Halloween Decoration Ideas You Can Try This Year


Halloween is an exciting festivity as this is the time of the year when we get to make fun of ghosts and other spooky creatures.

Halloween Decoration Ideas
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Although Halloween novelties and decors are very easy to buy, it is more environment-friendly to just create your own decors, costumes, and other paraphernalia for the season. Not only will this challenge your imagination and creativity, but it’s actually more economical too. Here are some Halloween decoration ideas you can try this year

1. Decorate With a Scarecrow

A sitting scarecrow in your porch will surely scary guests and visitors, with halloween hairstyles who will come to your house, even trick or treat kids. You just need to get some old clothes that you can stuff with newspapers, leaves, and other materials that can serve as filling. You then need to tie all the openings in the garments so as to trap the fillings inside.
An old pair of gloves can serve as the scarecrow’s hands; and again, you need to stuff these up with filling materials. As for the feet, an old pair of boots can make this décor look real. Put a pumpkin head on your creation and it will transform into a live, scary Halloween monster. Adding a straw hat will also make it more realistic.

2. Hang a Scary Skeleton

Halloween Decoration Ideas : Hang a Scary Skeleton

You only need some empty plastic milk jugs to create a scary skeleton for Halloween. One jug can serve as the head by carving eyes, nose, and mouth on the object. The rest of the empty milk jugs can serve as parts of the body, arms, and legs.
The body part needs to have ribs; so straight lines need to be cut along the body part. These pieces of plastic can also serve as hanging arms and legs. Remember, this is just a skeleton, so you’re basically just creating a framework of the human body. It’s very easy to do; and it will unmistakably look like a dangling skeleton.

3. Put Up Egg Carton Bats

Halloween Decoration Ideas : Put Up Egg Carton Bats

3 slots of an egg carton can be easily shaped into a flying bat. Just paint this black and put eyes on the head area of the bat to make it look alive and scary. Use an orange ribbon to hang these bats as this is one of the most popular colors for Halloween.

4. Decorate With Mini Ghosts

Halloween Decoration Ideas : Decorate With Mini Ghosts

Starched cheese cloth can make an ordinary paper towel roll into an eerie ghost-like figure. Use some wires to give your creation a really scary posture.

5. Hang Halloween Garlands

Halloween Decoration Ideas : Hang Halloween Garlands
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Halloween garlands can be one of the easiest projects that you can create for the season. If you have kids in your home, you can surely find creepy toys lying around that can be included in this DIY project. You can hang spiders, rats, cockroaches, snakes, etc. Just make sure that all of these items are colored black. If not, you can paint them all black.

6. Create a Pumpkin Wreathe

Halloween Decoration Ideas : Create a Pumpkin Wreathe

Wreathes are popular around the holidays. But a typical wreathe is colored green; and it is used as a decoration for Christmas. You can, however, make a Halloween wreathe for the occasion. By making use of mini pumpkins, you can shape these into a wreathe so that you can hang it on your front door come Halloween time.

7. Decorate With Mad Scientist’s Bottle Experiments

It’s easy to create a mad scientist’s laboratory to create a look for Halloween. You can use mason jars or you can recycle empty food jars from your shelves for this project. Get some non-toxic food coloring and mix this with water so as to have multiple colored jars. You can then put different types of objects in these containers such as a toy lizard or a toy eyeball. Any strange object lying around your house will look creepy inside these jars.

8. Make DIY Halloween Decals

Halloween Decoration Ideas : Make DIY Halloween Decals
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You can create a window silhouette of a person by using a roll of recycled paper. Painting this with black paint will make it really creepy.

9. Create a Giant Tarantula

Halloween Decoration Ideas : Create a Giant Tarantula
source : diydecormom

A big black garbage bag can be made into a giant tarantula. One bag can serve as the body by stuffing this with newspaper and other bulky fillings. Roll up 8 pieces of the plastic bags so that you can form spider legs with these. Don’t forget to put some red eyes on the creature along with some fangs.

Happy trick or treating and Happy Halloween!

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