What it costs to start a Plumbing Business – Cars – Insurances – Tools

What it costs to start a Plumbing business

Plumbing is undoubtedly in much demand as a career choice. Also, it is undoubtedly a very rewarding career prospect that opens up a variety of opportunities. 

But before opting for a plumbing business, the first thing that can come to your mind is, how much is it going to cost you? 

While plumbing comes with the expected earning rate near $55000 annually, the entire cost of starting the business is quite an important area to check on. Here is how much it is going to cost if you are thinking of starting a plumbing business:

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How much money do you need to give your plumbing career a start?

The cost required for starting your plumbing business is much moderate while you compare it with any other business. The basic requirements are low overhead, one plumber, one truck, and a home office.

The first major expense that you are going to meet is for a truck or a van, which is essential for transportation. You will also need the essential tools that will cost you at around $5000.  Moreover, another expense that you need is a plumbing uniform, which costs around $300. 

Also, you can prefer a business card which is going to cost $1000. Plumbing comes with a business license and an added insurance, which is going to cost you $500-$2000 on an annual basis. 

If you already have a vehicle for your business and a plumbing license, you can start a business with around $10000 capital in your hands. 

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How much does plumbing cars cost?

Before starting with your plumbing business, you need to ensure a truck or a van that you are going to use for carrying your equipment. A truck or a van for plumbing is more than just a regular vehicle. It is a mobile offline, supply cabinet, and a workshop.

If you are targeting a heavy-duty job at the new construction areas or at the residential replacement or repairing areas, then the truck or the van is going to be your best companion. 

Also, a van with a lockable box for the safety and security of your plumbing tools are the most requirements.

For a more organized setting, a van with shelves and bins makes the job easier. Buying a van or a mini-truck for your plumbing job can cost, starting from $50000. 

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The more features you want, the more the price is going to hike. If you are looking for a discount price, then it can cost you up to $45000 or more

Having a car for your plumbing also comes with the additional and essential cost of the insurance.  The insurance cost starts with the median premium that gives coverage at $150 per month or with an annual cost of more than $ 1780.  

The commercial auto insurance comes with coverage for the vehicles at your plumbing business. It usually covers the property damage cost, along with the medical, theft, accident, vandalism, and weather mange coverage.

How much does the insurance coverage cost for the plumbers?

No business is free from risks. And the plumbing business is not an exception. The cost of the plumber’s insurance depends on the limit of the policy, the risk of the business, the value of the equipment, and various other factors. 

In case any uncertain incidents take place, the plumber’s insurance policy gives you the peace of mind to stay worry-free from the huge amount of financial loss.

The insurance of the plumbers usually comes in two ways. Here are the two ways of coverages that you can opt for:

  •       General liability insurance cost for the plumbers:

For the general liability insurance cost, the plumbers need to pay more than $1400 annually or less than $125 on a monthly basis. The policy comes with the protection against third-party property damage, third-party injuries, and advertising injuries.

Most of the reliable insurance policy providers often come with a business owner’s policy, which offers general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. 

It helps you with the coverage for your business property and at the same time covers the other common business risks.

  •       Workerscompensation insurance for plumbing business:

Workers’ compensation insurance is another crucial protection to have to side your plumbing business any time safely. This policy covers all kinds of business that comes with the various employees.  

It helps with the medical fees coverage and the loss of wages for the injuries and illnesses related to your work.

As you are going to start a plumbing business, your plumbers may face various injuries while working in various conditions and situations. 

Thus this insurance is going to be a must need. For the Worker’s compensation insurance, you need to pay around $180 per month or $2130 on an annual basis.

How much do the tools cost for starting the plumbing business?

If you are starting from scratch, you need to buy all the essential tools. The approximate cost for all the tools are going to cost near $5000. Later you might need to buy more tools as per need, which are going to cost approximately $45 for each tool.

Keeping the plumbing tools comes with an additional cost for the insurance. Getting insurance for your plumbing tools gives you better cost-effectiveness for your business. 

The insurance cost for the plumbing tool comes with the contractor’s tool and equipment insurance cost coverage. For a monthly payment, it may cost up to $15. For the annual payment, it is not going to cost more than $170.


While you go to start a plumbing business, it is always a cost-effective one that gives you better returns. On the other hand, using new and good quality tools gives you far better performance than the older ones, which saves many bucks to your pocket.

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