40 Short Haircuts and Hairstyles that Suit Thick Hair 2022


Updated: March 11, 2022

Short Haircuts for thick hair

Thick hair can be cut short. Women with thick hair are envied all over the world because you don’t have to deal with lack of volume or with issue of limp hair. Even though there are several advantages of having thick hair, there are also some issues. Thick hair feels heavy. Grooming a thick hair can be difficult at times, but when you cut your thick hair short, it reduces the styling time and even maintaining the hair becomes all the more easy. Short hairstyles for thick hair is an excellent solution.

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What is the best short haircut for thick hair?

Short hairstyles for thick hair looks sharper than the longer hairstyles. If you know how to groom your short hairstyle, then you can sport one of these effortlessly. The following hairstyles for thick hair along with the pictures will help you decide the correct short hairstyles for women that suits your face and personality.

1: Layered Short Hair

short hairstyles for thick hair

Layered hairstyles are best suited for thick hair. The layers on the thick hair stands out and gives a lot of volume. The volume is not lost in a short layered hairstyle for thick hair. The most important feature that stands out is the shape of the haircut.

2: Short Feathered Hairstyles for Thick Hair with Highlights

A lot of people do not prefer short haircuts, but they are practical. To make a short haircut interesting you can add in some subtle highlights that gives your hairstyle a new dimension. A good texturing product can be used to give your hair a quick tousle.

3: Layered Hairstyle for Thick Haircuts

A bob cut with a layered pattern is a short hairstyle for thick hair. This short hairstyle for thick hair is an ideal way to tame your thick hair. Instead of being frizzy, the layered bob cut adds volume that is just perfect. To make the texture smooth, use a mousse immediately after a shower.

4: Short and Classy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

For short hairstyle for thick hair, it is better to have generous layering that gives a nice shape to your haircut. To give it an edgy feel, leave the front few hair slightly long compared to the ones around the ears.

5: Smooth Looking Bob Cut              

Smooth Looking Bob Cut              
Source : kazu_haya

This beautiful looking bob cut looks great on straight thick hair. Go for layers in the front that nicely curls back instead of the bangs. This thick hairstyle gives movement and flow. The bottom layer is kept at one length making the overall cut very sophisticated and classy.

6: A-line Cut for Thick Haircuts

A-line Cut for Thick Haircuts
Source : rambutpixie

This is a popular haircut suitable for thin hair,but when layered correctly, you can pull-off this hairstyle for thick hair with ease. Straight hair people can easily adapt this style because of the amount of volume it can provide to the haircut.

7: Pixie Bob with Shaggy Layers

Pixie Bob with Shaggy Layers
Source : kazu_haya

If you don’t want to carry an ordinary short hairstyle for thick hair, then you need to go for the pixie bob with shaggy layers with baby lights. Keep the front bangs long

8: Short Bob with Tapered Back

Short Bob with Tapered Back
Source :rambutpixie

This short hairstyle for thick hair is classy and stylish to say the least. This is a straight bob haircut with a rounded silhouette and a tapered back. The bowl shaped haircut is closely cropped at the nape of the neck with slight feathers that covers the ear completely.  

9: Short Stacked Bob with Subtle Balayage

Short hairstyles for thick hair looks great when they have layers. It adds a lot of volume around the crown by cutting the hair in different lengths. To enhance the overall look of this hairstyle, you can make use of the balayage coloring.

10: Cute Shaped Crop

This perfectly shaped short crop is a dream haircut for thick hair. The stunningly beautiful haircut is easy and simple to cut and maintain. The side bangs are left long to create a flattering face, framing layers and the back is left short and sassy.

11: Sleek Rounded Inverted Bob

This is an inverted bob hairstyle for thick hair with smooth lines and harmonious angles. The sleek rounded inverted bob is a professional and stylish haircut. It is a perfect haircut for women with thick and straight hair. The hairstyle is full of body and volume, which is enhanced by the light chestnut highlights over the deep mocha base color.

12: Lip-Length Choppy Bob

The short choppy bob is the most perfect hairstyles suitable for women with thick hair. The textured layers in this hairstyle makes the thick straight hair look more beautiful especially in solid colors. The length of the hair in this haircut is kept longer in order to weigh the hair down.

