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35 Most Popular Black Men Curly Hairstyles

Black Men's Curly Hairstyles

The best way to look good is to improve on a particular physical feature that has been gifted to you by nature. This includes the curly locks that you been born with naturally. Maintaining black men curly hairstyles can be a daunting task and that’s why lot of men prefers to cut it short for ease of maintenance and styling.

It is a myth that curly hair require a lot of maintenance, actually any kind of hair will need certain amount of care to keep it healthy and growing. If you know how to style and take care of your curly hair, then managing your curly hair will not be a big styling issue, moreover it will provide you with a lot of confidence for sure.

Whatever may be the type of your hair, be happy if you are born with the lovely curly locks. A lot of men spend money to make their hair curly at a saloon, so, you must feel lucky that you

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1. Hard Part Curly Hairstyles

Hard Part Black Men's Curly Hairstyles

This Black Men Curly Hairstyles is a high and tight haircut for men with curly hair. The hairstyle is very modern and represents the style of today. The hard part on one side is very similar to the normal parting and you will need the services of a good stylist who will be able to create one for you with his skills.

2. The 70’s Hairstyle

The 70’s Black Men Curly Hairstyle

The hipster trends have the foundation in borrowing the styling elements from other decades. This is one of the main reasons why we love this subculture, isn’t it. This black men’s curly hairstyle has got its inspiration from the afro, which was famous for the paisley shirts and bell-bottomed corduroys.

3. High and Tight Curly Hairstyle

High and Tight Curly Hairstyle

This is a minimalist hairstyle. They will love this high and tight haircut as a solution to their curly hair problems. This haircut comes with a bald fade on the sides to keep you up to date with the latest trends in hairstyles.

4. Bearded Curly Hairstyles

Bearded Black Men's Curly Hairstyles

The bearded fade has taken over the fashion world by storm. The cool looking fades and the beard are a great combination that works just fine. This is a trendsetting and cool hairstyle that suits black men with curly hairstyle.

5. Corkscrew Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

Corkscrew Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

A corkscrew curl is the most beautiful looking hairstyle if they are cut to medium length. If you have natural afro curls and have this amazing looking style, then don’t hesitate to flaunt it with style.

6. Blonde Tips

Blonde Tips

Blonde tips have been around for a longtime and this particular style is seeing a revival of sorts along with various other things from the 90s era. It is natural to see many fashion trends coming back after a few decades and people are happily embracing them with open arms and same is the case with the blonde tips for black men with curly hairstyles.

7. Loose Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

Loose Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

Don’t have natural loose curls, but want to sport them? No need to worry, as loose curls can be styled or created if you don’t have them naturally. Getting Curls, You can use a soft brush and a leave in conditioner that can be a creamy formula or either a spray and make your own tight curls to go with the trend.

8. Short Deadlock Hairstyles for Black Men

Short Deadlock Hairstyles for Black Men

If you have naturally curly hair, then this haircut is the easy way out to look cool. A short deadlock hairstyle is easy to manage and maintaining it every day won’t be a big task. You still have to condition your hair to maintain it in good shape and health.

9. Long Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

Long Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

Long hair is quite popular since a long time for men. Though a large portion of men don’t prefer it because of the maintenance issues, but if you want to join the long hair trend bandwagon, then be ready to accessorize it accordingly. Include some facial piercings, earrings and hair accessories to completely own the long curly hairstyle.

10. Top Knot

Top Knot Black Men's Curly Hairstyles

Black men have a variety of curly hairstyles to choose from, and the top knot is one of the most popular options. This style involves pulling the hair back into a tight bun, which can be secured with an elastic band or hair tie. The top knot is a versatile style that can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. In addition, it is relatively easy to achieve and does not require a lot of time or effort to maintain. For these reasons, the top knot is an ideal choice for busy black men who want to look their best.

11. Extra Long Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

Extra Long Black Men's Curly Hairstyles

There are medium, long and extra long hairstyles for curly hair black men. Though, you should be brave and bold enough to sport such a long and curly hair. You are sure to get some good comments on trying this brave hairstyle and don’t hesitate to show-off your pictures on various social media sites with style. People are sure to appreciate your effort.

12. Red Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

Red Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

If you have curly hair, then make sure you use colors to highlight your curls on top. Color plays a very important role when it comes to curly hair. The color tends to highlight your curls in a very nice way making you look like the man of the century. So, go ahead and experiment with colors.

13. White Honey Curly Fauxhawk

White Honey Curly Fauxhawk Men Hairstyle

Blonde shades are hugely popular nowadays. It’s time to move away from the traditional shades because it is time for the white blondes to shine. The white honey shade here can be used to color the tips of the curly Fauxhawk. One way it highlights the curls and hairstyle too.

