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52 Best Blonde Hair with Red Highlight Ideas Latest Trend You’ll Love

Red is a classic hair color trend where hair coloring is concerned. Most women prefer this color due to its warm appearance and the best part is blonde hair with red highlight suits most skin tones. Red highlights add a whole new dimension to your beautiful blonde hair. Blonde hair with red highlights comes in many different variations and each and every combination has its own beauty. If experimenting with your hair is one of your resolutions this year, then don’t shy away from the classic and stylish looking red highlights.

Are you tired of your natural hair and want some change? Changing the hair color is quite common and many women would want to sport a new hair color for every occasion. This is one of the reasons why we tend to experiment with different colors. The choice of colors is ample and sometimes it becomes very difficult to arrive at the best color. Whatever may be your hair color, natural blonde, red head or brunette, to add a new dimension to your hair go for any of the following hues that is suitable for any skin tone. There is a red highlight for every hair type. There are light and dark versions too.

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Who should try red highlights ?

No matter what is your hairstyle, be it short bob or long length hair a blonde hair with red highlights is just suitable for any type of hairstyle. The following list will clear all your doubts. They add an extra dimension to the blonde hair. If you are not shy on experimenting, are daring and enjoy some adventure, then you should try one of the different variations of red for your blonde hair.

In today’s professional hair styling environment, with really good salons and hair stylists around, getting an ideal hair color that suits your skin and personality cannot be difficult. The classic red highlight suits perfectly for women with fair tone, but there are different versions of red that is suitable for beige tones as well. Whatever maybe your skin tone, there is always a blonde hair with red highlight option available for you.

Variations of blonde hair with red highlights

The following list of blonde hair with red highlights may not be exactly red in color, but are different versions that can be seriously considered. There is a wide range of red highlights for blonde hair to choose. Below you will find a good mix of red highlights and you can select the one that you are comfortable.

1. Textured Bob with Some Soft Pieces of Red

The good mix of blonde and red in this hairstyle is just unbelievable. The way the stylist has colored these two shades effortlessly emphasizes their expertise. The short blonde hair can be colored in many different ways complementing your skin tone. This is the hair color trend that you don’t miss.

2. Platinum Blonde Hair with Red Underneath

This is a unique look. There are platinum blonde hair colors and Red underneath make this look more attractive.

3. Short Haircuts with Red Highlights

short haircuts with red highlights
Instagram @mariadiasg

Shaggy Short hairstyle looks great anytime and when this hairstyle is done on a blonde hair the final look is just outstanding. The light blonde hair on the top of the head adds a lot of volume while the red highlights enhances the shape of the face very well.

4. Pixie Blonde Cut with Red Violet Highlights

This pixie blonde hair color is the beautiful looking The beauty of this hair color justifies that you do not need any bright colors to shine. This shades are equally good at making an impact for sure.

5. Blonde Wavy Hair with Red Money Piece

Blonde Wavy Hair with Red Money Piece
Instagram @wellahair

The blonde wavy hair in this medium length hairstyle adds a lot of volume and texture. The blonde waves are nicely curled up to the shoulder length. The beautiful blonde hair with red money piece nicely accentuates the shape of the face without overpowering the whole style.

6. Rose Brown

Rose tinted hair for strawberry blonde is very popular on social media and is a go to hair color for the summers this season.

7. Red Highlights on Blonde Hair

Red Highlights on Blonde Hair

Even though this is a shade of red, the hue is quite soft and has a brownish tint. It is a good shade for anyone who doesn’t want to sport the hot red or a bright blonde, but still want some fun. The subtle shade along with the waves does wonders to the hairstyle.

8. Straight Long Hair with Under Hair Red Highlights

Straight Long Hair with Under Hair Red Highlights
Instagram @hairbysabrinab

The good mix of straight long hair along with the red highlights accentuates the face very well. The straight hair with the under hair red adds a lot of texture and dimension to the hairstyle.

9. Golden Blonde with Red Highlights

Golden Blonde hair  with Red Highlights
Instagram @pandoralee11

This medium length cut has a few soft and light streaks along with loose waves for a gorgeous look. This beautiful combination accentuates the pink in warm skin tones. The golden blonde hair with red highlight is perfect for any women. If you prefer dark hair, try black hair red streak. It will makes you stand out of the crowed.

10. Long Blonde Hair with Under Hair Red Balayage

Long Blonde Hair with Under Hair Red Balayage
Instagram @hannahbeckhair

Red balayage hair looks absolutely stunning. The balayage go from the cinnamon to red. The dimensional of you hair will appear after you apply color to the hair. An ideal style for women with thick hair.