13: Tousled Razored Bob

The shaggy razor cut is for anyone who is interested in non-significant bob haircuts for thick hair. The medium brown color in this haircut is neutral and suits different skin tones easily. The feather type layers with a slightly disheveled finish prevents the haircut from being overly stiff and structured.

14: Black and Blonde Pixie Bob

Black and Blonde Pixie Bob
Source: chloenbrown

Short hairstyle for women with thick hair often look good in a two-toned hair color. The color combination not only highlights your thick mane, the contrasting colors complements every season. Make sure you stick to the same color undertone (warm, cool or neutral) for the most cohesive and enhancing combination.

15: Long Feathered Coffee Brown Pixie

Messy shaggy pixies keep the short hair looking fun and feminine. The coffee brown hair color in this short hair styles for thick hair adds a reddish tint giving the hairstyle a sophisticated look. The long bangs and the side pieces flow effortlessly over the eyes and ears framing the face mysteriously. The messy crown and jagged ends gives the haircut a sporty and cool feel, making it easy to maintain as well.

16: Classic Layered Bob Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Thick hair women are lucky because they can cut their hair short and still maintain the volume and bounce. This is a classic chin length hairstyle with rich texture and color ideal for mature ladies that works as an anti-aging choice.

17: Short Wavy Cut with Messy Layers

Women who love shaggy hair should consider having the messier short haircut for their thick and wavy hair. The thick locks are cut in haphazard layers, which gives the hair an effortless feel that has a natural texture. Use a sea salt spray on the damp hair and crunch it while it is drying.

18: Choppy Pixie Bob with Stacked Nape for thick hair

This is one of the best pixie cuts for thick hair that reduces the bulk by cleverly using the stacked layers as a thinning and structuring technique. Thick layers are placed perfectly around the crown for the extra lift and the nape is trimmed to complete the bold and neat look. The blonde balayage along with honey blonde and piece-y locks helps reduce the fluffiness of the hair.

19: Brunette Bob with Curled Ends

This is a Hollywood inspired hairstyle. This elegant looking short hairstyle for thick hair is a slightly longer bob with shiny and smooth locks. They have longer than usual curls in the front. The long curls frames the face perfectly. The honey blonde highlights swirl nicely and add a good shine and gives a sleek finish.

20: Pixie Cut for Wavy Hair

Pixie Cut for Wavy Hair
Source :klinetothetop

To provide a good structure to the bob haircuts especially for the thick hair, layers are essential. Its okay to sometimes sport an irregular shaped hairstyle. It gives a naughty feel to the haircut, if worn on textured or curly locks.

21: Short Women Haircuts

The short to medium layered cut is an ever green hair cut that suits women of all ages. It is suitable for all textures and is sure to make you look stylish. A minimalist wardrobe gels perfectly with this smart looking hairdo.

22: Undercut Bob with Jagged Ends

 hairstyles for thick hair - Undercut Bob with Jagged Ends

If you want to add style your short hair cut, then undercutting your bob with choppy ends will work wonders. Leave the front hair slightly longer and pair them with an extra short dark nape for making a stylish bold statement. The side bang area can be played with to add some extra volume and drama.

23: Haircut for Thick Hair

Short and medium length hairstyles are suited for women of all ages. The long front cuts and the shorter back hair, provides a lot of convenience and femininity that most women who lead an active lifestyle need today.

24: Straight Cut Bob with Layers and Subtle Highlights

Stylish and short hairstyles for thick hair do not always showcase steep angles and inverted cuts. Whether you want the layers or no layers, this haircut is a modern twist to the traditional bob. It is a straight cut with light highlights best suited for thick hair.

25: Pixie Bob with Silver Blonde Feathers

Pixie Bob with Silver Blonde Feathers
Source : haaremitstil

Pixie cuts are the best haircuts for feathered cuts and feathered coloring techniques. They highlight the details very well and make your hairstyle dimensional and attractive. Try out the tapered pixie cut with the ends highlighted for a gorgeous look that is sure to garner a lot of attention.

