Choosing the Right Exterior Color Combination for Your Home

exterior color combination

So you just moved into a new home and you’re ready to beautify the house. How do you go about this? In the choice of what color you should use for the exterior color combination of your home, you cannot be too careful because it is the first thing visitors see before they see even you.

How to Choose Colours For Your Home

First, when choosing an exterior color combination, you need to consider durability. You can choose any color for the interior as long as it’s beautiful but for the exterior, if you want it to stay on for long, you must put the weather into consideration and choose colors that can withstand weather changes.

Take special note of the trim and choose the right color. It is not enough to have the right color for the body and door and the floor without considering the trim. If the other parts of the exterior are okay and the trim is not, it detracts from the overall beauty of the home.

There is the need to plan to spend on the right colors too, unless you want to keep repainting every other month after you notice that the color has started fading.

Here are some colors combinations that we feel you will love to try out. Check out which ones you love, which one connects with you, which ones you’ve seen before and which ones you will definitely try out when decorating the exterior of your house.

Which Color Combination is Best for House Exterior?

1. Pearl Gray + Slate Blue + White

exterior color combination : Pearl Gray + Slate Blue + White

Photo Credit: Midwest Exteriors Plus

Pearl Gray color itself is a pale, bluish gray color. The color is timeless and is used in home designs to give the home a classic look.

The Slate Blue color is an easy-to-use blue color that has gray in it. It is another classic color that reminds one of beautiful old slates found on old roads.

The White color is an achromatic color, that is, a color without hue. It is one of the most popular colors in nature and it represents purity. When used in home designs, it makes the house look beautiful, fashionable and classic.

Combined, these exterior color combinationsgive a home the best look it can get. This type of home that is painted with these colors comes into view quietly with its nearby stone and concrete landscape. The look of peace and tranquility it exudes is a huge selling point and one of the home’s best features. It presents a fresh take on modern day fashion. With the use of the bright white around the house and slate blue at the front entry, the house has a beautifully streamlined silhouette that looks inviting.

2. Cocoa + olive + off white + russet

grey house with cedar accents

Photo Credit: Better Homes

The Cocoa color mirrors the dark shade of cocoa beans. The red in it creates a warm and comforting image that increases the beauty of the home.

The Olive color is a dark yellowish-green color that while it is an underrated color could appear intimidating when used to design exterior of a house.

Off White colors are variations of the white color that can be classified as part of the neutral color schemes.

The Russet color is dark-brown color that has a tinge of reddish-orange. It is a tertiary color and is a mix of purple figments and orange.

When these colors are combined in exterior painting, they show a final finishing that gets heads turning. With cocoa brown brick steps and olive-color finishing around the house structure, the house is a sight to behold. 

3. Apricot + White + Smoky Gray

House Exterior Color  : Apricot, White, Smoked grey

Photo Credit: Salotines Press

The Apricot color is a light yellowish-orange color that while it is similar to the color of apricots, it’s color is a lot paler compared to that of a real apricot.

The White color, as we already know is an achromatic color. It is one of the most popular colors in nature that when used in home designs makes the house look beautiful, fashionable and classic.

The Smoky Gray color is a collection of bold and saturated colors that brings the exterior of houses alive when it is used in designing them.

Together, these colors give the house a simple, yet incredibly-appealing look that keeps the head turning for a second look.

4. Stormy Gray + Paprika Red + Bright White

House exterior color with Stormy grey, paprika red and white

Photo Credit: Pinterest

While the grey color on its own might be an intermediate between black and white and be an achromatic color, the Stormy Gray is different in the sense that it brings a different look to the gray, making it one of the desirable colors to use in exterior home designs.

The Paprika Red color derives its name from Paprika, the red-orange coloring oily material that is extracted from the common sweet red pepper.

The Bright White color is a kind of white-white, crisp-and-and-fresh-like-a-snowflake type of color that architects and home designers really like.

As seen in the picture, the paprika red used on the window sides accentuates the beauty of the house. 

5. Salmon + Jade + Rusty Brown

House with salmon exterior color

Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

The Salmon color ranges between light-pink colors and pale pinkish-orange. It is named after the color of salmon flesh itself, hence the name.

The Jade color is a color that varies between light bluish-green and yellowish green.

The Rusty Brown color has a color of brown rust, hence the name.

These color combinations, the salmon used most around the house, the jade color used for the downward finishing of the roof and the rusty brown used on the outside floor gives the house a look to kill for.

6. Chocolate + Chartreuse + Sand

Dark Brown House

Photo Credit: Houzz

The Chocolate color is a dark brown color that has the color of chocolate.

Chartreuse is a color between yellow and green named after a French liqueur color for its semblance to the color.

The Desert Brown color is a deep tone of beige that is also a brilliant rainbow color.