11. Blonde with Berry Red Highlights

Blonde with Berry Red  Highlights
Instagram @framesiusa

Most women feel blonde hair is boring, but that is not the case if you add a variety of highlights and low lights. Choose colors ranging from copper, blonde to berry red. This look would be a full autumn color spectrum.

12. Blonde with Red Baby lights

The red baby light is a subtle color if you are not comfortable with the blonde hair with red highlight. This coloring technique is best for giving your strands a radiant and natural look without going overboard.

13. Blonde Hair with Red Color Tips

The blond look that starts as a light color and slowly goes dark is perfect for this beautiful long layers. Adding some curls at the end increases the volume to your hair and even showcases the beauty of the melting color on the tresses.

14. Sunset Ombre Highlights For Redheads

Highlights for redheads with Copper hair color at root makes a good impact for any occasion. The combination of copper blonde and shade of red highlights bring out the beautiful sunset color to your hair. Combine this color with an interesting hairstyle to make eyes roll.

15. Red to Blonde

Keep your roots natural and try the red balayage done for an elegant look. This new shade is stylish and edgy.

16. Blonde and Cherry Red Highlights

Blonde hair and Cherry Red Highlights
Instagram @hair_meowz

Hair colors get their inspiration from different fruits and even some exotic drinks. This cherry-colored red highlighted hue is one such example that has got a lot of acceptance.

17. Ginger Blonde Ombre

Ginger Blonde Ombre with red highlight
Instagram @framesiusa

Ginger blonde ombre is sure to take the hair color space by storm. If you love an easy and wearable hair color with light ginger tones along with the bright blonde hair, then the ginger hair with red highlights is the one to choose this season.

18. Copper Blonde Style

This long locks with blond base and copper combined together looks ravishing. The best part of red dye is its versatility. With so many hues to choose every hair style looks unique and beautiful.

19. Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle with Red Wine Highlight

Short blonde bob is the most popular women hairstyles. The way the red wine highlights are combined with the subtle blonde hue is just out of the world. A beautiful way to accentuate the facial features.

20. Peek-A-Boo Red

Peek-A-Boo Red Hair
Instagram @escapebettina

This hairstyle has a unique mix of different hues, Ash blonde and a vibrant red peek-a-boo hair color. These colors add a lot of dimensions to the hair making it look edgy.

21. Seamless Transition Between Blonde and Red

22. Multi-Tonal Red Highlights

The gorgeous looking blonde head shines as always if they are done with some warm blonde streaks. The transition between blonde and red streaks accentuate the whole color. It brightens the whole look and provides a good contrast.

Blonde hair with Multi Tonal Red Highlights
Instagram @afhsalon

Getting highlights done can be time-consuming. Keeping that in consideration getting a multi-tonal red highlight throughout your hair is a good idea. A good mix of different hues of red like pink and red highlights can be seriously considered for a new take on blonde hair with red highlight.

23. Medium Blonde Hair with Red Underneath Bang

Medium Blonde Hair with Red Underneath Bang
Instagram @hhairwitchh

If you love the funky hair color, then you will need a cool looking hair cut that goes with it. Shoulder length layered bob and long feathered bangs with red color compliments the color choice very well.

24. Red and Blonde Balayage

Red and Blonde Balayage
Instagram @britt_split

The shiny and glamourous with a mix of red and blonde balayage has the ability to enhance any good hairstyle, even a messy haircut. Look at how shimmery the messy hair looks with this beautiful mix of colors.

25. Chunky Blonde Hair with Burgundy Highlights

Chunky Blonde Hair with Burgundy Highlights
Instagram @sisi.sierraaa

This is a mix of different reds. Using various hues like copper, gold and burgandy red combo makes it look very interestingl and suits most people with different skin tones.

26. Icy Blonde Hair with Black and Red Highlights

Icy Blonde Hair with Black and Red Highlights
Instagram @kristajbeauty

The combination of icy blonde hair with black and red highlights just accentuates the whole hairstyle. This beautiful sexy hairstyle mix of color is ideal to wear for any occasion and for any skin tone.

27. Plum Red Streaks in Blonde Hair

Plum Red Streaks in Blonde Hair
Instagram @kristajbeauty

Blonde hair color here has a nice contrast in the visible roots. If you are looking for any low maintenance color option, then this is just perfect. With this blond hair with red streaks color you need not frequently visit the saloon for coloring as the dark roots are a part of the style. Don’t wait too long for the color to fade completely though.

28. Cherry Red and Vanilla Blonde Swirl

Vanilla Blonde Swirl Hair Color
Instagram @kristajbeauty

This waves work great with this complex and warm toned hair color. The middle part and the brushed back front layers make sure your face is in focus.

