Artificial Grass Vs Live Lawn: Which Is Better For Your Yard?

Whether you have a large yard or not, artificial grass is an excellent investment. It doesn’t require any maintenance and it’s just as beautiful as a live lawn. If you want to know more about artificial grass vs live lawn, keep reading!

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Introduce the two types of lawns

There are two main types of lawns. One is artificial and the other is life. The artificial lawn is a fake form of grass that you can install on your yard without having to worry about watering or fertilizing the ground. It looks like and feels just like natural grass, and it helps keep down weeds if properly installed by professionals. Live lawns are full of rich soil, plants, and fauna that offer an organic look that artificial turf cannot compare to with its perfect straight lines and artificial feel.

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A benefit of artificial turf is the convenience because it needs less maintenance than live lawns do including fertilizing, watering, and weeding which are all time-consuming tasks that eat into your free time during summer weekends! For kids who want to play outside all day long without having to worry about making sure they have enough water on hand for their pet’s safety, artificial turf will provide hours upon hours of fun while ensuring everyone stays safe from dehydration (or worse). 

You may not see many people installing artificial turf in their yard because it’s a relatively new technology, but artificial lawns are the perfect solution for those who want to save time and money while still having an attractive-looking green space.

What is artificial grass

Artificial grass is a material that is artificial and man-made. It is created using artificial fibers which are knitted together to create an artificial grass mat or carpet. The fake turf can be used for many different purposes, such as sports fields, playgrounds, lawns on golf courses, and more.

Artificial grass has become increasingly popular because of its durability in comparison to natural grasses. The blades will not fall out over time the way live blades do thus eliminating any need for replacement/repair costs associated with ongoing maintenance. 

Furthermore, artificial blades have been shown to last up to three times longer than live blades making them one of the most long-lasting surfaces available today. You can learn more about it and how it’s installed on this site so that you know what you’re getting into. Many people are making the switch to artificial grass because of how long-lasting it is.

The advantages of artificial grass

The advantages of artificial grass are many. It is a good option for high-traffic lawns because artificial turf can handle more foot traffic than natural grass. It also provides an alternative to fertilizers and chemicals that may pollute the air or water sources in your area.  Artificial turf requires less maintenance than traditional lawns.

Here’s a list of advantages of artificial grass:

  • better for high traffic areas
  • doesn’t require fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals 
  • requires less maintenance and upkeep than traditional lawns
  • a viable option for those who have allergies or asthma
  • it can also be used in areas that are not suitable for natural lawns, such as sand dunes, rocky areas, and slopes
  • it’s a good option for those who have allergies or asthma 

The advantages of live lawn

Live lawn, on the other hand, is a perfect way to grow lush green grass year-round without the need for chemicals or water. It also provides protection against insects, cold weather conditions, and drought. The live lawn can be pretty durable with its advantages in color retention and it can sustain foot traffic better too.

Live lawns have many advantages, like giving off a natural smell that is pleasing to the senses, and they also have advantages when it comes to water conservation. They are environmentally friendly because they give out fresh air and pose as natural filters. They can be planted year-round so there will never be any time during which you cannot enjoy your live lawn. 

How to decide which is best for you 

To decide which is best for you, first decide on your budget. Artificial grass will be cheaper in the long run (the average cost of live lawn installation ranges from $13-$20 a square foot), but a live lawn has an initial price advantage. 

The surface for live lawn must be prepared and seeded with ground cover or sod before laying down live turf so it can grow to its full height over time. This means more labor costs upfront that is recouped through growth as well as water usage during the establishment.

The installation of artificial grass, on the other hand, requires only basic tools such as hand trowels, shovels, pickaxes, wheelbarrows, and rakes to install a live lawn. 

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There, now you know the advantages of both lawns and you’ll have an easier time deciding what you want. Remember that artificial grass still looks and feels very nice without all the other effort put in. Live lawns will give out freshness, but you’ll have to do a lot around it. Enjoy your lawn, whichever one you choose.

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