Easiest Ways to have Heatless Curls


Updated: January 25, 2022

heatless curl

Every woman or girl wants to have perfect hairstyle and heatless curls. However, more often than not you need hair styling kits to have different looks and styles. The styling kits include electric straightener, electric curler, blower or hair dryer etc. all these products will have an adverseeffect on your hair. Our hair and scalp are not made to use harsh chemicals and excessive heat. You may feel that these tools are necessary for straitening and curling etc. yes, they are necessary. However, continuous exposure tohair and scalp to the heat will result in dryness, hair fall, dandruff and hard split end hairs.

It is very important to style or method which uses very less to no amount of heat. If you want to have healthy hair for a longertime then you need take care of such things. Here in this article,we will help in this regard. In this article, there are several easiest ways for heatless ways. You can choose any of these methods

Heatless curls without using extension

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The first step in the process is to use to have a proper ponytail. Take all of your at the backsideand make a ponytail.

In the second step, you need to use an elastic rubber band to tighten the ponytail. Make sure that it is properly placed to give heatless curls

Then make use of the lotion to slightly damp your hairs. This will help in curling process. Use good quality lotion for this purpose.

Then use your two fingers to provide curls for your hair. Align two fingers properly then pick a smallportion of your hair towindthem on your two fingers. 

Then in next step makinguse of hairpins to pin the hairs. 

Then make use of one finger and give a curlto a smallportion of hair.

Then continue for remaining hair. Once done use lotion to give shiny look to your hair.

Then remove clip and hairband. You will have perfect curls.

Heatless curls with bouncy effect

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The firststep in the process is to take hairpins. There are two types. You can select any kind of hairpins that holds hairs properly.

Then in next step separate your hairs in two fashion. One with a large numberof hairs and another one should be with less number of hair. Separate both of them properly and hold the thicker hair segment.

Then in this step, makinguse of a hair clip and then clip the thicker segments of hair on the back of your head.

In the next step, make use of your middle finger. Then wind the thinner segment of your hair around the middle finger. Here make sure that you have created a tunnel with your hairs. Remove finger slowly.

After this, you will have a tunnel with hair as walls. Use the hairpins and pin those hairs in the form of a tunnel.

Then select another set of hairs and separate them from other hairs. You need to continue the process for remaining hairs. Then use the pins to pin those hair strands properly. 

Then again, continue the process until all hair segments have tunnel segments. After that use the conditioning solution, liquid, or water, so that hair absorbs all moisture and gain the curly shape. 

Continue the same process on the other side of your hair. Make sure you use pins properly. Then again, use the solution to condition your hair.

After that, leave your hairs for few minutes. It is just to make sure that your curls are perfectly placed. 

Then remove the one side of clips carefully.

Then remove the other side pins and you will see curls on both sides of your head and on your back. After that stroke end points of your hair so that, all curls spread across your hair. Because of this, you will have bouncy curly hairs.

Heatless waves using a headband

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Another method is to use a headbandto give perfect curly hairs on your beautiful hair. This process is very easy compared to the other headband process. You just need headband and the solutions for your hair.

Step1. Here first comb your hairs properly so that they are straight. Then shake your head so that all the hairs on your head become free and loose. This will help to separate hairs properly.

Step 2. In next process, use the solution to damp your hairs. Make sure you use moisturizing solution or clean water or serum. With serum, you will have better results on your hair. 

Step 3. Place your headband on your head. The band should cover back and a frontportion, not the middle portion.

Step 4. Then select a part of your hair and place them inside the headband. Then take them out from the other side. 

Step 5. Repeat this process on both sides of your head.

Step 6. Use the serum to damp the hair

Step 7. Leave it for few minutes

Step 8. Finally,remove hairs from the headbandand you will have beautiful heatless 


The electric instruments will have a badeffect on your hairs. After replacing them with heatless curls and curling method, you will have healthy hairs for a longerduration of time. It is better to use those instruments as less as possible. You may not see the result immediately but after few weeks, you can notice that your hairs are healthier than before.

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