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12 Black Watches Which Would Make You Drop Your Jaw


 black watch
Wrist watches are very much in fashion since the old times. They are the symbol of luxury, class and quality. The popularity of the wrist watches is very much clear from the fact that many famous international brands are manufacturing and releasing wrist watches. It is a matter of fact that wrist watches will exist until the world is existing. Mobile phones and other accessories can’t replace the value of the wrist watches. The wrist watch adds a lot to the personality of a person. Wrist watches are available in all different shapes, sizes and color. Black is one of the colors loved by the people. Below mentioned are the 12 black wrist watches that will surely make you feel surprised.

CH2619 Analog Chronograph Watch from Fossil:

 black watch

The 2619 Analog Chronograph Watch from Fossil is one of the best black watches currently present. It is the best way to stay punctual. Look at the image and tell isn’t it beautiful? Of course it is beautiful. It is perfect. The black stainless steel bracelet adds extra charm to it. The decadent and the dark presence provide absolute class and beauty. The combination of black and gold is simply excellent.

Nate IP from Fossil:

 black watch

The Nate IP is yet another masterpiece from fossil. The watch is simply beautiful. The smooth leather strap serves as the bracelet. The watch also provides the military felling. The charm provided by this watch is second to none. It is perfect for every condition. The mineral crystal face adds beauty and glamour to it. It comes with 24 mm bandwidth and 50 mm case. If you want something unique, the watch is for you. Look at the image again and again as this beauty deserves a closer look.

Timex Men’s Weekender Analog Black Canvas Strap Watch:

Timex Mens Weekender Analog Black Canvas Strap Watch-12 Black Watches Which Would Make You Drop Your Jaw-3

Timex Men’s Weekender Analog Black Canvas Strap Watch is here for you. Have a look at this simple and beautiful watch. Isn’t it amazing? The look of the watch makes it perfect for all the situations. The analog display and protective mineral crystal makes it look simply amazing. The watch is water resistant up to 99 ft. Now this is really very amazing. It is one of the option you must consider.

Skagen Men’s 858XLSLB:

 black watchSkagen Men’s 858XLSLB is absolute beauty. No words to explain the glamour and luxury of this watch. You must have seen the image. The shiny display and the leather strap are just perfect. The steel case and the super hard mineral crystal add strength to this watch. The 39mm watch is water resistant up to 99 ft. Don’t miss this beauty at any cost.

Citizen Men’s AR3015-53E Eco-Drive Stiletto Black Dress Watch:

Citizen Mens AR3015-53E Eco-Drive Stiletto Black Dress Watch-12 Black Watches Which Would Make You Drop Your Jaw-5

The beautiful watch is designed with perfection. It has everything what it takes be the vest. The stainless steel bracelet and the scratch resistant window make it perfect for everyday use. The watch is resistant to water up to 99 ft which makes it even more reliable. No words to explain the feeling. Have a look at the image and witness nothing but absolute perfection.

Braun Classic Calendar Watch:

 black watch

The classic black watch from Braun is unique in its shape. It has an uncommon shape which is liked by most of the people. The durable mineral crystal and the pure leather strap make it a perfect choice. The three hand calendar quartz movement makes it one of the top choices of people.

Casio Men’s MQ24-1E:

Casio Mens MQ24 1E-12 Black Watches Which Would Make You Drop Your Jaw-7

The simple and the versatile watch from Casio is simply unexplainable. The simple and the beautiful it is. The resin glass tile window and the golden hands and dial make it look simply superb. What else is beauty and perfection?

The Longines Grande Vitesse:

The Longines Grande Vitesse-12 Black Watches Which Would Make You Drop Your Jaw-8

The Logines Grande Vitesse is perfect for everyday use. It has the black stra, the black bezel and the black face which makes it look simply pretty. The watch is engineered with perfection and it will live with you forever.

NIXON 51-30 Chrono Leather:

 black watch

This charming invention from Nixon is making people fall in love with it. There is a screw down crown as visible in the picture. If you are really a fan of black perfect watches, it is here for you. You can see that the watch is pure black and only white portion is the second hand. This perfection and creativity makes it amazing. I am sure you are surprised after having a look at it.

