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Best 2020 Fall Hairstyles to Show Off This Season

With fall just around the corner, you’re probably setting up your wardrobe and searching for ideas to revamp your look. Or, you might just be working with some suitable warm makeup tones for the season while thinking about all the pumpkin spice lattes you’re going to have.  

Since hairstyles are also a vital part of your overall look, you might already be on the hunt for fall hairstyles to show off this season. While you can make just about any hairstyle work for you this fall, the right looks will emphasize your best features and complement all of those cute fall sweaters. 

Here’s our roundup of some of the best hairstyles for fall 2020:  

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Baby Braids

Baby braids were a big trend a decade or so ago, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as big today! A tiny braid on each side to frame your face and the rest of your hair hanging loose will give you the perfect fall look you’re longing for. If your hair is too thin to make the braids work, adding some hair extensions to the mix can make all the difference! With a color that matches your own hair and proper blending, Remy tape-in hair extensions will make your hair look thicker and longer. 

Sheer Bows

Bows are back in fashion! We’re bringing back one of 2019’s cutest trends and giving it a 2020 remix. Tie your hair back in a ponytail and find a nice sheer bow to wrap around the base, and voila! Even a piece of organza ribbon can work to completely transform your look. 

Want your ponytail to look a bit more fun? Use high-quality, human hair extensions to add some bounce to the mix. We recommend Remy clip-in hair extensions, as they work wonders to make a ponytail look nicer. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you have the skills to pull off this look; clip-in extensions are the among the simplest types to use.

Bob Cuts

Best 2020 Fall Hairstyles
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Bob hairstyles are never out of fashion. Short hair looks great on some people and even better on others, so if you think that your hair is right for a bob, you can try it out this fall. Plus, this haircut can be a huge relief after all those long months of growing out your quarantine hair. You can even accentuate your look for a better fall vibe by dyeing it in warm colors to suit the season. And by pairing it with cozy outfits and darker colors, you’re sure to master the fall vibe.

Caramel Highlights

Caramel Highlight color for fall hairstyles
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Caramel highlights and fall go hand in hand! Nothing screams fall vibes as much as warm colors, and caramel highlights certainly fit the bill. They add a flattering finish to just about everyone. If you’ve resisted hair dye through the quarantine and summer, now’s the time to bring out the color to make your hair fit the season. The best part is that these highlights look great on all women, no matter your hair or skin type. 

Choppy Bangs

Did you try your own hand at a haircut during quarantine? Or maybe you saw a friend doing it while you scrolled down your Instagram feed? The ‘I tried and messed up’ look worked before, and it’s going to work again. But this time it’s longer, messier, and looks that much cooler. While choppy bangs seem like an at-home, DIY hairstyle, it takes a lot of professional expertise to achieve it out-and-out. Unless you’re a hairstyle expert, chances are you wouldn’t be able to do it at home. It makes sense to head over to a stylist instead of bringing out your fabric scissors.

Giant Scrunchies

Bows are coming back, and so are scrunchies. And, they keep getting bigger! This trend is catching on even more as women make scrunchies a part of their regular outfits. Pick out the right colors and patterns to match the rest of your clothes, twist it around your ponytail or bun, and your 2020 fall look is complete with the girl-next-door image.

For many people, no season is as romantic and fun as fall. And you obviously want to have the perfect hairstyle to go with the season. So, it’s time to refine and upgrade your outfits and pick your fave hairstyle to make a statement.

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