Unisex Nursery Room Ideas

23 Nursery Decoration Ideas: Unisex Style

Unisex Nursery Room Ideas

One of the most difficult decisions to take for most couples is the choice of design to use in decorating a nursery for the child they are expecting. This is even more difficult when both parents opt for mystery and want the gender of their baby to be known only when the baby is born. If you are one of such parents, now you need a design that you won’t have to repaint over when the baby comes. You are looking for designs for a unisex nursery.

Well, look no further, we are here to make it easier for you. Here, we have listed about twenty of different designs for you to choose from.

Nursery Decoration Ideas

1. The Sophisticated Baby Room

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It is common to see parents choose green and yellow as color when decorating a unisex nursery. But why don’t you step away from normal and choose to go with a little bit of gray. Even if your baby cannot tell colors yet, imagine him or her being able to tell colors and nodding in approval at the choice you made, cool, right?

2. Mix and Match Bright Colors

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There’s nothing wrong with mixing colors that apply to both male and female together to achieve the desired balance and beauty needed for your child’s room.

3. Murals on a Black Background

If you are stuck for the design to go with, choose to draw art on the wall. You can hire someone to do this or you can do it yourself. Choose one of the characters from your childhood books and paint on the wall. Hopefully, your child will like them too. What you are not allowed to do is draw the kind of art that will scare or upset your child.

4. Animal Décor for Your Baby’s Room


There’s nothing that could possibly go wrong with animal decorations in your baby’s room, either as paintings or framed images on the wall (See more Accent Wall Ideas). The animals are perfect for a unisex nursery for your baby whether male or female since animals too can be male or female. It will make a perfect addition to your home while allowing your child to grow up seeing something beautiful.

5. Black/Grey and Yellow

While black on its own may be too spooky and yellow on its own may be too dull, when you combine both colors the right way while choosing unisex nursery colors for your child’s room, it makes the room a great space either for a male or female.

6. Nursery that Includes Parents

When decorating your baby’s room, you can decorate it to include your own occasional visits that may extend into you having to stay over. Why not decorate it to include your own taste too? Besides, there’s a recent study that says kids should sleep in their parents’ room for the first year. This according to pediatricians is to prevent child deaths that occur mostly in the first year of birth. It allows you to keep an eye on your baby, watch his or her sleeping pattern to see if there’s any difficulty, and allow you enough time to breastfeed your baby.

7. Don’t Choose Any Color

Choosing a color for your baby’s room can be daunting at times. Contrary to what most say, to choose the color of the paint you will use for your child’s room is not an easy task. Instead of racking your brain trying to decide which color to use, why not just go with white/beige or no color. That way, if you choose white, it will fit in for both sexes and will be easier to wash off. Besides, there’s a kind of classic look that an all-white nursery exudes and your child in that room can only make things more beautiful.

8. Books Décor

How do you feel about a unisex nursery that has books? Just picture it; a nursery that has all the cool children books to decorate your child’s room. It not only forms a beautiful background for your baby’s pictures; it also helps your child grow up with books in view and who knows, that might just spur your child on to start reading early, be a lover of books and maybe even become a writer.

9. Themed Design

There is an option of going with themes when choosing decorations for your baby’s room. You can choose any of the popular themes in children cartoons or books and use it to design your child’s room. What’s important is that while choosing the design or theme, you do not select the ones with monsters (I’m sure I don’t even need to say this) and you make sure the selected theme can apply for both genders, that is, it can work for a unisex baby room.

10. Disguised Symbolism behind the Color

The idea that blue is for boys and pink for girls is just archaic and we are tired of it. If you love the blue or green color and you still intend to make a unisex nursery, you can always disguise it in other colors.

Do you remember the themed decorations we looked at in the previous number? Well, it’s something similar. You can disguise the color by choosing a theme around it that can only work with that color. That way, if you are asked why you had to go with an all-girls color or all-boys color for a room that turned out to be for a girl or a boy, you can always reply with the obvious answer.

11. Royalty Décor


Every child deserves to be treated like a king or queen and it’s your job to give the king or queen a throne room that screams royalty.