U-Boat Itano Fontana:

Black Watch

What you are seeing is the next level of black. The leather strap, the case and the hands are all in black. The oversized watch is perfect for all the people. You can have it with you anywhere you go. It gives a giant feeling. The mechanical movement is used in this very clock.


TSOVET SVT-AT76-12 Black Watches Which Would Make You Drop Your Jaw-11

The AT76 is one of the most famous black watches. The perfect size and the perfect design make it simply amazing. There is a feeling of strength and power in this watch which makes it look a bit oversized. The look is perfect for summers. The affordable price is a plus.

Hamilton Below Zero:

 black watches

It is one of the most famous black watches. The excellent design and the amazing features of this black watch will make you fall in love with this. The rubber strap is there which is very much comfortable. The grayish hands make is look stunning.

10 No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques


No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques

Women with curly and bouncy hairstyle often get the crowd’s attention. So, if you want to appear elegant and have a healthy hair, avoid using heating devices just to create those curls and waves.

There are many ways to curl your hair without using any heat curlers and blow dryers. Say goodbye to unhealthy hair and say hello to minimal effort for your hairstyle.

Throw away those curling iron devices if you want to sport a luscious, healthy looking curly hairstyle. Below is a list of bits and pieces on how to curl or wave your hair without the use of any heat iron devices, hair dryer or iron wand.

1. Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers-10 No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques-1

These affordable, easy and comfortable to use foam rollers are just perfect for a no heat curling hairstyle. You can both use large foam rollers to create voluminous curls or opt for smaller foam rollers and have smaller curls for your hair.

2. Flexi Rods

Flexi Rods-10 No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques-2

For a pretty tight and curl with spiral look, use some flex rods to achieve this. It may be complicated at first but once you learn it, you’ll just go along with the curling in as fast as a breeze.

3. Headband Rolls

Headband Rolls-10 No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques-3

Look for a headband roll that fits just perfectly into your head to avoid leaving a mark into your forehead. Head band rolls are just perfect for those who are always in a hurry and just needed to create soft curls and waves in your everyday hairdo.

4. Cocoon Curls

Cocoon Curls-10 No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques-4

To achieve this instantly, you must have enough length of hair to pull it off successfully. Using this curling tool creates consistent smooth and springy curls. 

5. Twist Curls

Twist Curls-10 No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques-5

Any woman would love this curly hair look with the help of Twist curls. This is among the favorites among the no heat curl technique due to its easy and fast process of curling hair. All you need are twists curls and your damp hair and you’re ready to pull off amazing curly hairstyles without damaging your hair and scalp.

6. Sock Bun Curls

 Sock Bun Curls-10 No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques-6

If you want to flaunt voluminous yet loose curls, you can use a sock bun to achieve this. It’s just so stress-free when you decide to use this method that you’ll surely love when you master it. This hair curls is just so great looking from top to bottom. Further, it also gives you a natural looking curly hair that’s so simple and beautiful to follow.

7. Sock Curls

Sock Curls-10 No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques-7

Curl your hair with the aid of a sock. Yes, you heard it correct. This Sock curls should not be confused with the famous sock bun curls since this just allows you to twist your hair round the sock and tie it overnight. Once you wake up in the morning, you’ll be amazed how the curls are made with soft curly hairs.

8. French Braids

French Braids-10 No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques-8

Never forget one of the easiest and fastest ways to create some curls and waves in your hair. Learn how to create French braids to your hair and once completed, let it stay for hours and untangle it to show its curly appearance. If you want to have smaller waves in your hair, make at least two French braids and you’re ready to go. The longer you let it stay once you untangle it you’ll have pretty curls around your head.

9. Twist Curl Revamp

Twist Curl Revamp-10 No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques-9

This is once quick way to create nice curls and waves with just the use of a scarf or bandana. Make this and let it stay overnight to keep it from falling out. Once you wake up the next day, you have your twisted curl revamp hairstyle.

10. Beach Waves

Beach Waves-10 No Heat Curly and Wavy Hair techniques-10

For some summer beach bum look, why not don some dainty beach wave and curl to your hair and leave everything into history. You’ll definitely be a head turner when you’re at the beach with this type of wavy hair. Just leave it at least one night to achieve a perfect beach wavy hair.