29. Blonde and Red Balayage

blonde and red balayage
Instagram @styles_team

This light color will remind you of the fall colors. Vibrant, soft and subtle, this hue nicely balances the contrast between the blonde and red balayage blends without being too bright.

30. Blonde Hair with Red Ombre

The red and blonde colors combine so well that selecting one single color can be daunting. Here, the roots are red and gradually grows pink towards the mid region and blonde. The color gradation is nice ombre look.

31. Blonde Hair with Red and Green Highlights

Blonde Hair with Red and Green Highlights
Instagram @krystamadden

The copper balayage is a perfect example of how a brown hair with red highlights will look like. This bold and stylish hair color starts with the dark roots and spicy copper balayage that is spread out very well for a sophisticated outcome. An ideal style to wear for the whole year.

32. Ash Blonde Bob with Red Highlights

Ash Blonde Bob with Red Highlights
Instagram @beautylaunchpad

If you want to experiment with red toned red look, then you need to try this one for sure. The red highlights shade will work well with the blonde strands giving it an edgy look. Of Course, the straight short bob locks are just suitable for this color.

33. Strawberry Creamsicle Ponytail

Ponytail  with Strawberry Creamsicle color
Instagram @aaashleee

This is an alternative women hairstyle. It is a gorgeous looking hair color The strawberry shade along with the Blonde ponytail give the hairstyle a cute feel. They both complement each other very well.

34. Layered Blonde Hair with Red Highlights on One side

Layered Blonde Hair with Red Highlights on One side
Instagram @erickalacey

This mix of hues is a bold way to showcase the hairstyle.  A unique way to color your hair that is sure to garner a lot of praise. The side bangs are left natural to enhance the red highlights on one side.

35. Copper Blond Hair

red hair with highlights and lowlights
Instagram @hairbysanjeev

Copper hue is one of the most good-looking shades of red hair with highlights and lowlights. Very pleasing to eyes, this shade has dark red roots that blends very well with the bright looking copper hair. This is popular hair color that make you look younger.

36. Two-Tone Blonde Hair with Red Highlights

The dual shades of red highlights complement each other very well. They blend completely with each other and provides a whole new dimension to the straight wavy hair.

37. Strawberry Blonde Hair with Red Highlight

Strawberry Blonde Hair with Red Highlights
Instagram @sarakirstynhair

This unique hue is a mix of blonde, brownish and red all combined together well. The wave are perfect to enhance the different colors in this hairstyle. This enviable style along with a nice cut is suitable for any occasion.

38. Peach Ombre

Peach Ombre Hair Color
Instagram @qhairq

Want to ready your hair for the summers? Give your red head a lovely summer makeover. Showcase to the world how beautiful a red hair with peach ombre highlights can look.

39. Ruby Red Ombre

Ruby Red Ombre hairdye
Instagram @studio417salon

Ombre hair technique works great on red tresses. This style has been inspired by the glow of ruby and you have to try it once to believe it. What a gorgeous looking hair.

40. Auburn Blonde Balayage

If you are confused about brunette or red highlights, then auburn is the best bet. This is a warm tinted blonde hair with red highlight that exudes the colors of autumn. It is rich and glossy. This popular women hairstyles, The color shines where the light hits and the tresses look different with two tones. Finally, you get a two-toned hair color at the price of one. A very good deal.

41. Light Honey Blonde and Copper Red

Light Golden Blonde and Copper Red hair color
Instagram @framesiusa

This color is beautiful. It has a mix of copper red and light Honey blonde. The ombre highlights nicely frame the face and makes the hair shine better than what they are.

42. Fire Red Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

This blonde hair color screams of holiday vibe. The candy cane fire red red hair with blonde highlights are a perfect color for your next summer vacation. Just like it was mentioned earlier, the natural blonde hair naturally blends with the darker red hues making it subtle and stylish forever.

43. Unconventional Red and Blonde Hair

Wavy locks, Red and Blonde hair mix hair just looks gorgeous. The Red have added a nice twist to the beautiful hair. It’s hairstyle for fashion woman.

44. Long Curly Hairstyle with Red Highlights

Long Curly Hairstyle with Red Highlights
Instagram @sofiageideby

Long and wavy hairstyle look very cute. The blonde hue goes well with the red highlights without making it look loud. The seamless use of shades is outstanding for the curly tresses here.

45. Red and Blonde Highlights For Dark Brown Hair

The good combination of bright red along with the light blonde highlights has brought in a lot of dimensions to the hair. The caramel blonde shades are highlighted more with the curls for this long length hair.

