20 Stylish and Trendy Asian Mens Hairstyles


7. Asian Pompadour Hairstyle


Pompadour is a classic hairstyle that has been from ages. It looks absolutely stylish and suits every occasion perfectly. This is a cool looking hairstyle and is quite popular among the youngsters. Pompadour is easy to do and looks sexy if styled well with a cool gel.

8. Man Bun / Samurai Bun

Asian men, who are brave enough to experiment with their looks, should try this cool man bun or ponytail hairstyle. Man bun is a breakthrough in men’s hairstyle. This hairstyle is also known as samurai hair, but man bun is the new popular trend in the recent years. With its popularity, men have started experimenting with the variations of the man bun hairstyle. The top knot is one such variation of this hairstyle.


9. French Crop

Even though the hairstyle carries the name French in it, this Asian hairstyle is a universal style that perfectly suits Asian men with thick and coarse hair texture. For those who prefer a hairstyle that requires minimum maintenance and styling efforts, then this classic hairstyle works just great. It is masculine and involves the traditional short back and the sides. The top hair is kept slightly longer and can be combed forward into a fringe. This Asian hairstyle is neat, handsome and versatile enough to carry on any occasion. It is definitely a time-saving hairstyle.

10. Disconnected Undercut


The disconnected undercut hairstyle is just perfect for the young men in their teens or early twenties. This is a pretty youthful asian mens hairstyle that can be styled in many different ways. Here, you can see the messy brush back on top, but you can combine the undercut with a pompadour or a comb over. Experimenting with the different looks is a must with this trend setting haircut.

11. Side-parted comb over


The side-parted comb over hairstyle looks good on Asian men of any age group. The sides and the back is cut slightly shorter compared to the top hair. The side partition is very deep. The comb-over look is quite versatile and provides a lot of scope for different finishes. You can leave it straight, sleek or even add some texture and height to create an illusion of thick hair. There are endless options to choose from.

12. Spiked Style


Spiked hair has been popular for the longest time. This type of hairstyle has been made popular because of their presence in several animated movies and cartoons that have made this a favorite hairstyle of the young and old alike. The good part of this Asian hairstyle is that it can be easily sported by men of all age group with style. Any man with a typical Asian hair texture can get their hair cut into these layered long spikes.