Bright and Festive Christmas Nail Art Designs For This Season


Christmas Nail Art Designs

Christmas is the season for giving and sharing. Preparation for Christmas begins much before the actual festival and getting ready for the occasion is a must.

Bright and Festive Christmas Nail Art Designs For  This Season

Christmas is the most awaited season where you can enjoy a lot of things like family dinners, parties and get together with friends. If you are planning to go out with your friends this Christmas, get ready to prepare your nails to suit the occasion. Winter nail art or holiday nails as they say should suit the theme and also go well with your lovely Christmas dress.

1. Santa Hat Winter Nail Art

This is an absolutely beautiful winter nail art that suits the occasion to the tee. You can work around with this nail art by painting the Santa hat French tips on your nails. The Santa hat makes it a perfect winter nail art.

2. Twinkling Stars

The twinkling stars nail art is an ideal nail art design suitable for the Christmas season. The choice of Christmas colors like red and snow white adds to the beauty. Play around with different colors that will match with your Costume for the day.

3. Snow Capped Mountain Nail Art

The snow capped mountain reminds you of the winters and the beauty of the nature. Clever use of winter colors like white, green and silver highlights the snow capped mountain nail art to the fullest.

4. Christmas decoration nail art

This beautiful winter nail art has got its inspiration from the Christmas tree and its decorations. The Christmas tree branch and the colorful decorative balls look beautiful and are quite interesting to create.

5. String Lights nail art

Lights and Christmas go hand in hand. Your festive manicure is incomplete if you don’t add string light designs as a part of your winter nail art. Nail art crystals and clever choice of colors can be used extensively to highlight the nails.

6. Cute Christmas theme inspired French tip

With Christmas for inspiration, you are not short of cute and adorable ideas to decorate your nails. Paint your nails with a clear base and for the French tip; use white polish to create falling snowflakes.

7. Christmas Sweater Nail Art

Winters are not complete without sweaters and you can take this inspiration to design your Christmas nail art. Clever use of seasonal colors and accessories sounds pretty. Recreate those sweater patterns on your own.

8. Random Christmas Nail Art

Random nail art patterns with various Christmas characters on them can be nice fun take on the winter nails. Use of different colors and characters like reindeer and snowman, candies, snowflakes and trees are an additional highlight of this nail art.

9. Sparkly on the simple white nail

If you are one of those who prefer white color nail art, but would love to add some fun theme for the holiday season, then go ahead and paint nails with colorful sparkly or silver metallic. For people who prefer subtle and sophisticated nail art instead of the more brightly colored nails, the nude glitter is a perfect choice as Christmas nail art. A touch of sparkle will go a long way.

10. Green and Silver themed Christmas nail art

Paint one nail with matte green polish and silver glitter to other nails. To accent the finish, add a snowflake in white polish.

11. Gift Wrap Christmas nail art

Here, you can play around with different metallic polish and accent with a gold and white tape to get these gift box patterns for the season.

12. Dipped in Glitter Nail Art

A simple color manicured nail can suit the occasion by adding the festive color glitter like Silver or Gold at the nail. It is a great way to hide any chips at the last minute.

13. Continuous Santa Nail Art

Check out for the continuous Santa on the nails, a perfect pattern for this Christmas. This winter nail is rare and different from the regular nail art designs.

14. Winter Wonderland

This winter nail art is perfect to celebrate the chilly weather. It is a nice way to celebrate the beauty of the nature. You can achieve this pattern by using stamps that are easier compared to drawing these patterns.

15. Colorful Sequins Christmas Nail Art

Sequins and nail polish as a Christmas nail art is an excellent combination. The black nail polish at the background highlights the colorful sequins. You can play around with different colors to beautify the winter nail.

16. Frozen Inspired Nail Art

Frozen inspired nail art is a perfect nail art design for the winters. The Olaf theme nail art is sure to garner a lot of attention at parties. The smiling Olaf surrounded with summer backgrounds will surely make you feel warm.

17. Snowfall Nail Art

One of the best parts of winter is snow and snowman. Making snowman during the season holidays are some of the best memories of Christmas. Celebrate this Christmas holidays by creating some very bright and colorful snowflakes as a winter nail art. It will surely brighten up your holidays.

18. Grinch Inspired Nail Art

If you love Grinch movie, then why not get the characters etched on your nails. The Grinch inspired nail art design is an absolute must for this holiday season.

19. Beautiful Lace Pattern Nail Art

Lace patterns look adorable any time. White and red lace patterns look attractive any time. You can even go for a reindeer and snowflakes to make it look even more beautiful.

20. Night Before Christmas Nail Art

This nail art throws light on the night before Christmas. This art depicts beautiful Christmas day Mountains with clever use of green or blue shade,and white nail polish to bring the Christmas night surrounding alive.

21. Polka dots and Sequin Nail art

This wonderful design will bring alive the Christmas cheer much before the actual occasion. The glitter polish in the background along with polka dot and star shaped sequins sums it up.

22. Ornament Nail Art

This nail art is an elegant looking ornament that is metallic. The white and gold inspired ornament design is three dimensional that is no less than an expensive jewelry.

23. Pudding Nail Art

This fudge looking nail art is an absolute mouth-watering design that is sure to attract attention of any foodie in the party. This manicure requires a lot of patience to create, but the final result is worth the wait.

24. Reindeer Inspired Nail Art

Reindeer and Christmas go hand-in-hand. Draw different reindeers on the nails with cute big eyes and red button nose for Rudolf.

Get ready for the different Christmas parties by preparing your nails to suit the occasion. Holiday nails should match the Christmas theme as well as your Christmas outfit. Just remember that green and red are the classic color of Christmas, but you can play around with various colors. By experimenting with different color nail art, the nails will look unique and standout from the rest. Go ahead and experiment with colors this Christmas, but make sure you don’t overdo it.

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