20 All-time Feathered Bangs Hairstyles

20 All-time Feathered Bangs Hairstyles

Show me a woman who isn’t a fan of feathered bangs and I will show you a person who isn’t on top of her fashion and hairstyle game. If you have ever wondered whether or not feathered bangs are a good idea for you, trust me; it is. First of all, feathered bangs are easy to style, offer you a fresh image, and look beautiful with a little effort. Feathery bangs also work great for different haircuts, long or short, cheeky or bob. Also, you can style feathered bangs in many ways with the right abilities and tips. You can curl, blow dry, or gel it into place. If you are considering or have decided to try a feathered haircut sometime soon, we have 20 style ideas that you can try. Your next visit to the hairstylist will be an absolutely amazing experience.

Let’s take a look at the list.

Choppy Shag alongside Short Feathered Bangs

Do you have layered, cropped, or short shag, short choppy layered bangs are great at bringing them up a notch. The shaggy hairstyle creates a natural look that has stood the test of time since the 80s, and we don’t see them going off the trend soon. 

Long Feather Bangs with Flipped Ends

Long feather bangs are great at blending with the rest of your hair length and framing your face beautifully. This beautiful bang moves to the side lengthwise and improves your face a lot.

Feathered Bangs on Cool Shag

When you style your shag correctly, you can increase the structure of your bangs and make them more pronounced. You can style your bangs naturally to the edge or towards your face. However you style it, it adds volume to your entire hair.

Feathered Fringe with Asymmetrical Parting

Your favorite female celebrity has probably rocked an asymmetry bob a time or two. It is a favorite style of many people, and it might become your best as well. Side-swept or asymmetrical parting improves your hair texture or volume and emphasizes your lips and eyes.

Single-sided Bangs with Feather Effect

20 All-time Feathered Bangs Hairstyles

If you love the way long bangs look, then you will trip over this one-sided flipped parting feather bang hairstyle. It blends naturally with your hair, adds volume to the hairstyle, and matches your look perfectly.

Feathered Bangs with Dynamic Layered

An asymmetrically layered pixie cut is classy and elegant and gives you the original and natural style. This side-swept bang adds lots of volume without blocking your eyes or forehead.

Curtain Feathered Bangs

One way to stylishly beautify your long hairstyles is to get feathered bangs. These long curtain bangs add volume to your hair, improves the frame of your face, and reduce the roundness for those with rounded faces. If you have been seeking a way to enhance your look, you can switch things up with long curtain feathered bangs without fear.

Classy Feathered Pixie

20 All-time Feathered Bangs Hairstyles

Pixie hairstyles continue to live through the seasons and become more beautiful and better every time. This pixie with feathered bangs adds a sexy and chic hint to your short hair. You can also switch from smooth and classy to punk rock with a few styling actions. You can even highlight your bangs for more emphasis and beauty.

Asymmetrical Feathered Bangs

Your long asymmetrical feathered bang creates amazing looks for the simplest of hairstyles, and this one isn’t left out. Sweep your bangs to one side of your face and add an excellent edge to your short hair on the back of your head. Flaunt your neck while your subtly highlighted bangs add volume to your hairstyle.

Pixie Cut and Oblique Feathered Bangs 

Oblique feathered bangs work great with any pixie cut, smooth the angles to your hair, and adjust your proportion to suit your face. If you have considered using oblique feathered bangs with short hair, don’t spare a minute’s thought. Get your sexy game on with this new look.

Feathered Bangs on Short Layered Bob 

Layer your short bobs with feathered bangs that are easy to style. This style is trendy and creative. It is most appropriate for people with thin hair because it adds volume to your hair and creates a chic style.

Inverted Bob and Long Feathered Bangs

20 All-time Feathered Bangs Hairstyles
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You can look glamorous with an inverted bob haircut that places the volume on top of your head and the simple look from the back. These see-through bangs will hide your cheeks, flatter your forehead, and bring out the pop in your style.

Shaggy Pixie and Feathery Bangs 

20 All-time Feathered Bangs Hairstyles

Your feathered bangs can take several forms, and not just the standard styles you know. You can layer your feathered bangs in a shaggy pixie like this for a natural wavy bang style.

Brightly Highlighted Feathered Bangs 

Whether you choose to fix oblique bangs to cover your hairlines and disproportions, or a long strand that shapes your face beautifully, it is essential to pay attention to the length of your hair and the bangs to create balance. Whatever length or style you choose, highlighting your feathered bangs in bright colors make your hairstyle pop.

Feathered Bangs on Wavy Bob

If you sport a beautiful long face, it is best to have feathered bangs on the front of your face to soften your image, widen your face, and flatter your features. Ladies with long daces should avoid hairstyles slicked back and other short bangs.

Side-Swept Feathered Bang Hairstyle

20 All-time Feathered Bangs Hairstyles
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The queen of timeless hairstyles for every lady regardless of face shape is this side-swept hairstyle with feathered bangs. This side-styled bang gives a holistic beauty to your hairdo. You can tweak it to your unique style, for instance, you can make the bangs parted in the middle if you have a middle parting style.

Classy Feather Cut Bangs

Middle-aged women love this hairstyle, and they totally should! This bang is not only stylish and chic, but it needs very little maintenance. With the feathered bangs covering the head and slightly open up at the forehead, wrinkles will stay invisible behind this hair. and you will be flaunting an uncommon elegance. 

Short Hair and Asymmetrical Feathered Bangs 

Whether you’re young or in your 50s, there’s no limit to this boyish pixie cut that has short strands alongside long bangs to give it a uniquely feminine look. With a single cut, you can give off a sexy, feminine, and boyish vibe. It is simply refreshing and appealing to your beauty.

Anime-Styled Feathered Bangs

If you love anime characters or this hairstyle is a favorite of yours, you can accentuate your feathered bangs with black hair and styling gel to achieve this style. Whether asymmetrical or straight bangs, you can create a beautiful and unique style. 

Feathered Bangs with Edgy Mob

If you are looking to add a slightly disheveled look to your hairstyle with weightless strands of hair, an edgy hairstyle paired with layered feather bangs will bring your style inspiration to life. Style the strands so that the short ones rest on the back of your head and the long ones cover the front. Asymmetrical bangs create the balance and beauty you need.

Here we are with 20 feathered bang styles that are suitable for practically anyone! Try out these haircuts on this list every time you visit your hairstylist and add another edge to your hairstyles!

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