21 Most Attractive Thigh Tattoos For Women


One con not be able to show off their other sides by just talking or doing something close to that, that is why tattoos are done on your body. It can be done on any body part, mostly the limbs with the thigh tattoos being favorite for most ladies. However, it is hard to determine what type of tattoo one wants and what they mean on the body without tarnishing our image.

Some of the 21 most attractive thigh tattoos for women include:

1. Anchor Thigh Tattoo Design

This is among the most attractive thigh tattoos for women. This is beautifully elaborated especially when drawn on a large canvas surface. It is a special type of tattoo as one can add up several aquatic symbols to make the tattoo more unique from others who might have tried it out too. It is done mostly to people who have a lot of meaning in every situation the get into in life. It helps them get the hope that whatever the situation life brings, you always deem in what vocation.

2. Birds most attractive thigh tattoos for women

Among 20 most attractive thigh tattoos for women, this is the most common one as most of them are usually in love with the birds. The tattoo is always distinct with bright colors mixed with a number of floral artworks that makes it more unique.
Like any other tattoo, people get them with a special reason evident in their lives, and different birds have different meaning that is why especially the crow and the owl. The crow symbolizes the liberty to soar high while the owl symbolizes the insight and knowledge of an individual.

The tattoo is usually creatively indicated to show freedom. Made from two birds living in a cage and have no idea of how to fly but want freedom and soar up in the sky. One can add floral vines to it to make it look more colorful.


3. Skull most attractive thigh tattoos for women

The skull, which most people fear, is among the 20 most attractive thigh tattoos for women. This design is usually accompanied with floral and Celtic arts which makes the design more distinct from the rest. It is usually inked with black but nowadays people love getting it attractive tattoos by filling colors into it. Most of the time, skull symbolizes death or danger but at other times, it might just be a memory for a loved one.

And Another Idea for skull Tattoo, It looks cute but it is very attractive.

4. Native American Thigh Tattoos

This is among the amazing thigh tattoos with a combination of packed geometrical figures and amazing floral vines. This comes along with abstract fur to make a diadem for skull. The fur makes the skull appear as a human face with life in it. This is an amazing tattoo design as it can be designed up to your hips.


5. Celtic Floral Vines Designs

The elite floral designs with Celtic detailing inside and around the flowers and leaves which is not found in many tattoos making it so unique. This uniqueness makes the tattoo the most loved among the ladies. It is designed with tribal artwork that can be mixed with the design to evolve a new tattoo idea for the thighs. People may cover up the back and hips with exclusive detailing of designs.


6. Geometrical Camera Tattoo

Some ladies cannot feel complete without a camera in their calm and exotic nature feeling those cool breeze and wet sand under your feet. Having the camera tattoo emphasizes the love and the passion for the camera, taking photos and photography as a whole. This only makes you get your love for the camera more beautiful inked on your thighs. Its stands as the most unique among the 20 most attractive thigh tattoos for women.

7. Rose Tattoo Design

Every girl has a love for roses, having a rose tattooed on your thigh is really breathtaking together with its leaves. It has infinite range of colors into the tattoo making it more loved by girls. It simply symbolizes love and beauty.

source: Raindeer Ink

8. Quote Thigh Tattoos Designs

Quotes general show the biggest memory or experience of one’s life on some way related to the person. This can be put on the thighs with authentic tattoo symbolic to elaborate the design. This is enhanced by having a hibiscus flower or a butterfly to it.

9. Peacock tattoo design

Peacock has a lot of colors on the feathers hence being the best tattoo, it may be extended up to the lower back therefore drawing the complicated sophisticated peacock on the vast canvas of the thighs. It usually symbolizes royalty and divinity along with being a beautiful bird.

10. Eagle Tattoo Design

The eagle being considered a spiritual bird it is among the most attractive thigh tattoo for women. It is tattooed with wings wide open with confidence enjoying the free ride above the clouds. It can be added with the globe or anchored to be sitting on earth.

12. Dead Tree Tattoo Design

Although it portrays sometimes negative traits, it is really a cute tattoo with simply a land covered with dead leaves that have fallen from the dead tree. It is a great photography that can be used as wallpaper too. It usually symbolizes the life cycle that revolves around birth, death and rebirth.

13. Dragon Tattoo Design

A dragon is a common sign of strength and independence since they are believed to have powers and noble symbolism. This makes it an amazing tattoo with the tattoo master designing it to have fire out of its mouth in vivid colors to make it look natural.

14. Wolf tattoo design

The wild wolf is always a sign of protection. It’s a great choice for the thigh as it gives an insight of fearlessness standing still behind the silence but still very angry. It is an amazing tattoo since one can have options of Maori, tribal or realistic wolf designs although the realistic ones are mostly preferred.


15. Disney Tattoo Design

This tattoo design is most perfect for those individuals who don’t want to forget about the fantasizing Disney world of their childhood times. The Disney logo with imaginary paradise is always tattooed with imaginary sphere or even chooses the one with snow over it.

source : IG, Pinterest

16. Deer  Tattoos

This thigh tattoo is really amazing with the deer standing amidst the sweet Roses. This enables you to always praise the glory of the infinite world. Ink must be included to make really portray nature.

17. Japanese Cobra Thigh Tattoo Designs.

The cobra which can be really scary to others, is killing with the cobra own snatches up the attention from people all around you because of its unique temperament. The gigantic snake tattoo signifies different things according to the colors you may decide. However, the black one symbolizes old and wise life.

18. Dream catcher Tattoo designs
This is special tattoo for the tattoo lovers since it has different sizes of distinct features that make it unique with different meaning. It has a top web that catches the evil spirits with few feathers hanging on top of the web. It is very sexy making it most demanded by ladies.

19. Lighthouse Tattoo design

Just as a light house guides the sailor who have lost the way, the tattoo symbolizes the guiding light of life. One could portray sand and corals along with the lighthouse design. The anchors and seawater around the lighthouse could be tattooed for it to be more unique and detailing.

20. Girls Portrait Thigh Tattoo

It is a unique way of showing love and remembrance of someone you wish to dedicate something thereby showing the depth of affection. The magic of colors split over the skin is literary undeniable which makes the tattoo more appealing.

source: tatts_and_more

21. Lion Tattoos

From the above 21 most attractive thigh tattoos for women, one can be able to identify any that they may draw up to make them look more attractive. This is not only for beauty, but it also shows the other portray you have that other people could have not noticed by just simply looking at you hence you should be courageous enough to have one done on you.