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9 Versatile Braid Styles For Girls That Moms Must Try

Braid Styles For Girls

When looking at variety of braid styles for little girls, that mainly emerged from Asia but went viral in the entire world, a childhood memory hits upon my mind. I was probably in grade 4 and my music class was on the way, when my teacher who was playing piano suddenly stopped in awe. He pointed towards a girl’s head and asked, “What are these long, static spiral worms, whirled together on top of your head?” All of my classmates turned to the girl and burst into laughter. They found out that those spiral worms were nothing but stylish braids beautifully crowned on head.

braids for girls

The incident is prove that a braid style is not a simply way to get a perfect hair look, it is in art, that makes onlookers to pass for a while and observe what it is meant to be. Just like a wood can be carved into different expressions, fruits and vegetables can be cut into a desired shape and paper can produce fine looking flowers, braid styles for girls manifest how hair can be used to create a masterpiece.

Experimenting with different braid styles means to use creativity for presenting beauty in its perfect form. Simple braid may appear as three different hair strands twisted together, but in fact it is much more than it.

hairstyles for 10 year olds

Have you ever heard about habit of girls waving their pony tails in excitement or tying and untying their hairs in sudden burst of emotions? If so, then it is enough to give an idea who hairstyle can express emotions in a perfect way. The braid style mentioned above in picture is equally popular in west as well as east.

simple braid hairstyles with weave

One can say that heart shaped braid style shown above expresses a complex mix of emotions; or it can be simply an exhibit of veins. All the chaos apart, one thing is sure that this braided heart is an ultimate hairstyle.

cornrow styles with beads

 One of the best things about braids is that they act more like an accessory. Just have a look at this one, no hair pins, butterfly shaped clips, or even hair bands have been used to create this design. It is simply awesome.

quick hairstyles with braiding hair

Well, using some bright colour accessory on such braids is very nice option. Like, this cute baby girl who has a spiral braid spread all over her head and ending at a perfect side bun. This pink clip which is more appealing to aesthetics then simply holding together hair, has done a great job indeed.

children's braids hairstyles

Conventionally, braid styles for girls are limited to something that ties hair in a way that they end up on shoulder or rest on back in the form of single twisted strand; this is surely not the case. One can experiment with braid styles while keeping the hair wide open. Usually, making one thick braid at centre, with two or four thin braids on sides, hanging form head with wavy ends, creates a super classy hairstyle. Addition of colourful pins and tiny catchers enhances the beauty.

kids hairstyles

Large wide pipe have capacity to fit a bunch of small narrow pipes, channelling out through it. In the same way, braids are also much flexible to accommodate a variety of designs.

One of the most classy braid styles for girls is when a large wide braid, simply acts as a bed for many thin, interwoven braids, locking into a hairpin. One may think that this style is too handy and requires too much time to practice, but in reality it is much easy. Very often young Asian girls use it in their schools.

little girl braid styles

Braids that have small beads running through them have remained very popular among the girls. Large interwoven thread like braid binders, which are common in Sub-continent, have remained limited to women. Same concept can be applied to young girls, in a more cute and customized way. This pink ribbon running through a French-styled braid is adding to the beauty of this style. One can choose a colour according to the nature of eve, to compliment the look in more beautiful manner.

 two ponytails braided up

I mentioned earlier, my personal experience of seeing teachers’ reaction on a braid like one that appears in picture. Well, this one can surely cause fits of laughter because it matches more like a snake than a simple spiralling worm. Young girls who have smooth and shiny long hair must go for this unique style but length is not a limitation here. Even girls who have short length hair can also make this braid, by reducing the size of whirl.

children's hair braiding

Do you know an ultimate benefit of such a variety of braid styles for girls? It is simply to learn how to be organized, well composed, and focused while creating an epitome. Craving out such hairstyles on the head skin is not an easy task.

One can be careless while dealing with threads, but hairs are related to a body part that can ache. In early age, there are mothers, who act as stylist for their young daughters but in later stages, girls personally learn to create perfect and even more diverse designs.

Making young girls to adopt such versatile options is just a way to boost their learning mechanism. In this way braid styles for girls don’t simply decide how they look in schools; rather they teach them what they can’t even learn in schools.


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