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32 Ideas for a Broken Heart Tattoo to Mend Your Soul

Being in love is a great feeling and many people who are in love enjoy this phase a lot. It can have some very positive impact on your life, but not all of them go through these positive feelings. A lot of them experience negative impact in their lives due to various reasons, love failure being the primary reason.

Men and women deal with these emotions of positivity and negativity in different ways. A lot of men express their negative emotions or love failures through a tattoo.

A broken heart tattoo is a multi-tiered symbol that not only symbolizes the physical pain of a person who has lost his love, but also is a great symbol of the destruction of the literal meaning of love. A broken heart tattoo is an ideal symbol of what once was a heart that was full of love and happiness. A broken heart tattoo can be designed in many different ways to showcase your feelings and your individuality.

A broken heart tattoo can be symbolized to showcase your emotions due to the death of your near and dear ones or due to lost love. A result of love lost due to time or degradation. Each of these feelings can be meaningful when conveyed in a right way.

Most of us are used to a classic heart that is associated with pure love, trust and care. A broken heart tattoo is opposite to the classic heart because it showcases the deep feelings of a man. A broken heart tattoo has a unique sense of finality as if nothing can be done to repair something that has already been lost.

The idea of a broken heart tattoo is a visual reminder of the loss and pain endured by the individual and is a healthy way to express his or her feelings that is a part of life. A great way to take life with all its twists and turns.

Symbolic Meanings Behind Broken Heart Tattoos

Broken heart tattoos can represent a variety of things depending on the individual and their experience. For some, it may symbolize a lost love or relationship that ended painfully. For others, it may represent the pain of losing a loved one through death or distance. In general, the broken heart tattoo can be seen as a symbol of heartbreak, grief, and loss.

However, broken heart tattoos can also be seen as a symbol of strength and resilience. It represents the idea that we can overcome heartbreak and come out stronger on the other side. It can also be a reminder to cherish the love we have in our lives, even if it doesn’t last forever. The broken heart tattoo can be a powerful symbol of both pain and beauty.

1. Broken Heart and Crying Face Tattoo

@ danhof.tattoos/ Instagram
@ moducommun/ Instagram

The heart and face tattoo are an excellent way to display your feelings that is not only eye-catching, but also has a deep meaning. It showcases the inner emotions of the man. A crying heart signifies sadness and can represent loss of a loved one or an end of a relationship or heartbreak. There are many ways you can represent your emotion in this tattoo, but the popular choice is to show tears rolling down in front of the picture. Some people go for the simple design while there are others who prefer a realistic image.

2. Bleeding Heart Tattoo

Bleeding Heart Tattoo
@ arranv.tattoos/ Instagram

If you want to display your emotions that are deep and painful, then a bleeding-heart tattoo would appeal you. The inked image depicted here can represent anything from broken heart, loss of a loved one or an end of a relationship. The main reason for the popularity of this particular tattoo is that many people can relate to these feelings. The blood droplets indicate the heart is hurt and bleeding. It indicates the loss of strength.

3. Black Heart Tattoo

Black Heart Tattoo
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A red heart tattoo is a symbol of love and passion, but a black heart tattoo indicates death and grief. The use of black ink is a good way to honor the passing of a loved one or serve as a reminder of heart break or personal loss. Although, this tattoo can be placed anywhere, but the best area to place this tattoo is on the middle of the chest. This is a way to hold the loved ones that have been lost close to the heart.

4. Black and Grey Broken Heart Tattoo

A skull in Broken heart tattoo

Black and gray tattoos are something special with a lot of meaning. This skull tattoos is elegant, which cannot be achieved even through bright colors. Some of the best tattoos under this category are reminiscent of film noir and black and white photography. Black and gray just isn’t about photography and portrait, although it is an excellent choice for these styles of tattoos. These unique skull tattoos demonstrate the versatile character of black and gray colors.

5. Abstract Broken Heart Tattoos

Abstract Broken Heart Tattoos
@czyn.studiotatuazu / Instagram

This piece of ink in black and gray incorporates two very contrasting styles that makes for a single tattoo that is correct anatomically as well as accurate geometrically. The tattoo artist here, very nicely illustrates the heart that effectively uses hatching to capture the veins and curves of the heart. The machete and fez give this tattoo an absurdist composition that is nowhere to be seen.