12. Fairground Fair Décor

Have you ever thought of this? To actually bring the playground into the room? Well, we’ve thought this through for you and we think your child deserves to have this. Male or female, there’s no doubt that your child will appreciate this.

13. Pay Attention on One Aspect

Instead of racking your brains over the color scheme to use in decorating your baby’s room and whether or not it would not lean towards one gender and in the long run, the decorating does not fit the gender; you can focus attention on designing a particular thing in the room instead of designing the room itself or painting the wall.
You can focus attention either on the type of bed that applies to both sexes or the tables. That way, whatever gender your baby turns out to be, you are not bothered.

14. Make Use of Knick Knacks

If the room is for a boy and a girl and you’re worried about focusing attention on one sex while leaving out the other, worry no more. Instead, design the room in a way that both of their personalities will be represented in the room décor. That it is a unisex nursery can be complex, but if you know how to navigate your way around it, you will come up with an even better room compared to those who already know the sex of their babies.

15. Use all Colors

If you are worried that you would choose the wrong color for the wrong gender, then go with all the colors. Instead of choosing between pink or blue, go with all the colors. Use all the rainbow colors and borrow from other color types too and you’ll have yourself a unisex nursery.

16. Go Red


While the red color might be seen as some to be too loud, if you are okay with it, there’s nothing wrong with trying it out for your child’s room. It can be used in a room for either sex without raising eyebrows. Try to avoid making it look too pink as that would be a girl’s choice.

17. Let the Changing Table be Stylish

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Change the style of the changing table in your unisex nursery so that it’s unique and can be used by either your girl-child or boy-child. That way, you do not need to start making adjustments or running around once the baby arrives.

18. Design Your Baby’s Room in an Already Existing Design at Home

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When you’re expecting a baby, starting from scratch to decorate a new room for the child can be a very daunting task for expectant parents like you who must have your hands full making preparations. So what do you do? Simply put baby things in one of the rooms that already exist in the house and make a few tweaks here and there to make it homely and comfortable for your baby. That way, you will not need to do any new wall paintings or designs. The old ones should be enough.

19. Green Plants? Yes Please!

Having a few plants in your baby’s nursery is a very good plus. The green freshness is capable of making the room look fresh. But be careful not to buy a plant that will need watering daily so that it does not wither and die off when you forget to do that. New parents can be very occupied and busy, so buy a plant that does not need daily care to add a super freshness to your child’s room.

20. Nursery Rhyme Décor

Since all children love their rhymes and you read rhyme books to your child or plan to, why not have a nursery rhyme theme for your child’s room? That way, as he or she grows older, they can finally put face to the rhymes they’ve been hearing. Besides, it is also a good décor for both sexes that will not raise any eyebrows.

21. Random Words or Names


If you love wordplay, this should be good. You can use random words as decoration or even use words to spell out your child’s name on the wall. That way, as your child grows, the first place he or she will begin to learn their name is from their own room.

22. Draw with Chalk Yourself


Instead of spending money to make decorations on the wall, how about you pick up a chalk and draw on the wall yourself? That way, you have full control over what’s on your child’s wall. Who knows, you might even want to put a new design there every day. All you would need to do is to rub off the old image or drawing you made with chalk and draw a new one. Be sure however that you know what you are doing. If you are not confident in your abilities to draw something beautiful and accurate, hire someone to do the drawing for you or get a professional decorator to decorate your child’s room.

23. Go With a Really Simple Theme

In the event that you are super confused about what decoration to use, what theme to choose or what style to follow, go with something simple. It beats trying to do a theme you do not like or understand and failing in which case your baby has a really hideous room, or trying too hard and getting a room with conflicting colors and designs for your child as reward. You can’t go wrong with simple, so when you are in doubt today, just go simple. Your baby knows daddy and mummy tried their best.

In conclusion, it is understandable that every parent wants what’s best for their child in terms of upbringing and the conditions under which the child grows up. This motivates parents to want to give their children the best accommodation and comfortability when they are born.

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This can be harder than usual for parents who prefer that their child’s gender be known to them only when she/he is born. But with the unisex nursery ideas we’ve explained here, you can be sure to find something befitting for your child or children (yaay!).

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