Above are you’re easy-to-do and comfortable techniques to create a no heat, healthy and long lasting wavy hair. This far-reaching statement of a curly hair can be your everyday beach hairdo when you’re at the tropics.




10 Creative Hair Braid Style Tutorials


Most women who love to wear braids want to have a tender and charismatic look than usual. Fortunately, many hair braid styles have flocked the minds of women. It all has a mix combination of classic hair braids to newly invented ones. From ponytail braid to a mermaid braid style, you can mix and match any style for any occasion. Further, combining styles are easy, fun and fascinating to look at.

Indeed, braiding of hair has become a skill for women. Plenty of versatile women have learned how to style and design hair with a braid style. So for all the hair braiding fanatics, get ready your bobby pins and hair rubber bands and discover a cluster of hair braid tutorials that will make you one braid expert in no time.

1. Mermaid Tail Braid

Mermaid Tail Braid-10 Creative Hair Braid Style Tutorials 1

The Mermaid tail side braid may be complicated for first timers, but it is definitely easy and simple to learn and follow. It usually starts with a simple Dutch braid. This kind of braid is inverted wherein the outside strands are placed beneath the inside strand. This is different from the normal braid because its outside strand goes over the middle braid.

2.Cascade Braid

Cascade Braid 10 Creative Hair Braid Style Tutorials 2

Cascade braid is something you want to try when you’re bored over the plain braids. This type of hair braid is a partly a French braid, partly regular braid and partly waterfall braid. Although it seems complex using at least three types of braids, it is absolutely beautiful once completed.

3. Headband Braid



Headband braid styles are popular among teens during summer time. When you seem to have a bad hair day, you can redeem it by flaunting this style of braid. This will certainly turn the tide around and give you a beautiful and comfy hair style whether you have long or short hair.

4. Relaxed French Braid

Relaxed French Braid-10 Creative Hair Braid Style Tutorials-4

Relaxed French braid is a type of braid style which is very easy to follow. This type of hair braid is purely suited for short and medium length hair. Whether you’re at school or at work, this can definitely turn guys around once you walk down the aisle.

5. Bohemian Side Braid

Bohemian Side Braid-10 Creative Hair Braid Style Tutorials-5

If you want to have a fresh and dainty Bohemian chic look, don a Bohemian Side Braid. It has lovely and effortless braid style ready for any romantic date. This hair braid style begins with a French braid at the top of your side part and slowly goes down near the ear. Integrate your hair above your opposite ear into the hair braid using the famous fishtail method. This type of braid is more effective when you want to have a messy yet dainty look to stand out from the rest.

6. Single Waterfall Braid

Single Waterfall Braid-10 Creative Hair Braid Style Tutorials-6

Mostly, women these days love to dress up with a hair braid style and the Single Waterfall Braid is among the favorites. This type of braid style seems to be overwhelming with its cascading braids which flow down your shoulders. The Single Waterfall Braid look is obviously here to stay as long as those classy chic women flaunt this hairstyle. This look is just simple to learn as it combines the Classic French Braid.

7. Triple French Braid

Triple French Braid-10 Creative Hair Braid Style Tutorials-7

If you want to have an extraordinary and amusing hair style, try the elegant Triple French Braid and look amazing. This style actually follows a Double Waterfall Braid at the middle of the hair. This is very simple to follow as long as you have a long length of hair.

8. Knotted Milkmaid Braid

Knotted Milkmaid Braid-10 Creative Hair Braid Style Tutorials-8

Like what the name implies, this type of hair braid looks like the popular milkmaid hair style. This style pulls over the hair above while knotting the hair instead of braiding. This is done to achieve a thick style above making it look fuller and bolder. This is achieved by making knots that go across above the head. If you want to have this classic style, you must have a long hair.

9. Crown Braids Redux

Crown Braids Redux-10 Creative Hair Braid Style Tutorials-9

Do you want to look like those Dutch heiresses with elegant hair style? Look no further and have a Crown Braids Redux hair braid style.

