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Dragon tattoos for men

Dragons are mighty creatures. They rule the land and sky. They represent greed, strength, power, fear, ambition and many more things. The Japanese gang Yakuza is famous for their tattoos of dragons.

Spectacular Dragon Tattoos Ideas For Men

There are many gangs out there, who uses the dragon as their gang symbol. It makes them powerful. This is what they believe. There are thousands of types of dragons. When you travel from east to west their meaning changes significantly. Few say these are mythical beasts. Few say they existed. Whether they existed or not, it does not matter for tattoo artists. They will design a variety of dragons. The Chinese themselves have hundreds of varieties of dragons. There are many Dragon Tattoos for Men.

You can have these dragon tattoos on your body. Most famous tattoos are of Chinese origin. The best place to have a dragon tattoo is on your back. A big dragon tattoo with fiery eyes will look spectacular on your back. Even you can have it on your legs, chest forearm and thighs. You can even just have body parts of the dragon as tattoos like its nails, eyes, big wings, just face, and tail. Very few people prefer fire-breathing dragon tattoos. Most of the dragon tattoos are open mouth dragons. In this article, we will look at some of the best dragon tattoos. It is difficult to just pick the best but we have selected best from the lot for you. Select the best, which suits you.

1. Dragon Tattoos for Men on their shoulder
Yes, this is a good idea to have a dragon tattoo on your shoulder. It will cover your shoulder and some part of your chest and some part of your back. You can easily flaunt your dragon tattoo. If your shoulders are big then the dragon looks good with its red and yellow fiery eyes. One wing will spread on chest and other on the back. The tail will travel all the way to the forearm. You can even you the tail as an arrow.

2. Dragon Tattoos for men with just head on the chest
The chest will give enough space to have a dragonhead tattoo. If you have good physique then a chest will help you to increase the beauty of your body. With dragonhead on it, it will look very powerful. Select a dragonhead according to your chest shape and size. More often than not people go for bigheaded dragons as their chest tattoo.

3. Dragon Tattoos for men on their biceps
Biceps are one of the best places to have any kind of tattoos if you have good biceps. If not they look ok. You can have an entire dragon on your biceps or just its head with deep red eyes. It will look fabulous every time you work out. You can find a variety of tattoos and designs easily. However, choose a simple design, so that it gives a clear view. Do not opt messy dragon design for biceps.

4. Full-scale dragon tattoo on your back
You can have a full-scale dragon on your back. You will look like a gang member of Japanese underworld Yakuza. It denotes symbol of power and the courage. So select only those dragon tattoos, which symbolizes courage and the power. It is also believed that the dragon tattoo on your back will keep an eye on enemies who attack from the back. Therefore, it also symbolizes protection.

5. Dragon tattoo on your leg
Yes, you can have a dragon tattoo on your leg. However, unlike the dragon tattoo on your chest or back, you will need a thinner and longer dragon tattoo to increase the look of your leg.

6. Symmetrical dragon tattoo on your chest
These are a good option because they cover your chest and the symmetry is easy to achieve. All you need to do is select a medium size dragon and select the design. It is better to select dragon design, which covers only left and right part of your chest. The middle part should be empty. This will be a good option as a dragon tattoo for men.

7. Dragon eye
The dragon has a sharp eye. If you are interested in dragon eye tattoo then it symbolizes that you are eying to achieve something in your life. The intensity of eye denotes your determination towards your goal.

8. Simple design dragon tattoos
These are simple tattoos with complete dragon and they do not have details of their body parts. The shape is simple and outlining is decent. Many people prefer this design.

9. Flying dragon tattoos
You can select one flying dragon tattoo or group of small flying dragon tattoos. These dragon tattoos are simple and elegant in design.

10. Cute dragons
They are cute. That is it. You look at them and feel that they need a friend. You can be their friend. Men too prefer such tattoos.

Dragon tattoos for men symbolize strength. For women it symbolizes brainpower. When it comes to men, we see big and angry dragons. They will make you look more aggressive and helps to elevate your body structure. However, it is very important to use the right kind of dragon to use it as a tattoo. Different dragon has a different meaning. Choose the right type for yourself.

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