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20 Cutest Cat Nail Designs For Cat Lovers

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Cats are one of the most popular pet animals that rule the internet world. Cat lovers can go to any extent to display their love towards their feline friend. Anything related to cats sell like hot cakes on the World Wide Web, be it the funky cat jackets, Cat Manicures, cat shirts, cat hoodies, cat nail designs and even cat stationeries that are quite a craze among kids.

To show your love towards these furry creatures there is no need to go overboard, as there is many subtle ways to express your love for these loving and caring fluffy feline friends. One such popular method of expressing love towards cats is through cat manicures or cat nail art.

Cat Nail Designs

Nail art has been around for some time now and decking your nails with some unique and insane cat nail art will do wonders. It is a purrrfect way to design your nails and also to display your obsession and love for cats. Even if you don’t have a cat, you can still get your cat manicures done, which can be changed or altered to suit your preferences.

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1. Cute Cat Nails

cat with pink background color nail designs

This cat nail art is a unique design where each and every nail displays a different image and conveys a story. This nail art will fill your mind with warmth of love and affection every time you look at them. Starting from one nail, this pastel nail art gradually brings you to the final image of cats in love. Each and every nail art has a story to begin with, which ends at the cat nail art. It is certainly an innovative design concept that will surely fill your hearts with compassion and love. This nail art is very easy to do.

2. Halloween Claws Cat Nails

Halloween claws are a versatile nail art pattern that is not restricted only to the Halloween day. You can wear them every day by matching them with your clothes. Moreover, it is an excellent minimalist nail idea to show your love towards these furry creatures. This nail art for halloween also has a smart tuxedo look and feel that is easier to design. Combine these with a cat inspired clothing design to give you a complete wild kitty like appearance. Do not restrict this pattern for the Halloween season, instead be creative and explore new creative ways to wear them on any occasion.

3. Pusheen Cats Nails

Cats are naughty and silly at times and every cat owner will agree to this fact. Your feline friend will give you ample opportunities each day to showcase their naughty behavior traits and it is a great idea to have them captured onto your nails. Each nail art can showcase each of these silly traits that will make you feel happy every time you look at them reminding you of their love and affection. The designs can keep changing as these silly traits may not be restricted to ten, but more than that and I am sure every cat owner will agree to this.

4. Lucky Charm Maneki-neko nails

Maneki-neko nails

Maneki-neko is also known as fortune cat, which also means “beckoning cat”. This fortune cat is a lucky charm in Chinese and Japanese cultures. It is a talisman that is believed to bring in lots of luck and fame for its owners. With so many good things going for the Maneki-neko cats, it would be nice to get one of these designs as a nail art. It is a good way to express your love towards these beautiful creatures and i am sure you would not mind some luck by your side. This cat nail art will bring you luck wherever you go.

5. Cat Eye Nails

Decals are very popular and have been used extensively to decorate homes and offices, but have you heard of cat decals. These are the latest trends in the field of nail art designs that is the easiest way to design your nails as well as express your love towards these furry little creatures. Decals as a cat nail art is easier to use as sometimes managing your hands can be pretty difficult, as holding the hands steady to draw these little animals can be difficult at times. These decals look like perfectly drawn cat images and moreover these decals can be changed frequently to match your mood and clothes.

6. Grumpy cat nail art

If you are planning a fun weekend party with your friends or going on a date or just want to relax within the comforts of your home, then there is no need to look beyond the Grumpy cat nail art. Grumpy cat is already very popular on the internet and having them etched on to your nails will make them all the more stylish. Grumpy cat manicures will provide that extra flair to your cool outfit. The grumpy cat manicure will give you a relaxed and cool overall feel. These gorgeous nail art will surely make a lot of head turn whenever you flaunt those nicely painted nails.

7. Smiley White cats

white cat and polkadot nail design

A smiley white cat seems to be a very popular cat nail art. The smiley cat patterns can be combined with pink polka dots pattern or even altered with smiley images. You can play around with these patterns according to your liking and clothing. The smiley white cats will bring you an instant feeling of happiness every time you look at them. These adorable looking white kittens on the nails have the potential to make your day cheerful. These cat nail art looks truly gorgeous and is quite a craze among cat enthusiasts, who love everything associated with these furry little animals.

8. Pastel kitties

The internet world would have been really boring if these adorable cat videos and crazy cat memes were not there. It wouldn’t be as fuzzy and warm as it is now with these kitties. Pastel polishes are in fashion with various nail art designs that can be worked out on them. You can get inspiration from your cat’s daily activities to add various designs on the base pastel color nail. The cat manicures images can be your cat’s favorite toy, his facial expression and the various activities throughout the day. All of these can be clubbed together and recreated on the pastel nails.

9. Cheshire cat nail art

Cheshire cat nail art look is a very interesting look for your finger nails. You can paint your nails with any basic color of your choice and work around with bright colors. The pink and red color combination just looks purrfect. You can even go for the red colored stripes. Cheshire cat decals are also a good option to consider. These are easy to fix and easily available. This Cheshire cat decals can be changed according to the occasion.

