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15 DIY Christmas Ornaments That Can Be Made At Home

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is that time of the year when we love meeting our friends, colleagues and relatives and share love and affection. Christmas season is around the corner and you must be busy making the shopping list.

Christmas is a joyful period and the entire month goes in preparing for the occasion. The best way to enjoy this season is to start preparing early so that you can decorate your home in time for Christmas and be ready to welcome your near and dear ones.

To make your Christmas special this year, make an effort to make your own Christmas ornaments and jewelry. This will enable you to enjoy the festival more. The following article showcases some unique Christmas ornaments craft ideas that are very creative.

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1. Citrus Inspired Decorations

ornaments christmas
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DIY Citrus Christmas Ornaments

This simple orange accents designed by Tobi Fairley looks basic and fresh to bring out a new look to the otherwise regular looking Christmas tree. To get his look you have to apply upholstery tacks to the orange in a pattern that makes it look elaborate. Tie a leopard print ribbon to make the traditional looking tree different. You can cut notches on the navel of the citrus and pass a ribbon through it. Just one or two, preferably large sized citrus accents may be enough and you don’t need to overdo it.

christmas decorations diy
christmas diy ornaments
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christmas ornament homemade

Festive season is that time of the year when you love cooking for your family and friends. You can make Christmas ornaments by just hot-gluing the metal cookie cutters to the fancy scrapbook papers that may be lying around in the house. If you have kids around, then you will surely have excessive fancy and decorative papers with no use. You can make use of these decorative papers to make some fancy shapes. They can be made used to decorate a wreath or even a simple looking Christmas tree. You may never know when these simple baking accessories lying in the kitchen will be used for decoration during the festivals.

3. Christmas Tree Topper from paper

holiday ornaments
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Christmas Ornaments Tree

Music also has its contribution in the Christmas ornament craft ideas, though not directly, but the final result is fabulous. The regular looking sheet music is put to use in a very creative way to beautify the traditional looking Christmas tree topper. Simply twist the sheet music into cone shapes and glue them to a cardboard that is cut into a circle shape. Glue these cones on to this doughnut shaped cardboard backing as a matching wreath to welcome your friends and relatives home for the season. This beautiful looking wreath gels well with the other decorative stuff on the tree that, it is almost impossible to tell that it is made at home.

4. Natural DIY Christmas Ornaments

crafting ornament
simple decoration for christmas tree

Why go shopping for Christmas ornaments when you can find them in your backyard. This nature inspired Christmas ornaments can be made if you plan at the right time. Acorn caps harvested during the fall season can be used as caps to make acorn ball ornaments. You can glue and push these acorn caps on a painted Styrofoam ball. Apply glue on the caps and decorate them with glitter matching your tree. Complete with a ribbon and twine for hanging. The glitter cones and greenery is a perfect example of a nature inspired Christmas tree.

5. Quirky Christmas Bunting

Christmas Bunting
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DIY Christmas Bunting
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Bunting is a trend that is gaining in popularity. Bunting is a form of decorations used during the festive seasons. They are made from cardboard, plastic, fabric or even paper. They are easy to make and look very bold. These simple to make bunts are made from color coordinating scrap book papers that are cut into triangles with two holes punched in the top corners. Push a twine through the holes to complete the quirky and merry looking bunting for the Christmas tree. You can even hang it on a mantel to add that extra quirkiness.

6. Water free Snow Globes

Water free Snow Globes
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Christmas snow globes
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Christmas is the time when you can utilize a lot of unwanted stuff lying around the house in a proper way, but if you know how to turn them into a decorative ornament. If you have any glass jars lying around the house, then Christmas is the right time to make use of them as a décor for the holiday season. You can create water free snow globes by hot-gluing small size Christmas trees to the jars lid. Add fake snowflakes in the jar and screw on the lid for instant Christmas scene snow globe, all made from waste glass jars.

7. Bold and Dramatic Ornaments

ideas for ornament decorating
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DIY Christmas Ornaments

Decorate your home with some bold and dramatic ornaments made at home. You need a few empty wine bottles that can be best utilized to decorate your space for the next festive season. Fill the wine bottles with water and dry branches. Decorate these branches with ornaments that are bold. Place a candle or light near the bottle to create an interesting shadow and reflection on the wall behind. This is a nice decoration idea that works for any occasion, whether it is an occasion for family and friends or for a formal get together.