6. Neo Traditional Tattoo For Heartbroken

Neo Traditional Broken Heart Tattoo
@ danhof.tattoos/ Instagram

This is a direct descendant of the American traditional school, which is quite popular among the tattoo lovers. This approach to the tattoo is favored by many for the way it maintains the bold line work of American traditional tattoos. The best part of this piece of ink is the open approach to artistic creativity.

7. Shattered Heart Tattoo

Shattered Heart Tattoo
@ alevix_tattoo/ Instagram

The shattered heart tattoo is a modern version of the broken heart. Here, instead of breaking the heart in the center, you will notice the modern designs depicting a heart that is shattered like a glass. A contemporary take to the broken heart.

8. Ruined Heart Tattoo

A ruined heart tattoo is for those who want broken heart for a memorial. They begin with the crying woman, that blends into a ruined heart shap for depicting lost love.

9. Broken Heart With Quote Tattoo

Broken Heart With Quote Tattoo
@linaxtattoo / Instagram

Every relationship teaches us something, it allows you to grow as an individual. Breakup, even though it is painful teaches us a lot. The broken heart tattoo quotes do the same thing, it will remind you of what you have done right and makes you look ahead in life with a lot of positivity.

10. The Skeleton Heart

The Skeleton Heart
@tyd_tattoos/ Instagram

Whenever there is a love lost or your loved one’s leaves, there is always a lot of emptiness inside your heart. This tattoos create in the shape of ribs will represent this feelings perfectly. The tattoo artist nicely depicts this feeling as he beautifully draws the outline of ribs in monochrome with minimal touch that combines well with the heavy pain of broken heart. The placement of this tattoo is also important, just right in the front of the thigh, an ideal place for this tattoo. It gives a clean and cool overall look. This is a minimal tattoo design that will allow room for discussion and subtly tell the story of heart break. If you are one of those who want to keep your heart break personal and private, then this tattoo is just great.

11. Sacred Heart Tattoo

The Heart and Dagger Tattoo
@jcoop727 / Instagram

This is also a classic broken heart tattoo depicting a dagger going right in the middle and cutting the heart into two. This image represents the pain due to heart break. To make it look beautiful and positive, the tattoo artist has nicely placed a eye in to the heart to denote that even if the heart is broken it is still beautiful and ready to be loved again. With the help of some vibrant colors, the artist has enhanced the end of the dagger with color red to depict blood. This sacred heart tattoo design will definitely steal your heart as well as look good on your skin.

12. Pixeled Heart Tattoo

Pixeled Heart Tattoo
@brooklyn.tattoos / Instagram

This small hearts tattoo will make it up to you if you have a broken heart. This is a symbol of a shattered heart. The Pixel Style of broken hearts is in trend in today’s times also minimalism is most hyped too. The artist has used three hearts that represents a bruised and broken heart very well. Some parts in the tattoo have empty heart. This broken heart tattoos design sits well on the arm.

13. Heartbreak Poison Tattoo

Heartbreak Poison Tattoo
@bambi_tattoo_art/ Instagram

This broken heart tattoo design has a story behind it. If you’re considering this tattoo, you’re definitely not alone. A lot of people choose this design to symbolize the end of a relationship. A heartbreak tattoo can be a powerful way to commemorate a past relationship, but it’s important to think about what you’re saying with this permanent statement.

14. Broken Heart With Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Broken Heart With Skeleton Hand Tattoo
@sebastian_tattoo / Instagram

A broken heart tattoos is also an expression of hope. If you are suffering from a bad breakup or have been ditched by your loved one, a broken heart tattoo is the best tattoo design to choose. Depending on the intensity of the pain, some men go for cruel looking broken heart designs and women on the other hand prefer small sized heart tattoo design that is shown as sobbing.

15. The Broken Heart and Snake Tattoo

The Broken Heart and Snake Tattoo
@alevix_tattoo/ Instagram

The meaning of the tattoo design is extremely important here. A broken heart is a symbol of love and emotions filled with desires. Traditionally speaking a snake signifies ruthlessness, death or betrayal.

