20 Stylish and Trendy Asian Mens Hairstyles


13. Top Ponytail with Shaved Sides


Asian men’s hairstyle need not require a lot of maintenance. To maintain this look, you can simply shave the hair on the sides and pull up the top hair into a ponytail. Combine this with some stylish accessories like hipster glasses and you are ready to rock.

14. Simple Cut for Thick Hair


Compared to other nationalities, the Korean men seem to have thicker hair. Keeping that in mind you can create a cool looking Korean hairstyle with a special hairstyle. This hairstyle is left a bit wild to give a laid back feel, but is also serious when it comes to business.

15. Chinese Fade

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This is a fade cut with a faux hawk hairstyle that is very popular among men of all age groups. This popular hairstyle has been inspired by the Chinese style and is not restricted to one ethnicity. This hairstyle is best suited for men with thin to medium hair. Thick hair will be difficult to maintain as it will fight against the faux hawk style. Use a strong hair gel to hold the hair in shape for a long time.

16. Funky Asian Men’s Hairstyle


Want to look funky and cool? Then add some bright streaks of color to your hair. You can choose from a variety of hair colors, which include the temporary chalking to the permanent dye. There are many hues and dye mediums to choose from. Get the sides faded and brush the top hair forward to make the color stand out.

17. Short Blow Back


Asian men are blessed with an attractive face shape. This means you can deliberately expose a lot of forehead, which people from other ethnicities cannot afford to. So, keeping that in mind, you need to cut your hair, so that it complements your overall appearance. One big advantage of this haircut is that this hairstyle suits men with a receding hairline and no one will realize this.

18. Edgy long hairstyle


This is a medium length hairstyle that looks quite romantic and women are sure to love this haircut. Due to its irresistible sex appeal, the edgy long hairstyle will reign supreme in the list of Asian men’s hairstyle. You can even experiment with the style by brushing it back or by wearing it side parted. Apply some light mouse to keep the hair in place without making it look stiff and sticky.

19. Front Curtains


This is yet another hairstyle that is gaining popularity among the Asian youth. The best part of this hairstyle is that it suits men of all hair textures. Combine this hairstyle with a light bread and there you are; a sexy young man who is ready to impress.

20. EMO Hairstyle

EMO hairstyle is very popular among the youth. Not only young boys, but girls too love to adopt this hairstyle. The term EMO comes from the word “emotional”, which has its association in the blend of alternative music genre and the punk rock. That doesn’t mean the EMO hairstyle is just for music lovers, but is for everyone who loves to remain trendy and is into fashion extensively. So if you are a collage going youth, then you should go for this stylish hairstyle. The best part of the Asian hair is that you can style in whatever way you want and still look cool and fashionable.