Top Inspiring Examples of Industrial Design


11. Eames Lounge Chair

The 1950s classic, Charles and Ray Eames lounge chair and ottoman combo was this couple’s first attempt at high-end furniture. They fashioned this lounge chair from moulded plywood and leather. The Eames lounge chair is such a luxurious piece of furniture that it would be seen in rich households and is popular for its comfort and style. Since its launch in the 1950s, this piece of furniture has been in production. This classic industrial design has got its place in the permanent collection at MoMA in New York.

12. Plumen 001 Light Bulb

Top Inspiring Examples of Industrial Design

The humble looking light bulb was stylishly presented by Samuel Wilkinson and got the prestigious D&AD black pencil award last year. Fluorescent glass tubes in this bulb twist around each other in an organic and harmonious way, giving the light bulb a nice good appearance. Not only is the design appealing, this light bulb uses 80% less electricity than the incandescent bulb.

13. IPod/iPhone/ iPad

Top Inspiring Examples of Industrial Design

These three devices are arguably the most iconic and celebrated industrial design innovations by designer, Sir Jonathan Ive. They have been a game changer of sorts. All these three devices have the ability to stand out from the rest on their own. The journey of these devices started way back in 2001 with the original iPod; the first iPhone was released in 2007; and the iPad followed three years later and the iPad mini came in 2012.

14. iMac

Industrial design

Apple has successfully designed its devices in such a beautiful way consistently that other desktops have been made to look bland or boring. Despite including all of its iOS devices into one entry, Cupertino’s finest still made to the list twice. Spearheading the reinvention of Apple in the late 90s, the all-in-one and bright colored boxes made the competitors boxes boring and ordinary. Since, then Apple has released many different, sleek and slim products that have remained iconic and special.

15. Rising Table

The design of this table defies the concept that a table need to have four spate legs and a flat surface. Based on the concept of rising chair, Robert Van Embricqs rising table uses a single piece of wood to transform into stylish looking furniture. He challenged the notion that a table needs to have four separate legs and a flat surface. This table design goes for an organic latticework of beams that are beautiful and functional in equal measure.

16. Curl Lamp

The curl lamp has been designed by a London based industrial designer Sebastian Bergne uses the concept of adjustable LED lighting to cycle between cool and warm white light. This beautiful and simple table lamp concept was introduced at interieur 2012 in Belgium. The curved design in this lamp allows the users to place the lamp in different positions.

17. 22 Hybrid Tube Amplifier

Top Inspiring Examples of Industrial Design
Photo by Hiroshi Mizusaki

Minimalist industrial designs have always attracted attention. This is one more design masterpiece by Koichi Futatsumata that questions the complex design of the traditional valve amplifiers. It instead balances two beautifully simple amplifier tubes on the top with two large and stylish dials on the front. All of this is nicely set in a sleek metal outer shell making it an ideal product to be nominated for D&AD award for 2011.

18. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Industrial design

The silhouette of the Kitchen Aid Stand mixer has not changed over the years. Designed in 1914, for the purpose of industrial use on US navy battleships, the Kitchen Aid stand mixer made entry to our homes first in 1918, but it was only in the 1930s that Egmont Arens patented Silhouette that has remained unchanged for years has turned into an iconic product of American industrial design. This product is exhibited in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

19. Moody Aquarium Sink

The Moody aquarium sink is a beautiful take on the simple wash basin, even though it may not be very practical for the home considering the cost. This sink will take you back by $4500. This luxurious wash basin is a nice twist to the plain porcelain basins we are used to. If you want to have an aquarium in your bathroom, then this is a good combination that works. The product is sold and fitted by opulent items.

20. Ladder (Concept)

This ladder design is a conceptual design that showcases a super strong ladder that is stylish as well as practical. This ladder is just 20mm thick and is a concept for the domestic ladder that works on the rotational moulding process for creating a lightweight and a super strong product that is great on the utility front. This industrial design idea is a joint venture between Kerman Gomez, Andrea Gross Gaiani, Alessio Monzani, and Martina Fagiani, who were students from Milan and studied together.

21. Tip Ton Chair

The Tip Ton chair is durable, lightweight and easily stackable making it a simple and classic plastic moulded chair that is practical. Barber Osgerby’s Tip Ton chair lets you switch between two different seating positions; relaxed and forward leaning. The unique shape of this chair allows you to rock forward, but the chair remains in place due to the uniquely designed skids. This industrial design has won the D&AD yellow pencil award.

22. Anglepoise Lamp

The Anglepoise lamp is a classic and timeless piece of design that was conceived in 1932 by George Carwardine, a car designer who was into vehicle suspension at that time. His expertise in this field inspired the versatile four spring mechanism that defines the Anglepoise lamp. The purpose of designing this lamp was for use in surgeries and workshops, but a similar version with three springs came up for domestic purposes.

23. LO Mindport

Industrial Design

Mindport has been seen as the workspace of the future by its creators Lista Office. It was designed by the multi-award winning creative team Carmen and Urs Greutmann. Made completely from steel, this design is about its functionality and versatility. It has zones for conducting an ad-hoc meeting while keeping the open plan feel.

24. Maglite

Maglite were introduced in 1979, with krypton or xenon bulbs and variable length beams. Maglite are so popular that they have become collectible items. They had limited and special editions and came with custom paint schemes. Now, they use LED bulbs and due to their functionality and power, it became the flashlight of many, even the police forces. Recently, LAPD withdrew the usage of Maglite because of the controversy surrounding its double usage as a baton.

Which Inspiring design product do you have in your home?

Top Inspiring Examples of Industrial Design
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