16.Stitched Heart Tattoo

Stitched Heart Tattoo
@kateriny_tetovacky / Instagram

There are many varieties of heart tattoo designs that one can choose from. A stitched heart tattoo design is one of the most beautiful and positive heart tattoos around with a lot of meaning. A stitched heart tattoo design showcases the will power to heal a broken heart with a lot of positivity.

17. Memorial Tattoo With Wings

Memorial Broken Heart Tattoo
@amynguyenart / Instagram

For a memorial tattoo with wings consider adding names, dates, banners or certain meaningful symbols as a memorial to the lost loved one. If you have lost your loved pet, get a paw print, or an image of your beloved person.

18. Fire Rose Tattoo for Survivors

 Fire Rose Tattoo for heartbreaking
@sketit_tattoos / Instagram

Some tattoo designs have deep meanings associated with them that has the ability to touch your heart. The fire rose tattoo is one such tattoo design. The meaning behind this tattoo may be heavy, but it is also a symbol of strength and healing that has an ability to inspire.

19. Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo

 Laugh Now Cry Later Tattoo
@sims.sof / Instagram

This is a meaningful tattoo with different versions; the laughing mask and a crying mask tattoo refers to the attitude of Laugh now, cry later. It means live with the fullest or recklessly and deal with the consequences later.

20. The Broken Chain Tattoo

The Broken Chain Tattoo
@miranda.tattoos / Instagram

Cutting ties with someone you have been in love can be heart breaking. This thigh tattoo reminds us that people change and nothing is unbreakable. Pick yourself up and move on, which is the only positive thing to do.

21. A Tiny Broken Heart Tattoo

A Tiny Broken Heart Tatto
@rhithehuman / Instagram

A sad looking tattoo need not be always saddening. They can be a symbol of closure or a way to convey the message to cherish the present. A tiny size broken heart can help the wearer to move on in life and heal from the loss.

22. A Scorpion Playing with Broken Heart Tattoo

A Scorpian Playing with Broken Heart Tattoo
@monsteralphabet / Instagram

Heart break can take a big toll on your mental health. This particular tattoo radically displays the same feelings. The truth is you cannot force anyone to love you. But that doesn’t mean you should not love yourself. Once you get to know the responsibility and stop caring about others, it is only then you are completely free.

23. Devil And Broken Heart Tattoo

Devil And Broken Heart Tattoo
@badlittleyou / Instagram

A heart is the most commonly used design as a tattoo. It symbolizes love and emotions attached to love. This tattoo is an example of how we live with this pain and come out. The devil represents deception from the loved one.

24. Blue Heart Tattoo Design

Blue Heart Tattoo Design
@martapoisontattoo / Instagram

A blue heart has two different meanings, it represents the hottest color as well as the cool blue mood. As a tattoo design it represents sadness and passion that are both emotions associated with love.

25. Flaming Heart Tattoo

Flaming Heart Tattoo
@wyldishbambino / Instagram

Flaming heart tattoos is just as important as the broken heart tattoo. As with a lot of flaming heart tattoos designs, the fire in the flaming heart tattoo is meant to signify passion and longing when you lose your dear love forever. The intensity of the fire represents emotions that run deep that can be visible in the simple yet deep tattoos design.

26. Purple Flower, Bird and Broken Heart Tattoo

Purple Rose, Bird and Broken Heart Tattoo
@ms.sandracarlos / Instagram

This tattoo style is the most relatable being the broken heart symbol. The purple flower and bird also has a specific meaning as they are combined together as a one single tattoo with a lot of meaning embedded.

27. Cracking from Mid Tattoo of Broken Heart

This tattoo represents somebody’s lost love and how their heart is injured from inside due to the loss. This tattoo can be used as a memory of the lessons learnt from the lost love. It serves as a teacher and guides you towards positivity and soul ahead.

28. Angel Tattoos of Broken Heart

Angel Tattoo of Broken Heart
@ not.amused.ttt / Instagram

This angel tattoo with broken heart represents someone’s love for a person who is not there in this world. Since angles are known for being messengers of God, they act as a bridge between the person and the lost love who is up there with the Gods.

