Cool Tattoo Ideas For Guys

tattoo ideas for hot guy

Getting a cool tattoos for the first time can be a daunting task. There will be so many doubts and expectations. But, the truth is the whole experience is not that worrisome as it is conceived to be. If in doubt, start with a small pattern and then slowly embrace the world of tattoos with open arms.

Tattoos look cool on guys. The cool tattoo ideas here will help you decide which tattoo to get and which will look cool on you.

Geometric Forearm Tattoo

Geometric Forearm Tattoo

There are a lot of geometric patterns around us that can inspire us to create one of them on the forearm. Geometric patterns have been found in ancient Egypt to Greece and even in India. It is a symbol of consciousness and mystery of awareness.

Triangle Tattoo

Triangle tattoos

Triangle tattoos will remind you of your school days, when words like isosceles, scalene and triangles were used in math’s class. Triangle tattoo is more than math’s and has a lot of meaning to it. For some triangle may be symbol of holy trinity. For some it may represent the number three. If the triangle is pointed up it represents male energy, air and fire and when it is pointed downwards it represents female energy of water, energy and earth. There are plenty of inspirational triangle designs to try out.


Cool Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Compass has always given direction to sailors and soldiers. It has helped them find their way when they are lost. The compass symbol as a tattoo has great symbolism in the lives of many. It is very common to see men with compass tattoo. This symbol of direction can mean a lot either in a literal way or in a philosophical way. It is a symbol of guidance and protection. For many it may be a symbol that never lets them choose the wrong path.

Tree and Forest Inspiration

Cool Tattoo Ideas For Guys

Tree and forest tattoos are a sign of nature and its inspirational beauty that is hidden within. Forest tattoos can be made richer with the inclusion of birds and animals and the vibrant wildlife that thrives within. You can add time of the day to these cool tattoos by using the sun and the various shades. Season can be indicated by falling leaves, etc. The possibilities are many with different meanings and purpose.

Single Leaf

Single Leaf tattoo

Leaves fallen around may be sign of change in season however, a single leaf can convey a lot of meaning. If you are from Canada, a single maple leaf may show your love for your country and who doesn’t recognize this most famous single leaf symbol. In the Celtic region, the Oak leaf symbol means wisdom and strength. The meaning of a single leaf can be different for different individuals.


Mountains tattoo

Mountain is a symbol of positivity and beauty. Mountain can represent a challenge in life and in order to succeed in life you need to climb the mountain of life with a lot of positivity. It is same as climbing the Mount Everest. The climb may seem impossible, but it’s the true grit and perseverance that takes you to the heights of success.

A Cat Tattoo

A Cat Tattoo

Cat tattoos are generally considered feminine, but there are a lot of ways to make it look macho. Cats have been a popular design for centuries and it has been noticed even in ancient history. Cat is a symbol of luck, mystery, prosperity, protection and intelligence. For some it is a symbol of revolution. There are many different ways to draw a cat tattoo and according to your liking you can get them made in that way.


Butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are pretty common nowadays and a good artist will know how well to depict it. There are ample of folklore and symbolic beliefs associated with this insect. The most common meaning of a butterfly cool tattoo is the representation of life cycle. The butterfly represents birth, life and death. For men it means “float like a butterfly, but sting like a bee”. A butterfly tattoo is a reminder to calm your restless mind.

A Sloth

A Sloth tattoo

Sloth tattoos are making resurgence and there are many ways to portray this mysterious mammal. Each one of them has a unique story to tell. Usually they are comic creations and those who have made sloth tattoos are expressing their love for slow pace of life. They are suited for men who hate the busy lifestyle and prefer a peaceful and relaxed existence.


Wildlife tattoo

Wildlife has always fascinated humans; it can be the fish in the ocean, pets on the carpet or any wild animal that is on the verge of extinction. Some of the most popular ones are tiger, lion, birds and many others. All of them have a different meaning and convey a different message. Wildlife tattoo brings you closer to nature and its power.


Cool Tattoo Ideas For Guys

The meaning behind the skull tattoos is something very different from what most people think. At first it may look scary and intimidating. It is a symbol of death. Actually, skulls can symbolize anything from celebration of life to a sign to ward off evil spirits. Everyone has its interpretation of the skull, but the way you present it makes a huge difference.

Asymmetric Geometric Tattoo

Asymmetric Geometric Tattoo

If you want to get a geometric tattoo done, then you will need the services of a good tattoo artist. There is a lot of perfection required to create an asymmetric geometric cool tattoo using lines and dots. Even a smallest deviation could affect the whole design. These tattoos are considered sacred.

Team Number

Team Number Tattoo

Numbers are highly powerful symbolic expressions. These numbers can represent destiny, luck, order or even mathematics. They can even go to stars and planets. They serve as a symbol of self-exploration. Numbers are usually made to remember birthdays, anniversaries, a day when a loved one departed or the super bowl. Their significance and meaning can vary from individual to individual. It has a deeper meaning for the wearer.

Favorite Songs Lyrics

Favorite Songs Lyrics Tattoo

Everyone loves some kind of music and it has played a very important role in everybody’s lives. For some people music is a way to express their feelings and thoughts. Music tattoos is one such way of showcasing their love for music. For music lovers a music quote tattoo or lyrics of their favorite song tattooed on their body is their way to show their love towards music or a way to express their feelings. These cool tattoos give you inspiration.

Nautical Inspirations

Nautical Inspirations Tattoo

Nautical tattoos give a seafaring vibe. This ocean related emblems are a sign of fearlessness for a person who is connected with the vast expansive waters. The anchor tattoos conveys the solid character of the wearer.

Travel Tattoo

Travel Tattoo

For a traveler, it’s the long journeys that they take gives them immense pleasure and joy. If adventure is in your heart, then you should get your body inked with travel related tattoos. It can be anything from the last adventurous journey you had embarked or your favorite future destination. These cool tattoos can provoke curiosity and joy.

City Skyline

City Skyline Tattoo

There is a strong connection between the modern living and the natural beauty of nature. City skyline tattoos showcase how these worlds collide. The main purpose of these cool tattoos is to showcase this strange connection and how much you value it. The other interpretation of this tattoo is to show your love for a particular city.

Straight Line

Straight Line Tattoo

This is a minimalist tattoo. For an open-minded man these clean and neat lines make a bold statement. The meaning is often not clear. Straight line tattoos have evolved to include other patterns to create geometric shapes. For some, this simple straight line is a complex piece of art.


SWAK tattoo

These types of cool tattoos are loved by teenagers and youngsters. It is their way to express themselves. Tattoos are a stylish way to break the stereotype for these teenagers.

Mystical Finger Tattoos

Mystical Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos can be a beautiful and concise body art conveying symbolism and meaning in a small space. The images you want to present can be a simple or a complex piece of art, but it is a beautiful way of conveying your beliefs and passion. It is an intimate way of sharing yourself publicly and is quite popular among celebrities.

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