8. Sweet Décor

Sweet  Christmas Ornaments
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DIY Christmas Ornaments for kids

Kids would be extremely happy to help you in making these sweet Christmas decorations. Get them involved in every aspect of making this ornament. Create candy shaped ornaments by spray painting a few glass balls in brown. You can even create drips that will resemble a melting chocolate. Tempting ornaments for sure. You can even add glitter that resembles sugar and also peppermint chips for making it look all the more attractive. These Christmas ornaments can even be used for gifting on other occasions too, like a casual party with friends, where you can decorate or gift some of these.

9. Personalized Ornaments

Personalized Christmas Ornaments
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Personalized  Christmas decorations

Personalized decorations are always liked by guests. It conveys a message that you have spent time and effort to make your guests comfortable, which is always nice. Your loved ones surely appreciate this. For adding a personalized touch to the dinner table during the festive season, you can attach and tie an ornament on each drinking glass with fancy ribbons.

You can even consider placing a piece of paper with initials of each guest. These personalized glasses will make your guests happy and special. Moreover, it will help your guests remember which drinking glass is theirs. Add matching dinnerware to complete the whole setup.

10. Vintage Holiday Ornaments

Vintage Holiday Ornaments
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Vintage Holiday Ornaments Idea

Vintage ornaments are never out of Christmas fashion. Repeat them every year and still they will never go out of style. One such ornament is this jingle bell décor that can be hanged anywhere in the room for a happy festive feel.

You can create small craft items like this belt that was lying around in the house. Add a few bells or any decorative stuff on them and its ready to add glamour to the occasion. A metal embroidered hoop is used to make it easy to hang anywhere in the house. This vintage jingle bell décor looks great on doors, stairways, chairs and mantels.

11. Beach Ornaments

christmas bulbs
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Beach theme Ornaments

Beach vacations always remain etched in the memory and we like to keep the vacation memories alive. To remind you of the beach vacations, you can decorate the Christmas tree by adding ornaments that will keep the vacation memories fresh. Fill the plain glass bottles with sand and seashells from your last beach trip. You can even print a few snaps of the holiday and stick it with the date printed on them to complete the beach look. Tie a bow with a twine and hang them on the Christmas tree to provide warmth during the peak festive season.

12. Pinecone Topiaries

Pinecone Topiaries
DIY Pinecone
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Gather as many pinecones from your backyard to create these wonderful looking pinecone topiaries without having to shell out a bomb at the nearby store. Pinecone topiaries are easy to make and is ideal for decorations during the Christmas season. Once done, it would be difficult to know that these shiny topiaries are made from pine cones. To make them you need to hot glue the pinecones to a round shaped or cone shaped Styrofoam. This glittery piece of décor can be created with very limited items and the final product looks awesome.

13. Cinnamon Scented Ornaments

Cinnamon Scented Ornaments
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ornament tree diy

The entire house will smell of cinnamon and is a perfect way to welcome the holiday season. If you have kids in the house, they will surely love these old fashioned ornaments. These ornaments are easy to make and last for a longtime. Cinnamon scented ornaments can be given as gifts to friends, colleagues, teachers and family. Other than gifting, you can even use them to decorate your Christmas tree and spread the scent of cinnamon around. Cinnamon scented ornaments are classic, wonderful, cute and traditional. These kid friendly Christmas craft ideas will make your roll, bake and decorate along with the kids.

14. Photo Ornaments

christmas decor with paper

Decorate your Christmas tree this season with the easy to make photo ornaments. Fill your tree with family and friend memories with an easy photo transfer project. These photo ornaments mean a lot and are a representation of some of the good experiences you have shared with your family and friends.

Getting these photos on the Christmas tree is something very special. You need very few items to get these done. Choose some of the best photos that you want to put it on the tree as ornaments and crop them in circles with a photo editing software and get them printed. Stick them to round disc ornaments and once they are dry, put a twine through a hole at the top and tie a knot. Now it’s ready to be hanged to a tree.

15. Sparkling Star

Sparkling Star Christmas Ornaments
DIY Christmas Ornaments Sparkling Star

Use a foam ball and carefully push whole and halved toothpicks through it. Apply a few coats of silver spray paint over it. While it is still wet, dust fine silver glitter over the ornament to make it look glittery. You can make many of these from household stuff and dab them with silver or gold glitter to make them suitable for the tree. Use some hot glue to attach a string or twine for hanging them on the tree or even on doors and staircase. These sparkling stars can be used for various other occasions other than Christmas.

DIY Christmas ornaments are a great way to add a personal touch to your holiday decor. With just a few supplies, you can create unique decorations that will reflect your style and personality. Best of all, DIY ornaments are easy to make and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. So if you’re looking for a fun and festive activity this holiday season, why not try your hand at making your own DIY Christmas ornaments?


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