Best Summer Styles for Men

Best Summer Styles for Men

Best Summer Styles for Men

In the heat of summer, you could be forgiven for wanting to look your best. You are more likely to be fighting off the sweat and keeping cool. However, dressing stylishly for summer doesn’t need to be as difficult as you many think. You can still look very cool and not like you just rolled out of bed into some ill-fitting shorts and a worn-thousands-of-times tee. 

In the following post we are going to look at some of the best summer styles for men and the kinds of clothes you should have in your wardrobe ready for the hot weather.

Fitted Flat Front Shorts 

You should invest in some fitted flat front shorts this year. Rather than wearing those long, baggy cargo shorts. They went out of style many decades ago and with good reason. Shorts nowadays should be higher and slimmer. Not too high or too slim, but enough to give you that cool fitted silhouette. When you wear shorts that are cut a couple of inches above the knee, it gives you a more intentional and put-together look. 

Don’t stop at just one pair though, buy a few so that you have a good selection to pick from during the hot months (try some of these).

Slip Ons

What do you do when you don’t want to wear nice boots because you are in shorts or you don’t want to wear sneakers because you are going to a nice restaurant? You invest in a nice pair of leather slip-ons. They offer you versatility, comfort and style. Never wear them with socks though. Treat loafers and other styles of slip-ons like sandals in the summer. They normally take about a week or maybe even two for them to mold better to your feet. From then on, they are among the most comfortable and smart shoes you will ever wear.

Linen Shirts

At the top of summer when the sun is beaming down its hottest temperatures, you need to start thinking not just what you are going to wear, but what you are going to wear is made from. One of the best fabrics for the warmer weather is linen because it is incredibly thin and breathable. When the days are particularly humid, therefore, it’s time to leave the heavy cotton clothes on the shelf and opt for a linen shirt instead. Pair it with linen pants and you are ready to go. 

Don’t worry about the crinkles, because that’s all part of the look when you wear linen. You should only worry about it if the crinkles become creases, so be sure to iron them out. 

Smart Sneakers

Even if you are heading out somewhere special, there is no reason to leave your sneakers at home. Especially if you purchase a smart pair. There are many people who believe that the one piece of clothing that can switch an outfit from smart to casual in a mere instant is the footwear. Not only is it a good option to invest in a nice pair of grey canvas sneakers, but instead of keeping the laces that normally come with those kinds of shoes, why not replace them with leather ones for a noticeable upgrade to how they look. Click this to find more trainers options, there’s some useful information.

Best Summer Styles for Men

Short Sleeve Henley Tees

Summer is all about t-shirt weather, isn’t it? That doesn’t mean you need to wear one of those garish screen-printed efforts or something ill-fitting, does it though?  No, it doesn’t. You can still rock a t-shirt and look smart and elegant. Especially if you choose something like a short-sleeve Henley-style tee. You get all the benefits of a t-shirt – heat control and comfort, with something that looks a little smarter, without being too formal. 

Short Sleeve Shirts that Fit

There are some people who still believe you should not wear short sleeve, button up shirts. However, as with anything, if you get the sizing and fit right, there is nothing wrong with short sleeve shirts. You want to find one with sleeves that hug your upper arm, without being too tight and stretch halfway down your arm. The body section should glide down your torso, while still giving you comfort and movement, but with a smart fitted feel. 

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