The Different Ways To Clean Ceiling Fans Quickly and Safely

Ways To Clean Ceiling Fans

With Indian summers stretching longer than ever every passing year, ceiling fans are your trusted friend, and they keep you comfortable even in the hottest weather. To ensure that your ceiling fans continue to keep you cool and perform at an optimal level, you need to maintain them regularly. 

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Problems That Occur if Fans are Not Maintained

There are various types of fans, and each fan needs to be well maintained to prevent performance-related problems. 

Whether it is ceiling fans with remote or ceiling fans with light, all ceiling fans need to be kept dust-free. If dust gathers on the blade or anywhere in the motor, you will experience humming sounds and see the fan wobbling. In extreme cases, there could be a motor failure. 

Not only will the fan function poorly, but your room will also have dirt and grime all over the place. To make sure you don’t face these problems, clean your fans at least once monthly. If you have fans for wall, they too should be cleaned monthly to avoid any mechanical problems. 

If you are someone who does not like cleaning regularly, you can invest in Crompton’s Antidust fans as well. These fans attract 50% less dust compared to regular fans making them easy to clean. These fans also have a 2-piece construction making them less noisy with lower vibrations. 

Their high-grade electronic quality bearing also makes them silent and smooth. The high-standard cold-rolled grain-oriented steel makes these fans more durable and efficient. What will please you most is this ceiling fan price. Considering all the benefits you get, it’s quite affordable. 

Best Way to Clean Ceiling Fans

There are many ways to keep your ceiling fans free from dust. With technology, your job becomes easy. 

Given below are the best ways to clean fans!

Vacuum Cleaner:

When you are cleaning your ceiling fans using a vacuum cleaner, make sure it has a dusting attachment. The wider and flatter the attachment, the better. Move the vacuum cleaner along the top and bottom part of the fan blades. Fans with wider blades like those from Crompton make cleaning easy. The hose in the cleaner sucks the dust so that it does not spread around your room. 

Long-Handle Duster

If you are not too keen on using technology, then the best choice would be the long-handle duster. However, unlike the vacuum cleaner, the dust will spread all over the floor and other surfaces, so use a tarp sheet or a newspaper for collecting the dust. Wear a thin piece of cloth or a mask to avoid any dust. Start with the canopy gradually moving to the rod and the fan motor cover. Next, clean the top and the bottom of the fan blades. 

Use Your Old Pillowcase

Your old pillowcase is also a great tool when it comes to cleaning ceiling fans. Get a step ladder to reach the fan blades. Make sure that your tool or step ladder is strong and can hold your weight. 

Now just as you fit your pillow with a pillowcase, do the same with the fan blade. Gently pull off the pillowcase as you would do for a pillow while holding on to the fan blades so that the dust is wiped off and is collected in the pillowcase. Perform this same action for the other blades. Follow this with a final cleaning using a damp cloth. 

Make sure you don’t put excess pressure on the fan blade and damage its shape. If you have ceiling fans with light, the light should be cleaned too with a wet rag. 

Clean Your Ceiling Fans For Best Performance

If ceiling fans keep you refreshed all year round, make sure you keep it clean for optimal performance. It does not take a lot of time to clean, and it is extremely quick as well. 

A well-maintained fan will last long and be value for money. Keep your room pollution-free with dust-free fans!

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