A Beginner’s Guide To Buying Precious Stones: What To Look Out For

Many people believe that buying the right gemstone will help you stay healthy and energetic. Still, the market is full of fake gemstones that you can’t recognize easily. So, how should you choose your gemstone? Is there a way to find the perfect precious stone for you? Generally, you are required to read a lot before buying any gemstone. Factors like color, cut, and clarity are very important when choosing the correct one for your needs. Other factors like durability, weight, and price are also important. If you are still a newbie in this field, here are 7 things you need to consider while buying your precious stone. 

Buying Precious Stone Guide

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7 Factors To Consider While Buying Your Precious Stone

1. Your Needs

Gemstones come in multiple textures, shapes, grades, colors, and even weights, and choosing the correct gemstone depends on how you intend to use it. If you intend to use your gemstone in a piece of jewelry, a clean-cut, shiny gemstone like sapphire might be the perfect fit for you. On the other hand, if you intend to use your stone as a healing charm that you can carry around during walks or put under your pillow, you might find that a raw stone such as topaz is what you need. Think about what you need and choose the color, cut, grade, and design afterward.

2. The Color

If you are unfamiliar with the gemstone you wish to buy, always check in advance what color it should be. Hue, tone, and vibrancy are all significant factors that can help you determine the grade of the gemstone you are after, and also help you identify fakes from authentic gemstones. Read about the different colors of the gemstone you wish to buy and ask experts for advice in advance. 

3. The Cut 

The cut of a precious stone is basically its shape. Some precious stones are better suited for a smooth, rounded surface, while others are better than flat shapes. Go with your instinct for this one; which cut do you think fits your character the best? Some stones are even uniquely sculpted into a hexagon or pentagon. Do you think they will fit you? Pick the shape you feel comfortable with, especially if you are adding that shape to a piece of jewelry. 

4. Carat, Weight, and Price

Most precious stones are measured in carat, which equals 0.2 grams. Generally, the larger the gemstone is, the more expensive it is. Just like diamonds, precious stones are mined stones that are hard to extract in large shapes. Moreover, two stones could have the same shape and size but weigh differently because the stone’s mineral mass is different. If you are buying a gemstone, keep in mind that the weight determines the price, so think about your budget before asking the seller to bring you the biggest diamond in the house!

5. Transparency 

Most gemstones have a certain level of transparency that you need to read about beforehand.  Stones like white sapphire are well-known for their high level of transparency. On the other hand, even a high-grade moldavite is translucent. Different stones have different systems by which they are identified, which is why for moldavite, the folks at explain that the texture of the stone is what differentiates it from other precious stones, not its transparency levels. That doesn’t mean it is less expensive; its characteristics are just different.

6. Authenticity 

To ensure you are buying a real gemstone while shopping, check the credentials of the store you buy from. Always ask about the seller you intend to buy from, and don’t forget to do your research in advance. The market is full of fake gemstones, however, if you read enough and get some help, everything should be fine. 

7. Durability 

Not all gemstones are as durable as diamonds; some are easily scratched or damaged, which means they are better kept in your pocket or as part of a necklace at most. Before buying a gemstone, consider whether you need it on a ring that you will use daily or a chain that you will occasionally use. You can then choose the type that suits you best. 

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Finally, remember that you have to double-check everything when buying gemstones and don’t just believe an advertisement or a personal recommendation from a non-expert. Buy a precious stone only when you are sure it is authentic. Always double-check the reviews of any store before you finalize a purchase. Furthermore, if you believe that your birth month determines your precious stone, research further and buy the stone that correlates with your birth month.

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