9 Accent Wall Ideas To Transform a Room


Updated: January 26, 2022

To some people, their home interior decoration is the least of their worries. But to others, it means everything. After all, charity they say starts from home. If you’re one of those who cherish their homes and you feel like it’s time to retouch yours but have little or no idea on how to do so, then this guide is for you. 

One superb means of doing it is adding an accent wall décor to either your entire house or your favorite spot. Accent wall decoration turns your wall into a canvas and allows you to get creative and express whatever idea you have in mind.

We’ve put together some great ideas that you can choose from to retouch your favorite spot.

Molding Accent Wall

9 Accent Wall Ideas To Transform a Room

No hard and fast rule says an accent wall idea must contain a vibrant color to bring out its beauty. If you want to keep things simple around your house, you should opt for a molding accent wall as it is a stylish way to add depth to your room. It equally creates a nice and warm transition between walls and floors.

Art Display Accent Wall

9 Accent Wall Ideas To Transform a Room

Your taste for art is what everyone around you will use to determine your personality and style. Whether contemporary paintings, abstracts, or a simple portrait, it will speak volumes on your behalf. Having an art display accent wall will also be one of the exciting things that your visitors won’t forget about your apartment in a long time. It will also be the center of attraction for your guests as their curiosity will be sparked and retained the entire time. 

Geometric Pattern Accent Wall

If you’re a lover of modern décor, then a geometric accent wall might be the answer you’ve been looking for to transform your room. Triangles are most peoples’ favorite shape when choosing a geometric accent wall pattern, but you must not always follow the trend as there are other shapes to explore, such as squares, hexagons, and so on. So give it a try today and thank us later. To have the eyes of your guests glued to this accent wall décor, you can mix and match those shapes with different colors. There are no boundaries to accent wall concepts. 

Stencil Accent Wall

If you’re searching for an exciting DIY project to spice things up, then you should check out the stencil accent wall. This pattern is gorgeous, and it can also be used as wallpaper. They are equally easy to install and pocket-friendly too. You also have the option to either create or find a stencil design that suits your taste. But you need to ensure it’s durable before you proceed. Some attractive stencil accent wall designs include mandalas, flowers, and Moroccan design. 

Painted Accent Wall

9 Accent Wall Ideas To Transform a Room
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If you want to erect a fun and appealing feature on your wall, you should try painting a solid color accent wall. But one thing you need to have at the back of your mind at all times is that you need to pick a wall that best makes the focal point before you pop your paint cans. You can also get creative by using a bright accent wall color to highlight a particular architectural structure, such as your windows and staircase. One thing you need to avoid while doing this is to ensure that other walls aren’t in some form of competition for attention as this can create a cluttered and noisy room.

Wallpaper/Fabric Accent Wall

A wallpaper or fabric accent wall tremendously helps set the mood of a room. If you need one that will help you relax after a long day, go for the tropical floral print. But if you need something more intellectual, then you should opt for the neon print as it will help to stimulate your mind. 

Gone are the days when people need to wallpaper an entire room that creates a statement. Nowadays, all you need to do is apply wallpaper to the best focal wall, and the rest is history. It will also be a more pleasurable way to split spaces in an open-plan home. Again, it will help dictate the ambiance in each room. Some fascinating wallpapers and fabrics to choose from including geometric, monochrome, chevron, and floral designs.

Mural Accent Wall

For a second, think of when last you saw a mural in either a friend’s home or in other places. Can you remember? That is because not everyone dares to do something this adventurous. And that is what will make your accent wall stand out. It doesn’t also have to be a permanent choice too, but if you choose to install this chalkboard, it will give you the freedom you desire to create new artwork whenever you want to do so. Regardless of what type of mural you go for, whoever visits you will be marveled by an impressive wall that they will rarely stumble upon anytime soon.

Wood Accent Wall

If you’re an adventurous person that love the feel of life at the sea or a cabin retreat, then a wood accent wall is what you need as gazing upon it will continue to stir up those feelings that you love. It’s also one design that accommodates a variety of décor styles. Be it rustic, vintage, or nautical decoration, they will all strike a good balance and blend perfectly with this texture accent wall. If you would like to make your visitors feel more at home, then you should try mixing other decors with a multi-colored wood accent.

Accent Wall for Wedding Ceremony

The big day is coming, and asides from tying the knot, you also want your guest to be pleased from the minute they walk through the door. The first step to succeeding with this is to think of what type of mood you will want your guest to be in while they are there. Would you like it to be a warm or dramatic setting? Once you’ve decided, the next thing is to choose the basic color scheme that will fit the architectural design of the room. It will create a pathway for others to follow.


Many people haven’t realized it yet, but accent walls are the first thing your visitors will notice about your apartment when they step foot in it. Also, these accent walls set whatever mood that you will like your guests to have. So be free to choose from either the one that conveys powerful statements through art or any other design that will further speak of your personality and taste for class. 

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