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Inked Elegance:46 Ankle Tattoos for Women To Be Inspire

Ankle Tattoos for Women

Ankle tattoos for women is the latest trend catching up this year. Ankle tattoos can make your legs look beautiful. Even though this trend is catching up very recently, ankle tattoos have been around for a long time and come back in many different shapes and designs. Ankle tattoo that surround the ankles grab a lot of attention to the legs, making them delicately flirty.

Ankle is the ideal place to get a tattoo done on your body as you don’t have to worry a lot about the repercussions since you can hide the ankle under the boots or socks. Lot of ladies gets inked on the outer ankle, but there are many more preferences.

The inner ankle is the preferred area for simple cute tattoos and for a fantastic look you should get inked on the flip side of the ankle. To get one of the tattoo for ankle done, you will need a lot of commitment. The process itself can be painful depending on the area where the tattoo is done. The final result is worth looking.

The following are a list of great looking ankle tattoos for women that are worth trying:

1. Simple Lettering Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo is good if you want to carry a phrase with you always. These phrases can be anything from inspirational quotes or something that you want to keep closer to you. In a cute font, this can be written on your ankle. This is perfectly feminine. The fonts can be personalized to suit your style.

2. Paw Prints Ankle Tattoo

cat paw tattoos on ankle

If you love dogs and love them to death, then this tiny and cute little paw prints design is a great tattoo especially if you have pets in your life. This is a very cute idea as well.

3. Puppy Face Ankle Tattoo

This one is a very cute little tattoo. This adorable dog ankle tattoo will make you smile every time you look at it. You can create this ankle tattoo with a nice picture of your favorite dog or puppy.

4. Small Diamond Heart Tattoo on Ankle

The Diamond heart is one of the classic and feminine ankle tattoos. This small heart tattoo is geometric and cute. This looks pretty interesting, is subtle and vibrant.

5. Deer on Ankle

The deer image takes your thoughts to nature and wildlife. The cute deer tattoo is ideal for women who love the outdoors or just loves deer. This is a simple design to create and won’t take a long time to ink the area.

6. Compass Ankle Tattoo

This is a straight line ankle tattoo. It is pretty easy to make and looks sleek. The scaled icons bring design to life. Maybe this design will help in providing some direction to life. Regardless, of the purpose this design is cute.

7. Sleeping Cat Ankle Tattoo

This is the most adorable tattoo ideas for ankle that will melt your heart away. The sight of sleeping kitten is always loved and it is a good way to keep this image closer to your heart or foot in this case. If you love cats, then this is a nice way to show your love and affection to these furry creatures.

8. Puppy Body Ankle Tattoo

The only disadvantage of this tattoo is that you cannot rub the tummy of this cute puppy. This cute tattoo for the dog’s lovers will keep you smiling whenever you look at it.

9. Lavender Sprig Ankle Tattoo

Lavender Sprig Ankle Tattoo

This is a nice and sweet ankle tattoo that enhances the beauty of your ankle with feminine lavender. The lavender color adds some color to your ankle, especially if you wear white sneakers.

10. Encircled Arrow Ankle Tattoo

Arrow Ankle Tattoo

Arrows are used extensively in tattoo designs and this design is a sharp execution of the arrow. The vertical arrow looks quite interesting and the blue colored wrapping adds some color.

11. Cat Friends Ankle Tattoos

Cats are always a big hit in the tattoo world and it applies to the ankle tattoo as well. Two or more cats in a tattoo look all the more interesting. For cat lover tattoo, You can design your favorite breed of cats on the ankle.

12. Whale Map Ankle Tattoo

Whale Map Ankle Tattoo

The choice of colors and the design makes this ankle tattoo extremely beautiful. This tattoo features a cute whale that is seen cutting across the world. The use of lovely blue color makes the background all the more attractive. This design is perfect for an ankle tattoo and simple to design.

13. Fox and Flower Ankle Tattoo

Fox and Flower Ankle Tattoo

Most people will go for the flowers if they have to tattoo their ankle. The fox at the centre makes this design interesting. The fox here is to convey smartness and when combined with the flowers it adds a lot of feminine touch to the design.

14. Freedom Flower Ankle Tattoo

Freedom Flower Ankle Tattoo

At the first look this image looks like a simple flower with the curly stem. As you look deep, you will notice the word “freedom” beautifully written. This gives the image a new perspective altogether. The purple ankle tattoo is just pretty.

15. Zodiac Compass Ankle Tattoo

Zodiac Compass Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo is centered on the beautiful and detailed golden compass. The compass is surrounded by the scorpion and the koi-fish in the yin-yang shape. This brings together the zodiac signs Scorpio and the Pisces in the image along with the blue detailing.

16. Baby’s Breath Ankle Tattoo

This tattoo is for women with a feminine fashion sense. The baby’s breath design is a nice idea for a tattoo. The tattoo is simple and easy to make and goes well with all costumes.

