African Looks: Top Fashion And Hairstyle Trends In 2021

The pandemic has forced many people to find alternative ways to style their hair rather than go to a hair salon. Yet, even before the pandemic, there has been a growing trend encouraging people to embrace their natural hair and find the best natural products that emphasize the best qualities of each hair type. This move is basically for everyone to break free from the concept that you need to have a certain look to be considered “beautiful”, which has been, and still is, causing physical and mental health issues for individuals who don’t fit into the standards set by the media.

Fashion is becoming more diverse, letting everyone express themselves in their own styles. In this article though, our focus is specifically on African hairstyles. African hair is quite unique and can be styled in gorgeous ways that emphasize its sharp beauty. Read on to learn more about the best fashion and hairstyle trends for an authentic, stunning African look.

Curly Fringe

Many women who have curly hair avoid cutting their fringes since they can easily get frizzy. Some hairstylists discovered that curly bangs add a gorgeous touch to curly hair. Since curls take a good portion of your hair length, make sure you decide on the length of the bangs when your hair is dry and in its natural state. Don’t straighten it before you decide on the length. Show off your lively curls in 2021 and don’t be afraid to try to let your hair cover a little bit of your forehead and show off curls in a surprisingly terrific style.

Ghana Cornrow Braids

One of the best things about African hair is that it’s thick and can be styled into various braiding styles, and many thick braids. Africans have come up with amazing ways to braid their hair that no matter what your hair type is, you will at least want to try. Different places have adopted numerous stunning hairdos, but the wonderful cornrows hairstyle is mostly associated with Ghana. This is one of the coolest fashion trends that never get old, and will definitely never be out of style. This braiding style is perfect for those who prefer thick hair locks braided together to create a super chic hairdo.


Ponytails are timely hairdos that can be done in numerous ways depending on your face shape and preferred style. There is a wide range of height you pull your hair into. Some people favor higher ponytails to emphasize their facial features, and they have many options to choose from tightly pulling your hair to a loose one with a few hair locks loosely scattered around the face. There are some who prefer to tie their hair at a medium height, while others like to only tie theirs with a ribbon without raising their hair up.

Box Braids on Short Hair

Box braids are usually seen more on long hair, but if you try them on short bobs you’ll realize they just can’t go wrong. They give the illusion of a mixture between curly and straight hair, but what they actually do is combine the best in both, because they allow for straight hair cuts, with a little twist of curls, eliminating the frizzes and resulting in a bewitching effect.


Whether you have a thousand braids or your natural curls are loosely free, buns are never out of style. There are hundreds of fashions for buns, and they’re all exceptionally trendy in 2021. A messy bun has a natural wonderful look that is both casual and practical. For a more funky look, you can do space buns that will make you stand out more. For those who prefer a classical look, normal braids in a gorgeous updo do the trick. Whether you’re going to work, hanging out with friends, or at a casual gathering, coiled buns work perfectly then. Another option is a neatly fixed bun that is both simple and incredibly elegant.

We usually feel like there are certain measurements that get idolized for reasons that are still ambiguous to us. Fashion is about expressing yourself in the best way that shouts out your personality and style. Defining beauty as one thing or another is simply unnatural, because beauty comes in a huge variety of shapes, colors, styles, and cannot be pre-decided. The world is opening up more to accepting difference and embracing it. African fashion is one of the most exceptional styles that show how creative people can be with their styles, and how you can always find your strengths and let them show off your ravishing looks and personality.

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