10. Zig Zag Braid

Zig Zag Braid-10 Creative Hair Braid Style Tutorials-10

Looking for a new twist with your hair style? The Zig Zag Braid might just be the answer to your need. It uses a French Braid and just captures a Zig Zag look to complete it. Sounds complex? No it isn’t, just follow the technique of French braiding in a Zig Zag pattern, and add a little ribbon and you’re ready to go.

10 Classic Hairstyles Tutorials That Are Always In Style


classic hairstyles that always intrendsWhen growing up you’d probably worn numerous classic hairstyles ideas and until now that you’re grown up you are still trying new and ideal hairdo that will fit a particular occasion. In reality, you are among the thousands of women trying to explore the many possibilities of achieving other designs or styles of hairdo.

As you grow older, you become more traditional when you constantly change your hairstyle. Today, you have already a wide array of hairstyles you can choose with different options for long or short hair length.

Take a look at these classic hairstyles ideas and tutorials that are always in style for you and your family.

next hairsyles

11. Messy Fishtail Braid


10 Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50


Short Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Attaining 50 years of age is a wonderful feeling. It is that age when you are not that old but not that young either. It is somewhat like the feeling a teenager has when he is on the threshold of adulthood. As one grows old, it is common for the hair to start growing thin. However it is in your hands to get it styled so that you get the feeling of being young all over the body. We shall discuss some of the exquisite hairstyles of some of the most beautiful women.

11: Sharon Stone: Wispy Pixie

The soft cut adopted by Sharon Stone lends an element of wispiness to her looks. As it is she has alluring looks. On top of that, this beautiful hairstyle makes her that much more attractive. Her contours are such that the hair should be a little longer at the ears to look attractive. This is a versatile hairstyle in the sense that she has an option to have a shaggy look or a tucked up look. It is entirely up to her.


30 Superb Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40

short hairstyles for women over 40

Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40

Forty is a dreaded word for women as they get the feeling that they are getting old. The fact is that this is time when you should give vent to your feelings and try out the latest short hairstyles for women over 40 which make you feel at least 10 years younger, if not more.

Here is the list of 30 short hairstyles for women over 40 which you would be proud to have.

11. Sweeps Short Hairstyle

40 is the age when wrinkles begin to show. The forehead is the first place where it makes its appearance. A short hairstyle for women over 40 that sweeps stylishly across the forehead is best suited for women at this stage in life.

2. Wavy Stylish Curls

30 Superb Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40-2A wavy hairstyle imparts a youthful look when compared to the stylish curls. They make you feel free, natural and the same time trendy.

3. Side Parting Hairstyles

30 Superb Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40-3The side parting look is best suited for women with medium length hair. It makes you look different without feeling that you have done too much to your hairstyling.

4. Soft Wavy Style

30 Superb Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40-4This is a soft wavy style which imparts a sense of feeling young naturally. This hairstyle has soft and shiny waves just as the hair ends near the shoulders.

5. Bob Cuts

30 Superb Short Hairstyles For Women Over 40-5Bob cuts are back in fashion. They impart a sense of a powerful feeling bringing out the strong feminine side of the woman out into the open.


15 Short Hairstyles for Women That Will Make You Look Younger

Photo: HairCuts

Short Hairstyles, why is right for you? There is a saying which goes like this. Never ask a woman her age and a man his wage. This is perfectly true as women like to look younger than they actually are. The short hairstyles complement them perfectly and reduce dozens of years from their age. The perfectly styled hair augments their jaw line beautifully and make them that much more sensual.

Let us have a glance at the 15 best short hairstyles for women.

11. Short wavy Ombre Hair

A fabulous look is brought by this superb hairstyle. Slender slices at the end of her hair impart a textured look. The best this short hairstyles can offer people is casual beauty and simplicity. This suits faces of all types.


Medium Hairstyles To Make You Look Younger



Do you have a medium hairstyles? Are you planning to grow them longer or maintain them for a variety of hairstyle you can explore with? Whatever you decide, one thing’s for sure is that sporting various hairdos with a medium length hair can bring you that classy and sassy look.

Summer is fast approaching and short to medium hairstyles will run the show again. With your favorite stars starting to shift from long hair to medium cut hairstyles, you’d also want to look as classy, sassy and famous like them.

Indeed, medium length hair do not only bring you an awesome looking appearance but also helps you deliver that needed confidence at work, school or at home. With medium length hair, you can easily style it with whatever hairstyles you choose.

