20 Stylish and Trendy Asian Mens Hairstyles


Asian Men Hairstyles

Asian mens hairstyles are quite popular in Hollywood and they come in a huge range of style options. Asian men have a nice range of hair choices, which cannot be afforded by people of other nationalities. Asian mens hairstyles range from the popular spikes, mid-length fades, side sweeps and angular fringe hairstyles. Asian hairstyles make a man look trendy, handsome and modern.
Most Asian men have straight hair and this allows them to look rocking in any hairstyle whether it is fade, top knot, undercut, side sweep, man bun or even a fringe. The options are just too many for Asian mens hairstyles since their hair allows them a lot of flexibility to style and look cool in these stunning haircuts. Moreover, most Asian men are willing to experiment with their hair and tend to try out some very cool looking hairstyles that suit them completely.
One of the most fashionable cultures is certainly in the Korean hairstyles, which has seen the influence of K-pop stars. However, some popular hairstyles like the man bun and the top knots in the Asian hairstyles have its origins in the Japanese Samurai hairstyles.
Check out these popular and trendy Asian mens hairstyles to see what suits you.

1. Textured Haircut

Asian Men Hairstyles source

No matter if you have curly or straight hair you can rock in this cool and trendy Asian mens hairstyle. This haircut is a cool way to style your hair to make it look natural and messy. To achieve a textured look apply pomade to the dry hair and stay trendy throughout the day. This is a medium length haircut that can be styled and experimented every day.

2. Classic Side-part haircutAsian Men Hairstyles source

Mixed race men tend to have thick hair and hence will need a haircut that highlights it. The side part was quite a craze during the 50s and the 60s and is still a timeless hairstyle that suits every generation of men. This timeless hairstyle truly stands the test of time. The side-part is just right for the formal or business settings. The side-part is perfect for medium to thick hair types giving it a desired look.

3. Long comb over hairstyles

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Comb over hairstyles vary a lot and you need to find out one right hairstyle that suits your hair texture. The long comb over hairstyles allows men to own this haircut completely. You can choose from undercut or taper fade on the sides. The short sides and the long hair on top makes the overall hairstyle contrasting and cool, making you look a lot attractive. You can even prefer to add some volume to your look or choose to accentuate the side you comb your hair to with a hard partition. You can even choose to have a neat or loose comb over.

4. Short comb over hairstyles

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The short comb over with fade is pretty classy and trendy. The hairstyle makes you look youthful and is quite versatile too. The short comb over hairstyle is combined with the cool undercut giving it a nice contrast look. The lineup is also added to include a lot of freshness to the look.

5. Short Mohawk Asian Hairstyle

Short Mohawk Asian Hairstyle source

This is a modern take of the ever popular Mohawk hairstyle. If you want the hairstyle to look decent for an office setup, but also want to look cool enough to impress women at work, then this hairstyle is just perfect. Get the sides and back faded up to the top and use a comb to spike your hair. Apply a hair gel for quick styling and to add some gloss.

6. Wavy Fringes


Fringe hairstyle makes thin hair men head look fuller. It gives you an illusion of fuller hair. Cut in such a way that the fringes stay on top instead of going down. The wavy fringe on the top and the short taper fade on the sides make the Asian men hairstyles look trendy and cool.



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