17. Four Leaf Clover Ankle Tattoo

Four Leaf Clover Ankle Tattoo

The Clover leaf is known to bring in a lot of luck in your daily life. This adorable green colored tattoo will ensure you start your day with a lot of positive energy, especially if you are going through a rough patch.

18. Floral Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

ankle bracelet tattoo


The idea of this ankle bracelet tattoo is to create a floral anklet around the ankle. The image consists of pink and blue colored flowers that have a feminine feel. The choice of colors in this tattoo can vary depending on your liking.

19. Dream catcher Ankle Tattoo

Dream catcher Tattoo on ankle

This is a pretty common ankle tattoo and if this is designed high above the ankle, it looks all the more fantastic. The design has a lot of detailing that has gone into its making to keep things delicate.

20. Palm Tree Ankle Tattoo

palm tree ankle tattoos

This ankle tattoo is for those who love their vacations, especially the beach holidays. The palm tree will always remind you of your last beach holiday and help you keep going until the next beach vacation.

21. Unicorn Ankle Tattoo

unicorn ankle tattoos

Unicorns are mystical characters and such characters are always the dream tattoo of many people. The tattoo looks cute and is made with the characteristic unicorn colors.

22. Hydrangea Ankle Tattoo

hydrangea ankle tattoos

This is a floral tattoo that is full of life and is realistic in design. The use of colors and shades is fantastic and looks like they are alive and kicking. What a beautiful way to show love towards flowers and nature in general.

23. Gemstone Moon Ankle Tattoo

Moon tattoo on ankle

Planets and moons look absolutely gorgeous on pictures and drawings. The overall design looks refreshing with nice use of colors. The gem adds a lot of mysticism to the moon.

24. Animated Fox Ankle Tattoo

Fox tattoos on ankle

The fox just looks adorable in this tattoo. The use of colors and animation for this design will make you happy. The use of animation for making the fox look cute is a nice way to make you smile.

25. Hydrangea Script Ankle Tattoo

Hydrangea Script Ankle Tattoo

This is another flower tattoo with a scripted stem. The word simple is scripted below the hydrangeas and the unique feature of this script is that it tends to fade away as it reaches the heel.

26. Cute Font Ankle Tattoo

Cute Font Ankle Tattoo

School time moments are always etched in our memories. To keep these memories alive a cute font ankle tattoo will make the world cheerful, colorful and adorable. This cute ankle tattoo has a great meaning and best idea for first tattoo.

27. Flying Fish Ankle Tattoo

Flying Fish Ankle Tattoo

The colors used in this tattoo are pretty easy and nice. The ankle tattoo here is fascinating and graceful. Even though the colors used in this tattoo are not bright and loud, you will surely not miss noticing it.

28. Tiny Elephant Ankle Tattoo

Tiny Elephant Ankle tattoo

This tiny ankle tattoo is absolutely cute looking and adorable. Elephant calf is always adorable. The tattoo here is a simple outline of the baby elephant, making it easier to draw. The design is perfectly suitable for any kind of dress.

29. Treble Clef Ankle Tattoo

Treble Clef Ankle Tattoo

If music is a major part of your life, then you should consider getting this tattoo done on your ankle. The graceful sweeps and curled end of this design is easy to make. This design will show your love for music in a subtle manner.

30. Mini Galaxy Inner Ankle Tattoo

Inner Ankle Tattoo

This ankle tattoo is a mini space created out of this world. The planets and stars are easy to create and don’t need a lot of effort to make. You can add or delete the objects in the solar system according to your style.

31. Around the World Ankle Tattoo

small globe ankle tattoos

This tattoo is for people who live out of suitcases and are constantly traveling around the world. This small ankle tattoos for women is in keeping with the latest trend and the small plane circling the globe is a good representation of your love for travel.

32. Banner Text Back of Ankle Tattoo

Back of Ankle Tattoo

If you want to carry a small inspiring phrase or quote wherever you go, then you should consider putting a banner with a phrase on it. The cute text has no age bar, so go ahead and get yourself inked with some inspirational quotes that will cheer you up whole day.

33. Goldfish Ankle Tattoo

Goldfish Ankle Tattoo

The chubby cheeked goldfish as an ankle tattoo is a great idea. The way the fish image is colored gives it a lot of depth. The upside down fish gives it an illusion of flowing motion.

34. Lotus Ankle Tattoo

Lotus Ankle Tattoo

The Lotus tattoo here looks absolutely gorgeous with the use of soft colors. There are no bold outlines around the stem and the petals. The design looks like a nice and beautiful watercolor painting that is drawn on a canvas.

35. Camel Ankle Tattoo

Camel Ankle Tattoo

This camel tattoo looks absolutely royal, with nice use of colors that makes the ship of the desert beautiful. The camel image here seems dancing with a smile on its face.