When considered together, the chocolate brown used for the roofing and the chartreuse used to pain angles around windows and tops of doors and the desert brown color used for the door all contribute to the overall beautification of the house.

7. White + Black + Gray

Gray house with color combination of white and black color

Photo Credit: Pinterest

As we have already established, the White color is an achromatic color, that when used in home designs, makes the house look beautiful, fashionable and classic.

Black may represent something dark and evil in reality, but when combined with white in an exterior home design, it gives the house a semblance of beauty that can be both old and classic and modern and fashionable.

The Gray color is a neutral achromatic color between white and black.

With the white color used to design the exterior, the black used in painting the window sides and the gray used for the roof, the house becomes immediately appealing, modern and still reminds you of the past.

8. Buttercream Yellow + White + Black

Buttercream yellow house

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The Buttercream Yellow is a color that is perfect for people looking for exterior colors that won’t overpower. The color stays pale and in the background but still contributes to the overall beauty of the house.

With the use of the buttercream yellow on top and around the exterior of the house and the use of white for the pillars of the house and around the ceiling area and the use of black for the ceiling, the house has a quiet and still beautiful look that sends people looking back.

9. Pine Green + Red-Brown + White

Brick house  and combination with pine green exterior color

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The Pine Green color is dark-blue green color that derives its name because of its semblance to the pine tree.

The Reddish Brown named for its semblance to mud and red contributes to the beauty of the house.

Together with the White color, the house has a classic look. With pine green for the window, white around the roof and window edges and reddish brown around the exterior, the house is a real sight to see.

10. Brick Red + Gingerbread Orange + Brown

House with 3 exterior color combination

Photo Credit: Pinterest

All the colors used in designing the exterior of this house work perfectly together because of the brown undertone that is present in all of them. With the brown roof and the brown that adorns the entrance, the house looks like a paradise. Because natural light affects how paint colors are seen, trying these three colors for the shutter, trim and exterior of your house gives the house a look that justifies the amount spent on the design.

11. Olive + Celery + Ivy + Terra-Cotta + Cream

house exterior color combination : Green shade

Photo Credit: Pinterest

It is always advised, while making home designs and choosing colors, to a color that is dark, one that is light, another one that is a mid-tone color. As in this house, we can see the gray on the roof, the olive around the house and the cream that adorns the edges to give the house an overall trim and clean look.

12. Taupe + Camel + Periwinkle Blue + Eggplant

Taupe house color

Photo Credit:Pinterest

The Taupe color is a dark-brown color between brown and gray. The name is derived from the French noun that means “mole”.

Camel color on its own part resembles the color of a camel’s hair. It is a color that looks expensive and gives your home that expensive look when it is either used alone or combined with other colors.

Eggplant color is a dark-purple or brownish-purple color that resembles the outer color of European eggplants. It is the same color referred to as aubergine.

When these colors are brought together in a design as in the picture of this house with the camel color used overall, it gives the house a quietly-appealing look that still expensive. 

13. Gray + White + Blue

blue house with white trim

Photo Credit: Sansiri

You can’t get it wrong when you combine gray and white for the design of the exterior of your home. No matter the shade used, gray color will always set off any color, most especially the white trim used in this home. The blue tone used in the overall design gives it an enchanting look and the whites around the pillars and frames gives the house an overall look that sends heads turning.

14. White + Aquamarine + Tangerine

Aquamarine color House

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The Aquamarine color is a color that is a bluish tint of cerulean toned toward cyan. It is named after the mineral called by the same name.

Tangerine color is an orange color hue that is used to give the impression of the tangerine fruit.

When these colors are combined with the white color, what we have is a very flashy house.

It is always advisable that when choosing colors for the designing of the exterior of your home, you choose a neutral hue for the overall body, an accent color for the shutters and trim and a punchy color for the door.

15. Country Blue + White + Black

Blue and white exterior color combination

Photo Credit: Stormicus

Blue is universally-accepted as a color that is delighting. The calm it brings to houses is one of the reasons why home designers continue to opt for it in their choice of colors; especially with the way it blends with the black and white here to give this house a delighting look.

When choosing colors for exterior paints, it is important to take a hint as to the colors on the exterior of your home that cannot be changed and select colors along that line.

When selecting accent for the trim and window edges of the exterior of your home, choose right. Choose colors that don’t scream or that are loud so that you do not give your home a hideous look instead of a relaxing and beautiful look.

When in doubt about the colors, go with the dark versus light color style.

In conclusion, choose a color paint schemes for house exterior that agrees with you and your personality as long as it is not hideous. Remember that people coming from outside see the exterior of your home first before meeting you and they can form an opinion of you depending on the color you use before even setting eyes on you at all.

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