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12 Creative DIY Recycling Ideas you need to Try

DIY Recycling Ideas

Every household has a lot of stuff lying around which only take up precious space and gathers dust. It is high time we look into these items and think of recycling them. Before you decide to recycle old things you should have a rough RECYCLING IDEAS about what to throw away and what items to keep for recycling. Keep a checklist of stuff that can be reused and what is the total damage to the item. 

For recycling ideas , that is popular DIY, you need to be creative and have a good understanding of what can be reused to make it a useful item in the house. There are numerous reasons for recycling and one main reason being it is great for the environment, you can spend some quality time with your family as the process can be enjoyable. 

The following recycling ideas will give you some inspiration to look out for unused stuff lying around in the house that can be recycled and put to good use.

Table of Contents

1. DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

DIY Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

With an empty wine bottle, a few screws, some wood and a piece of wire rope anyone with little experience of creating things can construct this beautiful bird-feeder. The feed will filter out slowly until the bottle is empty. Once done, you can loosen the rope to pull it out for refilling. 

2. DIY Recycled Glass Jar Ideas

DIY Recycled Glass Jar Ideas

On an average every household discards about 400 pounds of glass every year. The simplest example is your refrigerator that is full of various products that come in glass like sauces, jams and beverages. There are plenty of ideas to recycle these glass jars and made to good use. 

3. DIY Liquid Soap Dispenser

DIY Liquid Soap Dispenser

Simply get a pump from market or you can reuse the one from a disposable one and create a unique soap dispenser virtually with any type of glass bottle. This can be a great holiday season gift. 

4. Upcycled Lamp

A local hardware shop visit will help you get a glass/tile drill bit and a lamp holder. Choose a lamp shade and you are ready to light up your home in a DIY lamp. You will require a tool kit and some experience in creating recycled items.

5. DIY Cereal Box Magazine Holder

The cereal box magazine holder is a nice recycling idea that can be made from a cereal box that is easily available at almost all homes. Why throw these boxes away when you can make good use of them. It is a nice way to stay organized in up cycled style. All you need to make this interesting magazine holder is a cereal box, pencil, ruler and scissors.  Within a few minutes you can create something useful out from an item that we would have discarded in thrash. 

6. DIY Tin Can Desk Organizer

DIY Tin Can Desk Organizer

Tin cans, just like glass bottles are easily found at most homes because a lot of products come in tin cans and we usually throw these tin cans in trash after use. Tin can desk organizer is a nice recycling idea that not only reduces waste in the bins, but also helps keep the house organized. You will need a few cans and a piece of scrap wood. You can spray paint the cans in different colors and patterns of your choice to make it look beautiful. Paint the wood in any color that match with the tin can color. Glue the cans to the wood with a glue gun and your DIY tin can organizer is ready for use. 

7. DIY Tic Tac Organizer

The Tic Tac organizer is a good handy recycling idea made from the empty Tic Tac box. These empty Tic Tac cases can be used to store small items lying in the house like bobby pins. You can carry the bobby pins in this nice organizer while you are travelling.

You need very little materials to make your favorite Tic Tac organizer like Tic Tac case, spray paint, craft paint or liquid gilding and wooden dowel. Take an empty Tic Tac case, use the bottom of the pack, and use the end of the dowel to dip in your paint and gently touch it to the plastic to make a polka dot pattern.

Spray paint the lid of the pack in your preferred color and allow it to dry for at least a day. Once all the pieces are dry, collect all your bobby pins and store them in the bottom of the organizer. When you need to take the pins out, just pop the lid as if you would for taking out the mint and shake out the pins. 

8. DIY Recycling Plastic Bottle into Charging Dock

If you own a cell phone, then you need to charge it. It is always a nice idea to have a charging dock for ease of charging, even though we would be happy not to charge the phone at all.

To make it easy on yourself and your guests you can create a recycled cell phone charging dock. All you need to make this is a lotion bottle, a marker and a box cutter. If you have any old plastic bottles that are just about empty then you can re-use it.

Make sure you use a bottle that is flat rather than a circular one. The flat bottle will ensure it stays closer to the wall and out of the way once a cell phone is placed inside.

9. DIY Airplane Piggy Bank from Plastic Bottle

DIY Airplane Piggy Bank from Plastic Bottle

This is an interesting looking piggybank that kids will surely love. With just a few plastic bottles and colored papers you can create a fun and one of a kind airplane piggy bank with your kids. They will enjoy making this at home or in school. All you need for making this project is a few empty plastic bottles, card stock paper, two-sided tape, scissors and pencil. 

10. DIY Paint Glass Bottles

RECYCLING IDEAS - DIY Paint Glass Bottles

If your cellar is filled with empty bottles and jars of different shapes and sizes, then now make use of these bottles in making beautiful and painted bottle vases.

The specialty of these bottles is the way they are painted. You must have seen a lot of bottles that are painted from the outside, but what stands out in these glass bottles is that they are painted from insides. All you need is a big syringe, transparent jars or bottles, a paint brush, wall paint, a bowl and plastic tubes of different sizes.

Prepare all the tools and keep it ready. Choose your favorite color that you would like to use for this project. Mix colors to achieve different tones. Fill in the syringes with the paint and pour it into the bottle. Move the bottle around until all the areas are covered with paint. Once they are covered, let the bottles stay upside down for several hours.

This will allow all the excess paint to pour out. Allow it to dry. Now, you can use these bottles as a vase where you can put beautiful flowers. This is a perfect and refreshing gift for your friends and family. 

11. DIY Plastic Spoon Garden Markers

RECYCLING IDEAS - DIY Plastic Spoon Garden Markers

Gather all the kids and ask them to help you beautify your garden with the help of waste plastic spoons that have been lying around in the house. These recyclable items are a nice way to reuse stuff like plastic.

Plastic spoon garden markers are simple craft ideas that kids will love to make with absolutely very little or no cost. They will enjoy the process especially if the weather outside is perfect. These garden craft ideas are easy to make and are super cute. You only need a few materials and the final result is just amazing.

Once done you can write the names of the herbs on each one as a marker in your garden. This is a great easy recycling idea that is practical and useful too. Sand each spoon to remove the shine and then paint it with a thin coat of paint. Leave the bottom two inches of the handle free of paint because it is this part that will go into the ground. Once dried, again apply the second coat and let to dry.

Use an art pen to write the name of the herb on the spoons. Use another paint to draw a few patterns or designs on the spoon. Let it dry for two days and your spoon garden marker is ready.

12. DIY Recycling Light Bulb Ideas

Recycling Idea - DIY Recycling Light bulb Ideas

Recycling bulbs is easy and all you need is some imagination and you have a nice decorative craft that can be made with very few materials and without costing you a bomb. Some recycling ideas are so good that you can use them for gifting to friends and family on occasions.

If you have never thought of recycling light bulbs, then now it’s time to think seriously. Light bulbs can be used to make mini vase. For that you have to empty out the bulb from inside. Look for a good base so that the bulb doesn’t role away. Add a little water and put some flowers in it. You can make your own craft home flower vase with your favorite flowers. 

Nowadays more and more people are interested in popular DIY about new recycling ideas with waste products that are lying around in the house. Many are even turning the recycling ideas into a money making business and are quite successful at it.

Hopefully the above article has given you a few interesting creative ideas on how to go about re-using waste material at the home. Recycling reduces waste in the trash and also helps keep the environment clean. 


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