14. Blue High and Tight

Blue black men's haircut curly hair

If you are tired and not very happy with the high and tight curls, then add some shades of color to make it interesting. Uses of cobalt blue here, gives a very cold and manly feel, which goes well with anything. Wear it boldly to the office and also to a club with style.

15. Creative Curly Hairstyles For Black Men

fade  Curly Hairstyles for Black Men

A curly hair can be designed in many different ways and still look cool and trendy. However, if you add some color like stylish copper and mix it with the super cool hair design along with the bald fade it will make your hairstyle youthful. This high and tight crop hair design with a nice twist will make you want to try more of these quite often.

16. Curly Afro With Low Fade

Curly Afro With Low Fade
Instagram @ asmara_natural

Afro with low fade is stylish and suits most black men. The sides are cut short and are neatly blended into a relaxed Afro style on top with a rounded off finish and height. The low taper black male haircut is a very popular style among afro men.

17. Flat Top Afro

This man with afro haircut has a style that starts with a close cut on the neck that is carefully blended nicely longer and longer. The tight curly hair is cut into a squared off shape with neat lines.

18. Short Waves and Box Temple Fade

Short Waves and Box Temple Fade
Instagram @andyauthentic

This is a classy hairstyle for curly hair black male that is very much in trend even today. The rounded short wave on the top, flawless lines, neat temple fade and a small shaved in line creates an afro men hairstyle that is true to your personality.

19. Curly Blonde High-Top Fade

Curly Blonde High-Top Fade
Instagram @cool_cutz

High fade black looks modern when it is not sculpted, but trimmed to make the top look uneven. This nappy hairstyles with black men’s curls are attractive when it has blonde or reddish brown at the tips , without taking away the looks of the haircut.

20. Black Men’s Haircut With 360 Waves

Black Men's Haircut With 360 Waves

Black men short haircut can also go for the 360 waves, ripple brushed down perfection from crown to temple. if you really want to sport a shorthair. They are great for summers and require very little styling and looks cool too.

21. Frohawk

Instagram @hairbysource

The frohawk hairstyle is very similar to the mohawk, but with curly and textured hair. This hairstyle is a marriage of the mohawk and the afro. This is a much-mellowed down version of the mohawk, which has a rebel and punk feel. The curls provide softness to the look and makes it easy to wear. This curly hair black male hairstyle suits most face shapes and suits men with an attitude. You can even personalize this hairstyle by adapting it to suit various hair lengths, fade or design. The fade here adds a nice contrast than shaving the sides entirely. For a balanced appearance go for some facial hair.

22. Black Males with Straight Hair

Black Males with Straight Hair

Black males can also sport a regular man bun with their straight hair. Black men’s hairstyles for long hair are easy to do with straight hair. It is recommended to slightly comb your hair and take it back and up as in a ponytail and tie into a bun.

23. Mini Afro with Hard Part

mini afro curly hairstyle for black men
Instagram @doylescuts

The mini afro is easy to carry and doesn’t take much time to groom. Requiring a small bit of styling, this man with afro hair was popular even in the 70s. Even mixed guys with curly hair can sport this attractive hairstyle. The short hair is attractive and suits most men with ease. If you have long hair and want to sport this look, then you need to cut down the hair length. For styling tips, you can apply some gel to the hair when damp before styling. Make sure you use a conditioner every time and the styling products you use are of good quality.

24.Three Colors Curly Hair Men Black

Three Colors Curly Hair Men Black
Instagram @bycleo4

There is no limitation to the use of colors for your hair if you wish to add more colors. If you are playful in nature and love experimentation, then surely go for two colors or light skin haircuts. Split your hair and treat it to three different colors.

25. Caeser Fade

Caeser Fade for black men

The high and low Caeser fade is a classic that can’t go wrong with this sharp hairline. A lot of celebrities are seen sporting this hairstyle. It is definitely a good hairstyle if you want to sport a polished look.

26. Pink Afro

poofy hair guys
Instagram @blondeboyco

The main point of trendy poofy hair guys is the use of contrast like soft and sharp, long and short, wild and barbered. The mentioned contrasts and the flawless edges make a huge difference even if your hair cut is pretty simple. This black men’s curly hairstyles with pastel color, make afro haircut more attractive.

27. Twisted Curl Locks with Skin Fade

Twisted Curl Locks with Skin Fade

For cute guys with black hair, This is one of the most popular curly black mens hairstyles because it is easy to wear, maintain and carry the natural look. Instead of wearing the locks long and strong, few hairs are left short, which is enough to spike out. The sides of straw curls for natural hair are left shorter and the top is kept long enough to be styled at an angle.

