20 Trendy Alternative Haircuts Ideas for Women


19Rainbow Alternative Haircut

The rainbow is absolutely stunning for the eyes. It is a great combination of colors and beauty; an inspiration for this alternative haircut with the same name. The hair is a huge canvas where you can paint it with all your imagination. There is a huge choice of bright looking colors that can be used on the hair. With great advancements, people can experiment with a huge variety of bold colors that are easily available in the market. There is very little maintenance required. Nowadays with a new color option called “hair chalk” you can allow the bright colors to be used on dark hair without any permanent hair modification. With the hair chalk you can explore your creativity and allow it to flow freely. The rainbow hairstyle is suitable for any type of hair and depending on the shape of the face you can decide to gel the hair out. The main aim is to be daring and bold.