast, easy and adorable.

Day 05#

Oh It is Day 5, It’s Friday. Your little girl will be excited to have dinner party with family. This style make her look a young adult. Let’s try, Just roll her hair and   twist to braid. You can put some flower to make it more beautiful.


Half up with a reverse braids, and create a low tail, decorated with cutie bow or ribbon. She will looks prettiest today.

Day 07#

A nice crown braid or Maid Braid Best for Sunday activity.Make it tight to make it stay amazingly for play, dance and tumbling!.

How is it for this 7 Little Girl Hairstyles? If you have more idea, you can send us to share.

7 Days Little Girls Hair Styles
7 Days Little Girls Hair Styles
7 Days Little Girls Hair Styles
7 Days Little Girls Hair Styles
7 Days Little Girls Hair Styles
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