28. Curly Ponytails

black men's curly ponytail
Instagram @myairflow

For the curly black hair if it is medium or long, try the ponytail hairstyle to keep the hair out of the way if you are at a gym or running errands. The curls will stand out if you tighten your ponytail up high.

29. Smoothed Afro

modern afro for black men

This is a classic men’s African American hairstyles that has a history that goes back to the 60s. These afro styles man was popular then and even now the popularity has not faded. Maintaining the natural look is what that makes it attractive.

30. Curly Hair Black Male with Designed Eyebrow

Curly Hair Black Male with Designed Eyebrow
Instagram @herb_the_barber

This is a coolest curls guys hairstyle with a blend of too many good elements. The hairline is straight with no frizz, the front are tapered with shaved slits with matching designed eyebrow. This is an afro with fade style that makes it look all the better and the top is dense with high volume.

31. Curly Mohawk Fade

Curly Mohawk Fade for black guy
Instagram @jeffthebarber

If you have a curly afro fade, then the mohawk fade will suit you even if you are young or old, quite easily. Go for a high fade to emphasize the skinny shape and leave the hair shorter at the back. You can make it more interesting by adding purple hair dye at the tip.

32. Line Up Sponge Twists

Line Up Sponge Twists

The lineup in this black haircut for men is impressive when it is linked to the sharp facial hairstyle. With these nicely done edges, you can show off your texture and even afford to keep long length hair. Make sure you take care of the twists with a good amount of conditioner.

33. Loose Curls Men

Loose Curls Men
Instagram @marquinhos_barbers

Men’s African American hairstyles are trendy and look very cool and happening. If you have black men’s curls, then you can tie them in loose curls by gathering all the loose hair together and holding them in one place and drying. The loose curls can be styled to stand up and fall over the head. The loose curls men are a great beach or party hairstyle that goes well with a nice beard.

34. Black Men’s Hairstyle Mini Coils

Black Men's Hairstyle Mini Coils
Instagram @marquinhos_barbers

This is another version on the classic dreads. This black short curly hairstyle works for those who don’t want to sport long hair, but still want to express their black men’s haircut curly hair with style. Fresh taper and coils is great for you.

35. Neat Short Tapered With Beard Fade Style

Neat Short Tapered With Beard Fade Style

This is a smart looking black hair men where the hair is cut in rounded shape over the face with beard fade short at the sides. The sides beard fade are designed into a beautiful shape and suit the face shape.


Hairstyles with curls for black hair be it natural, come in many different shapes and sizes. The article here has provided with benefits of growing hair long, short hairstyles and how color can be used to enhance the hairstyle with very little maintenance. Depending on your preferences and personality, you can choose a good curly hair black male hairstyle next time and rock the scene. How to make your hair curly men is also explained along with the care it requires.

FAQs :

What are the best black haircuts for men?

Some of the best curly men black hairstyles are the box fade, hard part with fade, afro fade, twists with fade and line up. The texture of the afro hair makes it the right candidate for fade haircuts making it look sharp and smart.

How black men’s curls are maintained?

Once the doubt about how to get curly hair is cleared, then the following are a few steps to maintain curly hair; firstly, wash your hair, apply heat protectant spray, sea salt spray for curly hair and then blow dry your hair. Create curls for the final look and you are ready to rock.

What not to do when you have naturally curly hair?

  • Dry your hair with cloth towel

Get rid of cloth towel for drying your hair whether you have curls or not. Go for a product made of microfiber so that the hairs do not get electrified and the natural shapes of the curls remain intact. The microfiber helps define the curls.

  • Do not use cleaning and styling products containing sulphates

Avoid products containing sulphates if you want to keep the shape of your curly hair intact.

  • Don’t cut your hair quite often

Split hair is inevitable no matter how much you take care of your hair. If you want to maintain your hair long, then trim your split ends often to maintain your hair health.

  • Curls are not hydrated enough

Compared to straight hair, curly hair tends to dry out faster. This is one of the main reasons they need more hydration.

  • Insufficient protection against UV rays

UV rays are also harmful for your hair along with the skin. They dry the scalp and affect the curls. So, to protect your hair from the harmful effects of UV rays, use products that protect you from the harmful effects of sun or use a sun protection hat when you are outdoors during the summers.

  • The heat is not friendly with the natural curls

If you are one of those who constantly use a hair dryer for lack of time, then do remember the heat from the dryer will in the long run harm the definition of your curls. Any product that you use for your hair will tend to harm your hair and its texture over time.

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