Deciding if Solar Darwin is Right for You


solar darwin

Climbing electricity bills is a common problem for every homeowner. With so many appliances, gadgets, and machines being run on electricity, your power bill is bound to increase with time. Most of you may think that cutting down on the number of appliances that you use at home is the best solution. On the other hand, the ultimate solution is to switch to solar power.

Solar power is not just environment friendly but also capable enough to lower your monthly electricity bills and also run all your appliances at the same time. It is true that the initial installation cost of the entire solar system at your home may be rather costly. However, the long term savings will surely help compensate for the expenses in the initial setup.

Steps to Help You Decide If Solar Is Suitable For You or Not

The number of homes switching to solar power is increasing every year according to Territory Solar Panel Installers. However, despite all this progress, you will still come across homes that use electricity to run their appliances. Reason, most of them are unsure whether solar would be feasible for them or not. Here are some steps that can help you decide upon this without much delay.

  • Consider Your Roof Carefully: There are certain factors about your roof that are rather crucial details when you consider switching to solar or not. These include the pitch of the roof, its direction, and age. When you decide to switch to solar power, it is very important that you have a west or south facing roof for a rooftop solar. However, east or west facing roofs are still acceptable. The pitch of the roof should be 30 degrees without any obstructions such as chimneys and skylights. You also need to ensure that your roof is not under any shadow for majority time of the day and it is big enough to install solar panels.
  • Climate: Many people think that opting for solar power will require you to stay in a warm and sunny climate. This is a common misconception, which is practically baseless. You will be surprised to know that the output of solar panels improve in colder climates. The efficiency of solar panels in producing energy declines as the temperature rises between 87 degrees and 91 degrees.
  • Know about All the Regulations: If you reside in a neighborhood that is governed by a homeowner’s association, then there may be certain regulations pertaining to the installation of solar panels. It will be a good idea to know about all such regulations beforehand, so that you do not face any problem during the installation process.
  • Check out The Local Electricity Rates: In order to understand whether solar power will be suitable for you or not, a simple yet important step is to try and find out the prevailing local electricity rates in your town. Since you wish to go solar to save money on electricity bills, it will be a good thing to have some knowledge about the local electricity rates.
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