20 Trendy Alternative Haircuts Ideas for Women


21Trendy Alternative Haircuts Ideas


Alternative haircuts for girls are extremely popular especially if you have medium hair. If you are bored of the regular hairstyles that most girls cut, then you need to seriously consider getting some haircut ideas for alternative girls that will give you a unique look. Alternative haircuts became fashionable in the early 20th century. It burst into the fashion industry with a bang. Girls started experimenting with these unique haircuts on various fashion shows, which led to these ahairstyles being used on various clothing mannequins.

long punk haircuts

These funky alternative haircuts looked smart, trendy and were an effective medium to express their inner feelings. These hairstyles are a welcome relief to those who love low maintenance haircuts, instead of the long hairstyles that can sometimes be difficult to maintain. The funky alternative haircuts are a good choice if you don’t want to spend too much time on hair maintenance. Haircut ideas for alternative girls include medium as well as short funky haircuts that can be easily identifiable because of their color and trims, which can be curly, wavy, pixie, fine, and straight.

alternative haircuts

The alternative girl’s hairstyles have ability to stand out from the traditional haircuts. They are daring and very unusual. The more crazy the hairstyle, the more trendy it is. The word of caution, the more short you cut the hair more time it will take to grow. Coloring will in the long run damage your hair.

The following are the 20 alternative girl’s hair styles that have the ability to garner all the attention even in the crowd.