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15 Sweet Cotton Candy Nails Designs You Can Copy Now

Cotton Candy nail

The cotton candy nails is perfect for a fun-filled carnival, amusement park or for a sweet brunch. It was a nice opportunity for families to get together and enjoy a fun-filled day out with kids. The best part of carnivals or fairs is the variety of food on offer, especially the cotton candies.

Cotton candies remind us of carnivals and fairs. The atmosphere at these fairs is electric with various interesting games, toys, lights and lot of treats. The memory of fairs takes us back to our childhood, when fairs were also associated with sweet treats.

The cotton candies were very attractive for kids not only because of the sweet taste, but also due to the bright colors. Now you can get back to your sweet childhood memories by getting your nails painted in cotton candy nail colors.

The cotton candy nail art is going strong and still holding on to the trend. It is quite simple to achieve. If you are interested in some cotton candy manicures, then the following article will keep you interested.

1. Glitter Ombre Nail

The glitter Ombre is a combination of two different nail art trends; Ombre design and the other is cotton candy. Here, the way three different colors are used is just awesome. This nail art is perfect for the springs and the way the nails are being shaped up is just beautiful.

2. Confetti Tips Nail

Confetti tips nails

These are shiny tips that are very easy to recreate. Create a nice base. With the tip of the brush create patterns of your choice at the tip. Allow the nails to dry and then add a top coat. Create your own ideas or surf the net to get some very inspiring ideas to create an art on your nails.

3. Marbled Nails

Marbling is a cool trend in the nail art technique that involves the use of AGUA, which you cover with a layer of nail polish. If you are looking for a new approach to the cotton candy nail art, then the marbled manicure is a good option to try. The way the nails have been shaped up is absolutely marvelous.

4. Cotton Candy Ombre Nails

Who said cotton candy nail art needs to be bright. The soft pastel shades can be used to create a beautiful pastel nail art. You can use two or more shades to design a colorful palette that is pretty.

5. Silver Lining

This is a cotton candy manicure that is not exactly traditional in terms of the texture and design, but the use of candy colors is spot on. The silver lining on the nail looks futuristic.

6. Iridescent Cotton Candy Nail Polish

Good use of color and palette in this nail art. Candy shades spread on the nail art is attractive and cool. The two shade hearts on the nails are just too cute. The white base and candy color hearts on the nail makes it all the more cool.

7. Cotton Candy Nails with Diamonds

Take your candy color inspiration by adding 3-D accents and creating new varieties of patterns. The choice of colors on the palette here is beautiful. Create your own nail art design by including rhinestones and bows to make it more attractive.

8. Minimal Nail Art

Minimal nail art designs are always in trend. They are easy to create and maintain too. Just use your favorite cotton candy colors and create a magical looking nail art that is cool and trendy for any occasions.

9. Fuzzy Wuzzy Cotton Candy Gel Polish

If you are very serious about the cotton candy look, then you need to know this. You have to check out this product called the flocking powder. The flocking powder gives your nail art that fluffy texture that is associated with the cotton candies.

10. Fluffy Polka Nail

You can combine the fluffy nails with soft patterns for a perfect balanced nail art. Combine the cotton candy fluffy nails with the soft pastel polka dots nails for a perfect looking cotton candy nail. There is no limit to experimenting with different patterns and color palettes for that balanced nail art.

11. Bling

Add some glitz and glamour to the soft pastel shades with the glitter polish. Mix and match various shades and cover the nails with a glitter polish to achieve the bling look. These nail arts are good for night out parties and teens.

12. Sweet as Candy

This is a nice way to mix and match different patterns, colors, accents and textures. Nice use of different colors that gels well with these patterns and textures. With a little bit of guidance, you can master the art of creating this nail art design.

13. Birthday Party Cotton Candy Color Nail

Birthday parties are associated with lots of bright colors and confetti’s. Cotton candy is one of the most sought after foods at these parties. This cotton candy nail art reminds of the birthday celebration with a lot of confetti. Looking at the nail art brings pure joy to your face.

14. Galaxy Candy Nail Design

This interstellar design looks attractive and chic when combined with the cotton candy colors. The use of two different and bright colors on the nails makes them look trendy and cool.

15. Carnival Fun

You can take your obsession for cotton candy to the next level by literally creating cotton candies on the nails. To make this, use the flocking powder instead of the usual nail polish to create this adorable design.

Looking at any of the above nails, your friends will be pretty impressed and ask you for the saloon address. Little bit playful and a bit delightful, the cotton candy nail colors are very simple to achieve.

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