cat lover house
Project: 10th Avenue Architect: Barker Freeman Design Office Stylist: Brice Gaillard Location: Brooklyn, NY

An Ideal Home for Cats and Book Lovers in Brooklyn, NY

Looking for the perfect home for your feline friend? Look no further than the Cats and Book Lovers house designed by Barkersfreeman. This is a house that has been specifically designed for people who love cats and books. This unique home is specifically designed with both cats and book lovers in mind, and includes all the features your cat needs to be happy and healthy. From plenty of windows for sunny naps to a built-in scratching post, this home has it all. And with plenty of shelving for your book collection, you’ll always have something new to read while your cat curled up beside you. So if you’re looking for the purr-fect home for you and your cat, make sure to check out the Cats and Book Lovers house from Barkersfreeman.

Home for Cats and Book Lovers Interior Design

Cats and Book Lovers house designed by Barkersfreeman is a one-of-a-kind home that was created with two very specific groups of people in mind: cat lovers and book lovers. The interior of the home is designed to accommodate both groups, with plenty of perches for cats and shelves upon shelves of books. The home also features a large outdoor space that includes a garden and a pond, both of which are perfect for taking in some fresh air and enjoying the company of nature. Cats and Book Lovers house is truly a unique space that is sure to please any fan of either feline or literature.

Designers design The ‘cat walk’ by creating the top of the book shelves into a cat walkway. It is a cool design for both cat walk path and a book shelf.

Cats and Book Lovers, a house designed by Barkersfreeman, is a perfect example of how to balance different interests in a small space. The Cats and Book Lovers house has two distinct areas: a cat lounge and a book nook. The cat lounge is a warm and inviting space where cats can relax and play. The book nook is a quiet retreat where book lovers can curl up with a good book. Cats and Book Lovers is a perfect example of how to create a home that satisfies both cats and book lovers.

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