Do you know what’s perfect for a medium length hairstyles? Whatever hair color you have or what occasion you’re into you’re medium length hair can give you the best look. Have a look at these famous hair turner look which can give you a glamorous, fresh and chic look all summer long.

11. Long Bob with a Twist

This long bob cut has a voluminous twist mixing it with an edgy layer. This allows you to have a fun and nicely contrasted medium hairstyle with layers of softness that’s ready to be worn anytime.


Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally


Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally-1Simple Techniques To Stimulate Hair Growth

The Techniques to stimulate hair growth, Based on research, the human hair grows only one inch every several months. Most people have a maximum hair growth rate of at least six inches every year. But, this usually changes depending on the person’s nutrition, sickness and stress.

All hair types goes under a growth cycle which runs into the growing, resting and shedding or falling out. If you are currently experiencing sudden hair loss or you just want to stimulate hair growth of your hair you can do it by following simple and easy techniques. Be sure to consult first the doctor before trying out any remedy and if your hair loss is somewhat unusual than normal.

1. Massage with oil

Massage with oil-Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally-1

Have some mixture of almond, rosemary and peppermint essential oils and massage it into your scalp. To do this, just add three to four drops of rosemary and peppermint essential oils and two tablespoons of almond oil. This mixture can be your oil for massaging at least twice a day. Several researches have been made about the effect to stimulate the growth of the hair when massaged into the scalp.

2. Rub with juice

Rub with juice-Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally-2

Grab some fresh nettle juice and start rubbing it into your scalp. Although there have been no direct scientific evidence on the promotion of hair growth, many herbal practitioners and traditional medicine used this remedy to encourage the growth of hair.

3. Cleanse it

Cleanse it-Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally-3

Cleanse your hair with the aid of clarifying shampoo at least once a week. This kind of shampoo is proven to help eliminate impurities, excess oil and hair residue in your head. But, never replace your regular shampoo with the clarifying shampoo since it can also be harsh with every day use.

4. Rub with unique mixture

Every morning ready a mixture of cayenne pepper and vodka and rub it into you scalp. For this kind of mixture, just add three ounces of cayenne pepper into a container with 1/5 of vodka liquor and shake it. This unique mixture will help stimulate the hair follicles and encourage continuous blood flow into your scalp.

5. Take some vitamins

 Vitamin B complex and the Vitamin B biotin are two important supplements needed in stimulating the growth of new hair and reducing the chances of hair loss.

6. Brush regularly

Brush regularly-Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally-6

Regular brushing of hair in the morning and at the evening using a natural bristle brush makes your hair promote the growth of hair and can inspire new hair follicles while it increases flow of the blood.

What to get with regular brushing

Among the two of the most vital factors in maintaining and rejuvenating your hair are regular brushing and massaging. These two are just runner-ups to having a complete diet and use of rounded shampoo and conditioners.

  • Cleanses dirt and impurities
  • Reduces waste materials and impurity build up
  • Stimulates blood flow and increases its circulation
  • Stimulates gland producing hormones and essential oils

What causes hair loss

Hair loss can always be traced back into your sebaceous glands where it is responsible for the production of your hair. However, if these glands are out of balance t will cause the following:

  • Overproduction of Sebum – scalp is weak and results to falling hair
  • Under production of Sebum – roots and hair follicles are undernourished and results to dry and brittle hair

What causes hair loss-Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally-7

Sometimes what really causes the falling out and dryness of hair is mainly due to synthetic hair products such as gel, mousse, spray, shampoo and conditioner. This hair product can cause in clogging the pores and hair follicles in the scalp. Improper and too much use of these are dangerous and may not only interfere the growth of hair but may also disrupt the growth of healthy hair.

Further, proper brushing of hair and massaging when done regularly can absolutely stimulate the growth of healthy and nourished hair. Try to use non-toxic cleansing agents for your hair to stimulate all hair glands and follicles and bring a radiant healthy hair.

Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth Naturally-last

Brushing of the hair is generally a kind of dry shampooing wherein it helps in distributing Sebum in the entire hair and scalp resulting to stronger, healthier and resilient hair. Follow these wonderful steps and techniques to help your hair be smoother and moisturized.










Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas


Cool Business Cards Ideas

Business cards play a very crucial role in attracting new clients in every business. As a business head a business card helps in gaining new contacts for your business who in the long term will become your most valuable clients. Gone are the days when just a name, address and number of your business were enough to gain new customers. With the growing influence of technology in each and every aspect of our day to day life, it has become all the more essential to have a business card that is smartly designed. The business cards should inculcate some very smart and innovative ideas during the design phase to have a lasting impression.

More and more small and traditional businesses are going the digital way, but the importance of a physical business card has not diminished. These cards can be used effectively in attracting new customers during trade fairs or any networking events. You never know when you may bump into a potential customer at your nearby grocery store where your smart business card may work wonders for your business. By investing in an innovative and smart business card you can leave a lasting impact that can completely transform your business. The first impression created by your unique business card may not increase your profits immediately, but it can leave a lasting impression. With some very clever marketing strategies combined with technology your regular rectangular business card can be transformed into a unique tool that can display your unique identity and convey a lot about your business to your potential customers in a very creative way. The following are some very interesting business card ideas that might help in increasing your network of clients.

1businesstongue-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

1: Doctor Zamenhof

This one of a kind business card mimics a tongue depressor by following the medical theme. Designed by a Spanish studio Doctor Zamenhof, the main aim of this unique business card idea is to provide solutions to all design problems by providing remedies. The stick shaped business card features the design studios contact number and address.

2bdh-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

2: BDH Mill Work

Made from leftover wood from the carpentry workshop of Brad Haniak, this highly sophisticated business card created by a Canadian design studio mimics a rubber stamp of Brad Haniak business card information.

3Your URL-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

3: Your URL

This is a very strategically designed business card to emphasize your presence on the online platform as a corporate brand.

4Lego-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

4: Lego

Who doesn’t like or have not played with a Lego. Keeping this aspect alive is this unique Lego inspired business card that doubles as a toy. This business card can be placed on your desk to bring back that nostalgic childhood memories.

5tearable divorce lawyer business card-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

5tearable divorce lawyer business card2-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

5: Tearable Divorce Lawyer Business Card

The purpose of this outstandingly designed business card is to convey the professional expertise of the lawyer. This business card is tearable from the center with all contact information on both sides of the card.

6Yoga Mat-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

6: Yoga Mat Business Card

This is a very simple yet innovative business card aimed at promoting a yoga center. The stand out feature of this business card is that it rolls just like a yoga mat that is used extensively for yoga sessions. The card also conveys the main purpose of doing yoga, which is bringing flexibility to your body.

7myong-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

7: Myung Dong Opticians

This intelligent self-optometry business card designed for an optician in South Korea instantly gives you a detailed view of the kind of business it wants to promote. Along with the contact address and other details this card transforms into an effective eye chart when you place it away from your eyes.

8cheesecard-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

8: Cheese Grater Business Card

Created for a Brazilian Store dealing in cheese, this amazing business card along with the contact details doubles up as a small and compact cheese grater. The card also comes with a protective sleeve making it so attractive and popular with people that they are put on waiting list by the owner due to the unprecedented demand for the card.

9greek-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

9: Greek

Designed for a Greek restaurant based on the concept of traditional Greek folk custom of plate smashing, the card is made from broken small pieces of clay pottery. Though not very practical, this unique piece of business card features the restaurants contact address.

10chockola-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

10:  Choko La

What a unique way to market your product. No client would want to refuse such an innovative business card made of candy paper. It works two ways as it not only provides the client with two home-made chocolate treats, but also aids in creating a brand. A truly brilliant concept that is extremely popular.

11Techkeys-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

11: Tech Keys

Considered one of the geekiest concepts in the world of business cards by Tech Keys this card works like a computer keyboard. This is possible due to the re-programmable chip embedded on the card that allows full flexibility.

12View Finder Business Card-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

12: View Finder Business Card

Created for an event photographer this amazing card looks very similar to a viewfinder of a camera. As soon as you take a look at it the card will remind you of a professional photographer. The Viewfinder card has all the contact details printed on it for reference.