36. Pug Ankle Tattoo

Pug Ankle Tattoo

The cute Pug in this tattoo is adorable and cute. The use of red to color the scarf is just perfect. It is a good idea for an ankle tattoo. The face of the Pug seems to say something and is alive and coming out of the frame. Absolutely marvelous piece of art!

37. Bird Ankle Tattoos

The birds here are created in watercolor shades to suit the dreamy sunset setting. The use of colors is beautiful. The flying birds here, represents freedom.

38. Swallow Ankle Tattoo

The Swallow ankle tattoo here is nice and detailed. Birds are commonly used in ankle tattoos for women and the flying image gives you a lot of positivity in life.

39. Lighthouse Diamond Ankle Tattoo

 Lighthouse in a Diamond shape Tattoo on ankle

A lighthouse created within a diamond is very compact and attractive. The lighthouse gives you direction when in sea; this representation of lighthouse is a good way to guide you in your life.

40. Watermelon Tattoo on Ankle

Watermelon is summer ready and very yummy. This ankle tattoos for women image will constantly remind you of summer even during the harsh winters. The way it is cut on the top is perfect

41. Small Butterfly Tattoo on Ankle

Butterfly is small beautiful insect. It is the best ankle tattoos for women. It have a good meaning, a symbol of happiness and good represent a feminine.

42. Wrap Around Ankle Tattoos

Wrap Around Ankle Tattoos
Instagram @amybillingtattoo

Ankle Tattoos is popular among the women. Wrap around ankle with flower tattoo make this body part more attractive and interesting.

43. Broken Heart Chain Tattoo

The broken heart chain tattoo is a great design choice for individuals looking to express their emotions through body art. This particular tattoo design typically consists of two broken heart pieces, each with a chain linking them together. Many people choose to have this tattoo inked on their ankle, as it provides the perfect canvas for this sentimental symbol. This broken heart tattoo serves as a reminder of lost love or a painful experience that has left a lasting impact. It can symbolize the healing process and the strength to move forward despite heartbreak.

44. Lion with a Crown Tattoo

A lion with a crown tattoo is a popular choice for those looking to showcase strength and power. The combination of the regal crown and the majestic lion creates a symbol of authority and dominance. This type of tattoo is often chosen to represent leadership and courage. One variation of this design is a baby lion with a crown, which adds an element of innocence and vulnerability to the overall image. This can be seen as a reminder that even the strongest individuals have a softer side. An ankle tattoo of a lion with a crown or a baby lion with a crown is an elegant and subtle way to display this powerful symbol.

45. Small Shark Tattoo

This small shark tattoo is done in a minimalist style, with clean lines and simple designs that make them perfect for smaller areas like the ankle. The shark tattoo, in particular, symbolizes strength, power, and determination. Whether you choose a realistic depiction or a more abstract design, a small shark tattoo is sure to make a bold and lasting impression.

46. Wrap around Dragon Tattoo

A wrap around dragon tattoo is a popular choice for those looking to make a bold and fierce statement. When executed with black and red ink tattoo, the dragon’s scales and fiery breath come to life, creating a visually captivating piece of art. For those seeking an ankle tattoo, a wrap around dragon design can be an excellent option. The sleek and sinuous nature of a dragon lends itself well to the curves and contours of the ankle, resulting in a striking and eye-catching tattoo.

Placement and size considerations for ankle tattoos

Placement and size are crucial factors to consider when getting an ankle tattoo. The ankle offers a limited canvas, so it’s essential to think about how the design will fit and how visible you want it to be. If you prefer a discreet tattoo, opt for a small design that can be easily covered by shoes or socks. On the other hand, if you want to showcase your tattoo, consider a larger or more intricate design that wraps around the ankle or extends up the leg.

It’s also important to consider the shape of your ankle and how the design will complement it. A vertical design can elongate the leg, while a horizontal design can add width. Experiment with different placement options and discuss them with your tattoo artist to find the best fit for your ankle.

Ankle tattoo aftercare tips

Once your ankle tattoo has completely healed, it’s important to continue caring for it to maintain its vibrancy and appearance. Here are some essential aftercare tips:

  • Keep the tattoo moisturized with a fragrance-free lotion.
  • Protect the tattoo from prolonged sun exposure by applying sunscreen.
  • Avoid scratching or picking at the tattooed area.
  • Regularly moisturize the skin to prevent dryness and flaking.

By following these aftercare tips, you can ensure that your ankle tattoo remains a beautiful and meaningful part of your life.


Ankle tattoos offer a perfect balance of elegance and self-expression for women. Whether you prefer a small and subtle design or a bold and intricate masterpiece, there is an ankle tattoo that will suit your style and personality. Take the time to explore different designs, consider their meanings, and consult with a professional tattoo artist to bring your vision to life. Remember to care for your ankle tattoo during the healing process and beyond, ensuring that it remains a cherished piece of art for years to come.

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