15 DIY Old Suitcase Ideas


The charming old suitcase can be many thing more than you think. With the box style of the suitcase, You can repurpose in many way for your everyday use or to be a decorative, It is unique style and durable. Here are some Idea for you to get inspired. OK, Let’s start to create it from our old suitcase ideas and share it to us !!!

1. Lovely Old Suitcases Pet Bed

Old Suitcases Pet Bed
source :pinterest

Use only one suitcase, sprit it into 2 pieces for creating a bunk bed, find something like an old small table leg or even baseball to use as a leg base. You can screw or glue it but make sure it tight. Finally, put some soft cushion. Sure, Your pet will love and enjoy this old suitcase ideas.

Old Suitcases dog Bed
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2. Vintage Suitcases Accent Wall

Vintage Suitcases Wall Shelves
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If you have a variety collection of vintage suitcases, This is good old suitcase ideas for you. Every suitcase has their own style. You just cut a suitcase and use it only the handle side and stick it in to the wall, then decor it. So Now your accent wall will look more beautiful and useful.

luggage decor
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3. Old Suitcase Coffee Table

old suitcase coffee table
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This is the easiest way to re create your old suitcase. Put some piece of glass or wood or anything that you can find on the suitcase, you can attach the leg under the suitcase to reach the high you prefer. When your guest come they will love your old suitcase ideas.

vintage suitcase table
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4. Lovely Luggage Nightstand

luggage nightstand
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With the beautiful Color tone and design of its luggage, not do anything much as it is beautiful as it is. Make it simply by attach some leg. You can use your old chair leg. It you would like to upgrade bedroom to look more expensive, this is a nice idea for a night table.

DIY Suitcase table
antique luggage table

5. Charming Suitcase for Decoration

Charming Suitcase for Decoration
source: apartmenttheraphy

I really love this DIY idea, it is easy and more fashionable. just stack the variant style of suitcases as high as you want and put the wood panel top on it. Decorating with Lamp, beautiful mirror, some nice chair. You will enjoy-relax-calm with your private space.

Drawer Suitcase  DIY
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6. Creative Kids Play Box

DIY old suitcase kids play box
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Let’s put your imagination idea into a small suitcase, create the theme story, put some toy, background scene or other cute decorative. Every time your kids open the box, they will surprise and excited, They will also keep asking you to tell them the story.

Creative Kids Play Box from old suitcases
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7. Old Suitcase Chair DIY

Old Suitcase Lounge Chair
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Such a grate DIY Old Suitcase Ideas for a lounge chair. It need only a few thing to get a cozy chair. What you need is square cushion or any shape of cushion that fit your suit case, attach with the leg, and make sure that it is very tight and stable. If you use only one side of suitcase, It can be a nice ottoman.

Suitcase chair DIY
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