13Investment Agent Business Card-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

13: Investment Agents Business Card

This unique business card will immediately remind you of the stock market trends. Whether you want to buy or sell stocks these creative business cards have all the contact details of the agent to assist you in the Forex market.

14Yoga Centre-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

14: Yoga Centre Straw

This small and cute looking business card representing a yoga centre gives you an instant idea of the business without going into the details. The flexibility of the straw reminds the client of the benefits of yoga and how by joining the centre you can attain this.

15Picture Frame-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

15: Picture Frame Business Card

Looking very similar to a picture frame this business card provides the client with not only the contact details, but also a good idea of the business of the owner.

16Plumbers Plunger-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

16: Mini Plumber’s Plunger Business Card

A plunger will immediately remind you of a plumber and his services. This mini plumber’s plunger has a small handle with all the contact details printed on it, so every time you need his services you just have to look out for this mini plunger.

17Lawn and Property Enhancement-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

17: Seed Packet Business Card

This intelligently created business card designed for a lawn and property enhancement firm contains the spread seeds along with the address of the firm. So whenever you use the seeds for your lawn, it will remind you to contact the property enhancement firm.

18Bike Multi-Tool Business Card-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideasbusiness card

18:  Bike Multi-Tool Business Card

Anything related to bikes be it sales or service this multi-tool metal card is a savior. This creative business card is made of metal with patterns to perform some basic repairing of your bike parts. As long as the customer has the bike, this unique business card will help in daily maintenance as well as work as a nice marketing tool for the bike firm.

19transferable cargo business card-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

19: Transformable Cargo Box Business Card

Yes, you heard it, as the name suggests this intelligently designed business card folds up like a cargo box used for shipping and shifting stuff. The card also has all the details of the business firm for future reference, a great marketing strategy.

20Grillable card1-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

20Grillable Card2-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

20Grillable Card3-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

20: Grillable Business Card

Yes, you can literally hold this business card over a heat source to be able to see the address and contact details of the business firm. An innovative and interesting idea for a firm dealing in Grills.

21QR-Code-Business-Card-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

21: QR Code Card

With the increase in technology in all spheres of life, QR codes have become a part and parcel of most businesses. With a QR code on a business card you can lead your potential customer to your website where they can access all the information related to the business.

22Beyond the square-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

22Beyond the Square2-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

22: Beyond the Square

Why be restricted to rectangular or square shaped business card, when you can have them in many unique shapes and sizes. The distinctive quality of these different cards is their shapes and designs that stays in your memory.

23Handmade Minimalist card-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

23: Handmade Minimalist Cards

Looking for a simple and minimalist design, then these handmade business cards with hand stamped ink gives a very natural feel without going overboard.

24skateboard-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

24: Skateboard

These miniature skateboard business cards designed for a skateboard company follows the exact design of a skateboard. It is made of thin wood with a gripe tape on one side. The skateboard business card is similar to a skateboard except the wheels.

25modhair-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

25: MOD Hair

This is a very cool looking musical business card designed for a Rock ‘n Roll hair saloon. It plays a classical rock theme every time it is rubbed by a fingernail, a feature similar to a music box comb.

263d-businesscards-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

26: 3D Business Cards

If you are in the field of 3D designing, then your business card needs to reflect your business effectively and the best way to showcase this is by providing 3D glasses along with your 3D business cards.

27Dept-of-Energy-Business-Card-l-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

27: Department of Energy

A unique concept that is perfect for the department of energy, but not ideal to carry around in your pocket.

28laptop-businesscard-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

28: Folding Laptop Business Cards

Folding cards that looks similar to a laptop is an intelligent concept for a computer repair agency.

29broken-karate-business-card-l1-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

29: Karate Cards

Yes, karate cards or broken cards are smartly designed for a karate training institute. The card itself looks like a broken brick, just like the one used in karate training, instantly reminding you of marshal arts.

30Cassette Card-Thirty Smart and Innovative Business Cards Ideas

30: Cassette Card

A cool cassette card with a cassette case a holder is a nice way to advertise a designer.

Gone are the days when the regular business cards looked boring and dull. With the advent of technology in designing you can have some very creative, smart and intelligent business cards that talk a lot about your business or service. The above inspiring designs are extremely creative with some out of the box thinking, which has the ability to grab attention.





























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