29. Barbed Wire Tattoos of Broken Heart

Barbed Wire Tattoo of Broken Heart / Instagram

The barbed wire in this broken heart tattoo represents a fence around the heart that is healing after a lost love. The wearer does not want anyone to be close to them for the fear of losing their loved ones again or of any possibility of heartbreak. He probably does not want to go through the pain and negativity again.

30. Broken Heart Tattoos On Chest

Broken Heart Tattoo On Chest
@baby_doodoo / Instagram

Broken hearts chest tattoo can be used to express love and loss both emotions together. You can draw this design as big and in detail according to your wish. A broken heart tattoo design can be great on the chest.

31. Puzzle Piece Heart:

Puzzle Piece Heart
@zurdorium23/ Instagram

This design features a heart that has been broken into puzzle pieces. The pieces are scattered, but they fit together like a puzzle. This design can represent the idea that even though we may be broken, we can still come back together and find wholeness.

Placement Options for Broken Heart Tattoos

Broken heart tattoos can be placed on a variety of locations on the body. Some popular options include:

  • Wrist – A broken heart tattoo on the wrist can serve as a constant reminder of the pain we’ve experienced and the strength we’ve gained.
  • Chest – A broken heart tattoo on the chest can be a powerful symbol of the love we’ve lost and the memories we cherish.
  • Back – A broken heart tattoo on the back can represent the idea that we are carrying our pain with us, but we are still moving forward.
  • Finger – A broken heart tattoo on the finger can be a subtle reminder of our past pain and the lessons we’ve learned.
  • Ankle – A broken heart tattoo on the ankle can represent the idea that we are grounded in our pain, but we are still able to move forward.

Final Thoughts: Healing Through Art

Heartbreak is never easy, but I truly believe that art can help us heal. Whether it’s through painting, writing, or tattoos, art can be a powerful way to transform our pain into something beautiful. Broken heart tattoos, in particular, can serve as a constant reminder of the strength and resilience we have within us. They can also serve as a way to honor the love we’ve lost and the memories we cherish.

If you’re considering getting a broken heart tattoo, I encourage you to take your time and choose a design that truly speaks to you. Think about the placement and what it represents to you. And most importantly, remember that your pain does not define you. You are strong, you are resilient, and you are capable of turning your heartbreak into art.


If you’re interested in getting a broken heart tattoo, reach out to a reputable tattoo artist and schedule a consultation. Take your time and choose a design that truly speaks to you. And remember, healing takes time, so be patient with yourself and allow yourself to feel the pain. But also remember that there is beauty in the brokenness, and through art, we can find healing and transformation.


What does a broken heart tattoo mean?

The broken heart design conveys a lot of feelings about the wearer. It represents the intense pain and longing, reminding the wearer of the hurt that was caused due to heart break. A lot of wearers choose to get these designs as a precaution note to protect their heart from these sad emotions in future.

What does a black heart tattoo symbolize?

A black heartbroken tattoo represents lot of grief and pain for the wearer. They are great as a memorial tattoo that pays tribute to the lost loved one.

Where do you put a heart tattoos?

A heart tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body. There is no particular place for a heart tattoo. It works great as a small or a mid-sized tattoo and looks perfect when incorporated within a big artwork. The most popular places where these pieces of art can be placed include the wrist, ankles, behind the ears for small hearts, and the chest and arm region for bigger broken heart tattoos.

What does a crying heart tattoo depict?

A crying heart tattoo design features include a heart with tears coming out of one or both the eyes. This type of tattoo can depict different meanings, but it generally means sadness and grief from loss of lost love. Loss of someone close to you can be very painful and saddening.

Why should I get a broken heart tattoo made?

Heart breaks are quite common and most people would have experienced this awful feelings. Coming out of this sad emotion can be difficult for some and they may take few months to years to heal.

A few lucky ones can move on from this difficult state quite quickly. If a relationship had been very long, then heart break can be life changing for some. A broken heart tattoo can be healing for a lot of the tattoo wearers.

It can help heal their heart. It works as a memorial for some and becomes an important day for them. After a painful breakup if you are lucky to change your whole life for a better future, then the broken heart tattoo is just right for you.

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