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32 Beautiful Hairstyles for Long Thin Hair that You Must Try

There is nothing to worry if you have long thin hair. It is not uncommon, but the way you present it will make a huge difference. Here are some beautiful hairstyles for long thin hair and their images for you to choose good hairstyles that you can try out next time. These hairstyles are so pretty, classy and charming that you would not believe that they are made on thin hair.

Below are haircut for thin hair to look thicker and full of volume. Take a look at some of the all-time best thinning hair haircuts and choose the one that you like to flaunt. Most of the styles here can be interchanged with ease.

1. Straight Haircut with Long Layers

Straight Haircut with Long Layers
Instagram @Kashair

The use of straightening iron results in hair that are sleek and edgy. You can tone down the long layers for thin hair by using this method. To make it more visible, intentionally tousle the midshafts using your fingers. Apply some texturizing spray and a mild hold wax after it is warmed between the palms of your hands.

2. Long Cut with Chin Length Layers

hairstyles for thinning hair
Source : jlohairsalon

Haircuts that suit long thin hair incorporates the bangs that touch the chin, sculpt the jawline and provide a nice foundation for more advanced hairstyles. These bangs are center parted or even side swept delivering both style and versatility. This is suitable hairstyles for thinning hair.

3. Long Layered and Highlighted Thin Hair

women in red dress with Long Layered and Highlighted

Dark clothes are worn to make you look slim, the contrary can be used to give a thickening effect for your hair. Women with wispy hair may benefit by going blonde as it makes your hair look thicker. When drying flip your head for an even more volume.

4. Chocolate Straight Long

Straight Long hair

This is an attractive looking hairstyle. There are soft lines and the chocolate color takes the hairstyle to another level. For thin hair, layers that are fewer, softer and longer will look great as always. You can add fountain style by running layers on your shoulders that will make you look gorgeous.

5. Subtly Layered Caramel Hairstyle

Subtly Layered Caramel Hairstyle
Source: razzohaircare

Nicely done highlights adds a new dimension to improve the way thin hair looks along with the changes in hair length to create movement. When these are combined together you get a haircut that is stylish and not boring or simple. A straight hairdo is softened by bending the ends of the hair inwards.

6. Long Shaggy Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Long thin Shaggy Hairstyles

To add volume and thickness to the long thin hair, go for the shaggy razor cut layers. They provide texture without the harsh and heavy lines. The natural looking beach waves provides volume for a casual style.

7. Trendy Wavy Fine Hair Cuts

Trendy Wavy Fine Hair Cuts
Source : razzohaircare

Hairstyles having a center part with no bangs is one of the best sexy hairstyles to suit long thin hair. Here, you can bring all your hair forward to your chest, giving it a feel of a thicker hair. To give it waves, make twist or braids overnight or at least a few hours before you venture out for an occasion.

8. Purple Wavy Hairstyle with Long Choppy Layers

purple wavy long thin hair

Layered haircuts suit women with any hair type, which makes it a versatile hairstyle. For thin hair it adds the fullness through the cutting process. Curl and finish with a volumizing hair spray that ensures the hair does not fall flat. For color options go for platinum.

9. Perfect Ponytail

Styling thin long hair means improving the volume of the hair. Being creative is the key here. Begin by identifying the texture. Create perfect waves with the braid method or by using a straightener or the boho top knots and the elegant ponytails. Anything after that will add a lot more grace to the hairstyle.

10. Subtly Layered Blonde Balayage Hairstyle

Subtly Layered Blonde Balayage Hairstyle
Instagram @hairbymadi.d

A cute looking balayage allows for a less structured hairstyle as the one showcased here. The contrast between the icy platinum blonde and the dirty neutral brown gives dimension to the hair in spite of the simple cutting technique

11. Fine Hair Face Framing Layers

Multiple layers gets rid of mass, but it offers an illusion of thickness when styled in a correct way. Blow drying is an easy technique to add texture to a thin long hair. This fine hair with bangs can be further boosted when combined with the ideal setting and the right texturizing products

12. Long Cut with Fluffy Layered Ends

Fluffy layers is an evergreen trend that can be pulled off by everyone virtually. The precise and wispy flips begin at the mid shaft and extend through the whole length of the hair. This can be done even at home with regular practice.

13. Curly Frizzy Layered Hairstyle

Curly Frizzy Layered Hairstyle
Instagram @boseoungkim

Frizz is not liked for sure, but if done correctly this hairstyle can be the most sought after. The weightless and bouncy curls are created by wide barrel and a gentle brush out. It gives a sense of volume and some messiness. The varying lengths further intensifies the buoyancy of this easy and fun hairstyle.

14. Braided Updo

You can styling thin hair with this braided ponytail that looks gorgeous. The style follows multiple tricks to make your hair look fuller- from bouffant and braid in the front to the curled and wrapped high pony behind resulting in a very nice look that is very appealing.

15. Straight Strands and Flipped Up Ends

Straight Strands and Flipped Up Ends - Long thin hairstyle

Long thin hairstyles with minimum layers can be manipulated to create shape that a single length cut fails to achieve. A straightening iron can be used to smooth hair and lightly flip away from the face at the ends. Brush out the hair smartly and then finish with a mild hold wax to give it a beachy and messy feel.   

16. Long Cut with Flared Layers

Flaring is a technique that makes the thin hair look full. It increases body and volume of the thin hair. To get this effect, mist a heat protection and blow dry the hair with a round brush, slowly flicking the tips outwards. A root lifting spray can be used to add height and use a light dry oil to add shine and moisture.

