BRITA Marella Jug Review

Brita Jug

Today we are going the BRITA Marella Jug. It’s been a couple of weeks that we have been using the BRITA Marella Filter jug. Honestly, at first, I was not sure if we should give it a try. However, when my husband told me that we should surely try it as there is a massive difference between the taste of filtered water and tap water.

Product Specification

The BRITA Marella Jug is available in different colors and is designed to fit into the door of the fridge. The filtered water is cleaner and tastier. It would be difficult for a person who has tasted the Brita Filtered water to drink regular tap water.

Facts in a Glance

· BRITA Marella Jug filtered water tastes softer and cleaner due to the MAXTRA + MicroFlow technology.

· BRITA Memo on the lid of the jug reminds you to change the cartridge. The moment you start using the jug it starts the count down the time and advises you to change the cartridge in four weeks. This jug has a flip-top lid, which allows the water to fill quickly. These jugs are available in different colors so that you can choose the same one as the color of your fridge.

· As I have told you earlier, the filter uses the MAXTRA + MicroFlow Technology. So, it transforms the tap water into Fresh BRITA filtered Water. The filter reduces the limescale, lead and copper. It even reduces the Chlorine content and other substances which are dissolved in tap water and provide us with better tasting and cleaner filtered water. So, the next time you use BRITA filtered water for making your favorite tea or coffee, you will find that it tastes better and releases a full aroma. It’s always better if you use filtered water for cooking as it is a good way to keep a check on your health as tap water has lot of impurities.

· BRITA Marella jug is a convenient and eco-friendly option for a bottle of water as it can be reused. It is hence reducing the usage of plastic.

· Handling a Brita Marella Jug is very convenient. You can flip up the jug with a single push and fill the jug without worrying about removing the lid. It has been designed in a way that fits the door of the fridge. You can clan the jug in a dishwasher after removing the cover.

· The Brita Marella jugs are available in two sizes Cool and XL. The Cool size provides you with 1.4 liters of filtered water and the XL size provides you with 2 liters of filter water. These bottles are convenient to carry.

· The Brita Marella jug has been designed by German precision. Hence, you can trust the German quality and marvel the appealing design.

· Brita Water filter Jug are eco-friendly, and each part is recyclable.

The Brita Water filter jug are great value for your hard-earned money. For getting best results It is always advisable that you change the cartridge every four weeks. The water tastes better and is eco-friendly hence you can surely opt for it.

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