10. Simple Cat Faces Nail

The simple cat faces as a nail art is easier to accomplish. It is also the most clear cat nails you can wear. You can get inspiration for cat faces from your day to day interaction with your cat at home. These faces can be from the basic and simple face to even some naughty faces your cat tends to make when he is not happy at home. I am sure your cat will not disappoint you. Every day you will have many types of cat faces as an inspiration to work around on your nails. Be bold, and experiment with the various cat face pattern and let the whole world know how you feel about your feline friend.

11. Lots of Cat butts

cat butts nail art

Cat butts are the joy and pride of every cat. Exercise your creative brains and bring out the various cat butt designs that can be created on every nail. These can be funny or even serious. Coat your nails with black and white colors to design cat butt images like tail with a bow that looks pretty awesome I must say. A cat foot also gives the nail a very cute look. These small little cat physical features on the nail will blow the mind of every cat lover.

12. Cat Princess nail art

Cat Princess nail art

Cats are the royalties of the animal kingdom. The cat princess nail art brings about the royal side of these pretty animals. You can work around this particular theme to create some amazingly beautiful cat nail art that not only looks stunning, but also makes this creatures look absolutely beautiful and royal. One can enhance the looks by decorating our feline friend with tiny little metal studs and clear rhinestones. Work around the nails with different acrylic paints that will enhance the royal look of the cat princess.

13. Hello Kitty Nails

There are plenty of different ways to express or showcase your love for your feline friend and hello kitty is one of them. Who doesn’t know hello kitty? Hello Kitty is the most commonly known and extremely popular cat memes.

These cute looking hello kitty nail art can be experimented a lot by using various patterns and colors to suit your mood. The polka dots combined with the hello kitty faces are just adorable that will make your nail stand out from the rest. The iconic image of Hello Kitty will never go unnoticed. You don’t have to be a fan of hello kitty to sport them on your nails. Anyone who loves beauty and art are welcome to try these out.

14. Black Cats on Neon Pink

Neon colored pink nail color in the background and black cats on them along with pink polka dots looks just amazing on finger nails. Once the pink polish dries, you can use black polish or even use a black nail art pen to draw the outline of the cat. Here, you can be at your witty best. You don’t have to draw the cats on all finger nails; instead you can consider drawing polka dots on the other nails. The shape of the cat eyes can be highlighted using white colored nail art pen to showcase different emotions of your feline friend.

15. Hello Kitty Outlines

Hello kitty as mentioned earlier is very popular not only on the online world, but also in the offline space too. Use a hello kitty nail stamp to cover the nails with the hello kitty outlines. Ideally paint your nails with bright pink color nail art polish and once the polish dries use nail art black colored paint on the kitty stamp to make different Hello Kitty heads on each and every nails. To protect the nails you need to finish the nail with a clear coat.

16. Black and White Kitty Design

Black and White Kitty nail Design

Cat lovers are spoilt for choice. There are hundreds of kitty inspired cat nail art designs to choose for cat enthusiasts. The black and white kitty design is one such pattern that can be customized according to your liking.

To achieve this you need to cover the nails with white polish. The main nail area is decorated with silver glitter and bold black colored shapes that resembles cheetah spots. The tip of the nail can be separated with a thin black line. The front white nail area can be transformed into a cats face with eyes and whiskers with a black nail art pen.

17. Chinese New year Fortune Cat

Chinese New Year themes are fun designs and they are supposed to bring in good luck. These are funky and brightly colored themes. Berry pink, orange, yellow, black and red can be used extensively. Every finger nail is colored with different bright colored nail paint to enhance the look. You can work around with various colors that will bring out the best from these themes. A small detail nail art brush is used to outline and paint the details on each nail. To make the designs last longer you have to finish with a clear top coat.

18. Simple Cat Inspired Nails

Simple Cat inspired Nails

For creating a simple cat nail art you don’t have to make it look loud. Even with one or two color combinations you can design these images on your nails. Just a simple and cute cat design can do wonders to your hands. You can color the thumb and pinky finger with matte black color polish and the remaining finger nails can be painted with bright pink colors. Apply two coats of each color for a lasting impact. Use black colored nail art pens to make paw prints on the pink nails, and a pink pen to highlight the paw prints on the matte black nails. Simple cat designs can also be very expressive.

19. Nail Snaps Wraps

Black cat face nails

Technology is used in almost everything nowadays and its importance is more in the field of fashion. You can take images or photos of anything that is close to your heart, even a snap of your loving cat and these images can be used to make cat nail art. So get your photography skills enhanced and be ready to capture some candid moments of your cat so that you can make nail snap wraps with them. They just look awesome and real; like being with your cat 24/7. These cat nail art wraps will always ensure that you are not away from your feline friend.

20. Cartoon Kitty Nail Art

kitty cat manicures

Cartoon kitties are a great option to paint your nails with. These cat cartoons along with some quirky colors are a good way to greet your loved ones. They will ensure you remain happy whenever you look at them. There is a huge and interesting collection of cartoon cats to choose from or you can even go for your favorite cartoon kitty to enhance your nails. Cartoons are a good compliment for your feminine image.

People are becoming very conscious about their looks nowadays and to make them appealing every body part is taken care. Nails play an important role in the overall appeal of the person. Cat manicure is one such way to decorate and highlight your nails which would have been very boring with simple colors. Be bold, and experiment with the various cat nail art designs that will not only improve your overall looks, but also showcase your love towards these furry little creatures.

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