17. Long Cut with Overlapping Layers

best haircut thin hair
Instagram @amyambrosia

Overlapping layers at the end provides weight and works wonderfully for finer tips. A boar bristle comb can be used to tease the crown of the head to add some balance and volume. Moreover, it is flattering for most hairstyles, shaping of the thick ponytails and accenting elegant downdos. This is a best haircut thin hair.

18. Long Haircuts for Thin Fine Straight Hair

Long Haircuts for Thin Fine Straight Hair
Instagram @amyambrosia

If you don’t know what to do with thin hair. We recommend a one level haircuts with thicker edges that is a good choice. But, make sure that the front layers frame your face along with long slanting bangs. This works as a good base for the beautiful updos and the half up and half down hairstyles.

19. Long Cut with Long Angled Side Layers

Long Cut with Long Angled Side Layers

This hairstyles for thin hair is a more soft way to incorporate a choppy cut by layering at a longer length and avoiding the crown area and the bangs that frame the face. Begin with a curl at the root at shorter areas that can help in lifting and making the haircut look more dynamic. For an office look or an upscale outing, round brush your hair after washing and then apply a gloss spray.

20. Layered and Tousled Blonde V-Cut

For hairstyles for women with thin hair, a silhouette that provides a good shape to the thin hair, a v-cut hairstyle is just ideal without thinning the hair too much. Loose waves are styled with hot rollers for a quick and effective way to increase the volume of the layered hair.

21. Low Ponytail Wedding Updo

The tousled fine wavy hair cut is in fashion this season because they are casual and pared down. For a more low-key updo to wear on special occasions this pinned up ponytail is just good. You can add hair pieces to make your thin hair look thicker. It is a great option for a nice beach wedding or a dinner on a vacation.

22. Fine Hair Wedding Updos For Thin Hair

fine hair wedding updos for thin hair
Instagram @jodycallanhair

With so many gorgeous looking hairdo images, it is difficult to tell how they are made. This hairstyle is very easy. Start with a teased hair, then simply braid a low lying French plait and finish off with a messy bun. When done, pull on the braid to create the loose effect.

23. Straight Hair with Reverse Layered Braid

Straight Hair with Reverse Layered Braid - Thin hair
Instagram @another_braid

Gray hair with Layered braids are popular because they add interest to a typical braided style. This hairstyle features loose hair that falls into the braid instead of falling out. It is an attractive looking hairstyle that will garner a lot of attention.

24. Chain Braided Half-Updo

Long thin hair braid
Instagram @another_braid

A braid is a quick solution for a long thin hair if you want to add something extra. To appear your hair fuller, add some texture and a few detailing to make it ideal for special occasions.

25. Thin Layered Hair with Bangs

To find an ideal free flowing hairstyle for thin hair can be hard. Soft waves work great because they provide volume and texture to the hair. To create this look use a straightener method to make curls and then brush with a wide tooth comb. Slightly back comb from the mid-shaft to end for a tousled look.

26. Long Hairstyle with Sophisticated Ombre

Curls that are cut choppy are versatile and flattering. They are polished in such a way that they do not look like overdone hair. If the look is too tame, then adding a mix of light grays and pastel purples provides a nice edge.

27. Volumizing Updo for Thin Hair

fine hair wedding updos for thin hair
Instagram @hairbyciara18

Soft and wispy hair is a secret to a beautiful updo, which is why it is important to use the right products. Instead of creating your hairstyle and then destroying it with a hairspray at the end, try the  sea salt spray or texturizing mist before you start.

28. Layered Haircut For Thin Hair

Layered haircuts are a great choice for those with long, thin hair. By adding layers, you can create the illusion of volume and fullness. Layered haircuts can also be customized to suit your face shape and personal style.

To achieve a layered look, your stylist will first identify the natural layering of your hair. They will then use scissors or a razor to create additional layers.

The length of the layers will vary depending on the overall style you are trying to achieve. If you want a softer, more natural look, opt for longer layers. For a more dramatic effect, ask for shorter layers. With a layered haircut, the possibilities are endless!

29. Curly Long Hairstyle

Curly Long Hairstyle
Instagram @joyouscurlss

The caramel colored highlights blends well with the bright blonde base color. This curry hairstyles is the best choice for the thin hair and yet manageable. The hairstyle contains understated layers that goes well with curly hair. The tousled beach wave is a trendy choice, but the curly style here is magnified subtly.

30. Delicately Layered Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Delicately Layered Hairstyle for Thin Hair
Instagram @betta_koral

The delicate layered haircuts thin hair are designed by cutting small pieces in portions. This hairstyle for long thin hair embraces the layered trend without decreasing the volume of the hair. A glamorous looking retro curl is perfectly suited in this case as the thin sleek hair is enhanced further.

31. Flow Layered Cut with Feathered Face Framing

Flow Layered Cut with Feathered Face Framing Ideal for thin hair
Instagram @aurasalonny

Feathering is a type of haircutting that is ideal for thin hair. It provides variation without cutting the density. To increase hair growth, Castor oil massage helps in increasing the blood flow, which is an important component in supplying nutrients to the follicles.

32. Pretty Vintage Blonde Waves

Pretty Vintage Blonde Waves Hair
Instagram @sonya_sedova

The strawberry blonde waves can be created in many different ways. Either you can make a pulled back hairstyles with braid your hair or create messy wrapped buns and allowing the hair to set for a few hours. You can perfect the curls that frame the face with a curling iron.

All the above styles for fine hair and long thin hair are trendy and are perfect for women. Just make sure you take care of your hair by maintaining and taking care of your hair health. Please tryout these hairstyles when you visit a saloon next time and you will add an extra edge to your hair. Select a haircut that suits your hair type and face shape,

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