26: Caramel Blonde Rounded Layered Bob

A medium bob haircut is best suitable for you if you prefer to have one length hair. To break the density of thick hair, throw in a few short thick layers. The blonde highlights are fresh, bright and adds a touch of summer. The striking feature of this haircut is the rounded full shape with feathered locks and inward curled ends that is caressing the neck.

27: Dirty Blonde Pixie with Bright Highlights

The dirty blonde base with brightening highlights gives the hair a good amount of volume to balance out the short haircut on the sides and a feathered top section. The side swept bangs, a closely cropped nape and the V-shaped sideburns gives this short hairstyle for thick hair a touch of elegance.

28: Short Hair with Layers

Short Hair with Layers

Short haircuts for thick and wavy hair look jazzy and chic when they are cut choppy and uneven. To build the height and to provide volume the waves are layered strategically. If you have coarse hair then style this haircut to work with your natural texture. The use of solid colors helps keep the focus on you.  

29: Choppy Bob with Messy Waves

Women with thick and wavy hair would never go wrong in a pixie bob haircut. For a thick curly hair like this a piece-y bob works just great. To highlight the texture of the thick and dark hair, add a few baby highlights here and there.

30: Pixie Haircut with Spiky Crown

This short hairstyle for thick hair women is perfect because you can create an impressive back view spiking up the short layers near the crown area. This hairstyle provides a lively and crazy feel to the hairstyle. Go ahead with this style if you are okay with experimenting with your hairstyles.

31: Textured Purple Tinted Hair

Textured Purple Tinted  Hair
Source : leg_n_dary

This is a short length hairstyle that suits women who likes to display their thick locks. The purple tint is added here to the basic color to take this look to another level. Use a straightening iron if you want your strands to look perfectly set.

32: Fluffy Haircuts

This elegantly looking bob hairstyle is best suited for women with thick hair. You will love this haircut as soon as you see anyone wearing it. If you want the haircut look even more attractive, then  go for some thin highlights that will go with the base color.

33: Low Maintenance Thick Hair Pixie Cut

Low Maintenance Thick Hair Pixie Cut
Source : Terrafirmasalon

The standout feature of this pixie cut is that the hair is short in the back and has lot of volume on the top. The long side bangs makes the style one of a kind. Keep the bangs style straight or add in curls to suit your taste.

34: Short Bob with Piece-Y Layers and Babylights

Short hairstyles with wavy hair can look irresistible with little highlights, but baby highlights suits just perfectly. The streaks are cute, but if you want a bolder look, go for the highlight hue that is several tones lighter than the base color for better contrast.

35: Stacked Blonde Balayage Bob

Balayage Bob
Source : AJBIGGS

Women with thick hair can have many different hairstyles and this two tone bob just proves that with striking short layered cuts. It ranges from light blonde to brown and this stacked haircut is effortlessly balayaged for a cool look. For best effect, style straight.

36: Angled Bob with Thick Tresses

This angled bob haircut is feminine and sophisticated as well. There is no dearth of fun in this style. With highlights this haircut looks pretty gorgeous. This is a medium short haircut that is suitable for women who would not want an extremely short hairstyle.

37: Short Crop with Colorful Highlights

This short hairstyle for thick hair women is youthful and full of life. It gives a fresh and new dimension to your personality. The bright and girly unicorn hair colors goes very well with the edgy and boyish hair shape.

38: Short Sassy Bob

The straight locks look great for women with short thick hair. The natural volume and height gets counterbalanced when you go for the sleek blowout style. For giving the cut a flirty feel, the hair at the back  and sides is cut shorter.  

39: Sleeked Down Pixie with Texturing

If you are tired of the spiky pixie, then the sleeked down style is a good answer. You don’t want it to be completely sleek and polished, instead, a rough texture makes it look stylish and wild. The light highlights adds a right amount of fun.

40: Good Girl’s Pixie

If you have a good and straight hair, then a good pixie with strawberry blonde highlight will not require any great styling to look awesome. Apply some mousse for that extra messy touch on the top. Style your bangs to the side and consider light highlights.

Now, that you know of different hairstyles for thick hair, chopping those lovely tresses should not be an issue. From bob to pixie to layered haircuts to choose from, there is a no dearth of options to choose that suits you and your personality.


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