46. Medium Length Blonde with Subtle Red Highlight

Medium Length Blonde Hair with Subtle Red Highlight
Instagram @tayhawkinshair

Blonde hair with subtle red highlights in this hairstyle is nicely combined together to add some volume to the thin hair. The shades add a lot of dimension and volume to the hair.

47. Medium Blonde Hair with Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold blonde highlighted hairstyles is an ideal color for anyone. It brings out the warm undertones in the complexion. It is a mature way to wear the pink color. This cute looking hair color allows you to experiment with looks without compromising on the style and sophistication.

48. Highlights for Redhead

Highlights for Redhead
Instagram @madshairr

The combination of red and blonde highlights or natural red hair with blonde balayage provides a whole new dimension to the copper hair. You can see a lot of texture that is never missed. The long-layered hair is perfect to showcase the minute details of these hues.

49. Short Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

red highlights blonde hair
Instagram @kayshairnbeauty

The red-colored hair is coupled with blonde money piece that creates a good contrast and adds a lot of depth. The overall red hair with blonde streaks in front is bright and elegant

50. Blonde and Ginger Hair

If you have blonde hair and want to sport some warm tones, then this is the color you should be looking. It has a good combination of soft as well as bold adding a lot of texture to the hair. The overall blonde and ginger hair style looks bright and attractive.

51. Blonde Hair with Red Skunk Stripe

One variation of blonde hair with red highlights that has gained attention is the “red skunk stripe.” This bold hairstyle involves a chunky streak of red running through the hair, resembling a skunk’s stripe. While it may not be for everyone, the red skunk stripe can make a powerful fashion statement.

To achieve the red skunk stripe look, your colorist will section off a part of your hair and apply a vibrant red shade. This striking contrast between the blonde and red will instantly turn heads and showcase your unique sense of style. However, it’s crucial to note that the red skunk stripe requires regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh.

52. Blonde and Red Curl Bob

Frequently asked questions about blonde hair with red highlights

1. Can I achieve blonde hair with red highlights on my own?

While it’s possible to achieve blonde hair with red highlights at home, it’s generally recommended to seek professional help. Achieving the perfect balance between the two colors requires expertise and precision. A professional colorist will be able to assess your hair’s condition and determine the best approach to achieve your desired result.

2. Will blonde hair with red highlights suit my skin tone?

Blonde hair with red highlights can be adapted to suit various skin tones. However, it’s essential to consult with a professional colorist who can analyze your skin undertones and recommend the most flattering shade of red. They will consider factors such as your complexion, eye color, and personal style to determine the best combination for you.

3. How can I prevent my red highlights from fading?

To prevent your red highlights from fading, it’s crucial to use color-safe hair care products. Look for shampoos and conditioners specifically formulated for color-treated hair. Additionally, minimize your hair’s exposure to heat styling tools and direct sunlight, as these can cause your color to fade more quickly.

Trending hair products and tools for maintaining your blonde and red hair

Maintaining the vibrancy of your blonde hair with red highlights requires using the right hair care products and tools. Here are some trending options that can help you keep your color looking fresh and radiant:

  1. Color-protecting shampoo and conditioner: Look for products that are sulfate-free and formulated for color-treated hair. These will help preserve your color’s vibrancy while keeping your hair healthy and nourished.
  2. Leave-in treatments: Incorporate leave-in treatments into your hair care routine to provide extra hydration and protection. Look for products that contain UV filters to shield your hair from the sun’s damaging rays.
  3. Heat protectant spray: If you use heat styling tools, make sure to apply a heat protectant spray before styling. This will help minimize damage and prevent your color from fading due to excessive heat.
  4. Color-refreshing gloss: Consider using a color-refreshing gloss between salon visits to revive your blonde and red shades. These products can help enhance the vibrancy of your color and extend the time between touch-up appointments.

By incorporating these trending hair products and tools into your routine, you can ensure that your blonde hair with red highlights remains vibrant and beautiful.


Blonde hair with red highlights is a stunning and trendy choice for those looking to embrace their inner radiance. It adds depth and dimension to your overall look, making a bold fashion statement. By following the tips mentioned in this article and using the recommended hair care products and tools, you can maintain the vibrancy of your color and keep your hair healthy and nourished.

Remember, achieving and maintaining blonde hair with red highlights is a journey that requires professional expertise and attention. Consult with a skilled colorist who can help you achieve the perfect balance between the two colors and recommend the best hair care routine for your specific needs.

Embrace the latest trend of blonde hair with red highlights and let your inner radiance shine through!

CTA: Ready to unlock your inner radiance with blonde hair and red highlights? Consult with a professional colorist today to achieve the perfect blend for your unique style. Don’t be afraid to make a bold fashion statement and embrace your individuality. Book your appointment now and let your inner radiance shine!

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